Finding The Diamond in the Muck

Finding The Diamond in the Muck By Jafree Ozwald   At the very center of every negative experience exists something flawless, brilliant, and truly priceless in value.  It is like a perfect oversized diamond, hidden and buried deep within the murky depths of your inner swamp.  This gem has been lost many times, yet still lingers beneath those deeper feelings that we are often the most resistant to experiencing.  Excavating through your emotional "muck" is always the last place your ego wants to look.  It’s a dirty job, yet that’s exactly where the best place to hide the world’s greatest treasure is.    We like to think of ourselves as spiritual "diamond miners" who know that there is a priceless reservoir of love, gratitude and divine energy inside each experience, no matter how horrible it may be.  The key to uncovering and revealing this bottomless treasure is welcoming, honoring, and truly feeling the emotional "muck" that sticks to you in your life.  Feeling what you are feeling is the best way to strike it rich.  At the very core of those sticky issues that you absolutely don’t want to deal with is not some ravenous beast, but a tremendous opportunity to see the bigger picture clearly.  It ‘s a chance to dive deeper beyond your superficiality and discover the core of who and what you are.    If you want to see the truth of what is beneath these perceived "negative" feelings, dive deep inside yourself my friend and embrace everything you find along the way.  When you find the absolute peaceful center within your most challenging feelings, you’ll find the greatest freedom, joy, and lightness you have ever experienced.  This is the diamond that is kept a secret from anyone who avoids facing the divine being inside.    Perhaps you have met someone at some point in your life who has this awesome shimmering radiance about them, who is courageous, full of laughter, tears of joy, and absolutely present.  They are continually re-discovering the diamond in their muck.  These people have the same load of baggage that you are carrying (or heavier) yet they are focusing on the divine within.  There is an awareness within each of us that always knows how to find the diamond that is deeply hidden in the muck.  Once you dig through the layers of resistance to looking inside of yourself and unravel your true feelings, you will discover this radiant being inside of you.    The interesting thing is that we need the muck to create the diamond.  The heaviness in our life is 100% necessary to create the right pressure inside of us, and compress the diamond into form.  So if you have been carrying a large load most of your life, there must be a fairly sizeable diamond inside of you.  It’s time to welcome that emotional "muck" that you are facing today for it is your ticket home.  It’s the path to manifesting the abundance you desire, and finding that part of you who lives without fear, without resistance, or judgment of whatever experience is arising right now.   If you would like a complete set of "power tools" to uncover your own diamond mine inside your muck, instantly download our 90 Day Manifesting Program at:   Many blessings to you,Jafree

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