Failure Is Impossible

Failure Is Impossible

Many people never step beyond their comfort zones because they fear possible failure.  What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?  Would you quit your job or write that book that you have always dreamed of writing?  The good news is that you just cannot fail in life.  Every time you do something, you also are given a life experience.  The experience you receive will teach you something about yourself, others or the world.  In this teaching, there is learning, growth and evolution….so cannot be failure. 

Now if you jump into those negative thoughts and start judging your experience you might believe you are experiencing a failure.  Don’t believe what your inner judge says!  He/she decides that your end result was too small or not enough of a success then you might think you are experiencing failure.  Yet, when you are living in the moment, and are not attached to future expectations, then you simply cannot experience feelings of failure. You will always find that life is teaching you something of value.  Your material goal may or may have not manifested, yet the real success is that you are free from suffering that your ego would have caused you to experience. 

The greatest news is that failure is just an idea that you have about reality.  It’s the mind creating something that your belief system/ego has labelled negative due to your past programming and conditionning.   The second piece of good news is that you are a powerful manifestor.  So if your thoughts combined with your actions do attract some undesired results to you, than all you need to do is shift your state of mind to start attracting what you do want. Therefore, no matter what has happened, you can still materialize success.

Remember the golden rule, that failure is impossible.  You are always manifesting some results, whether you learn from them or not is what determines it a "failure".  Every experience will bring you one step closer to your goal.   Each experience allows you to acquirie important information about yourself, your attitude, and mindset.  You could say that ANY experience is a potential successful one.  All you need to do is be aware, and notice what your thoughts and actions are focusing upon.  Keep redirecting them to what you are learning from THIS now life experience and you will experience success everywhere you are.  Enjoy the ride! Learn how to overcome the most common blocks to manifesting your heart’s desires in our 90 Day Manifesting Program at

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