Finding The Meditative Mind

Finding a Meditative MindWritten by Margot

Meditation is not just about sitting in silence for 15 minutes each evening before you go to bed and each morning upon waking. A meditative mind is available in each moment of your life. With awareness and consciousness, anything you do can become a true meditation.  Walking, talking, eating, biking, driving, and hiking, yes anything!  What makes it truly meditative is when you are present to the activity fully.  By using all your senses you drop the mind and life becomes savory, real, and alive! 

Meditation can be experienced through listening, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting and intuiting the present moment fully.  By being immersed completely into the experience you are having now, whatever it is, you let go of your self and merge with the master manifestor within you. One great way of becoming aware of the meditative state that is available to you in each moment is to practice the art of mindful walking. 

"You are walking on the street; be a witness to it. See it, feel it. The body is walking and the mind knows that the body is walking. Then be a witness of both; be a witness that the mind knows that the body is walking, and the body is walking."~ Osho

The more present you can be to the experience of walking, the more everything else disappears.  All of your worries, concerns, and mind chatter disappear when you are fully immersed in the totalness of walking.  Just try it!  As you’re walking notice everything that is happening around you.  Notice the feeling of your feet as they touch Mother Earth.  Pay attention to the sounds in the air, and become fully aware of the feeling of the air on your skin.  Just fully enjoy each moment of walking.   Meditative moments like these are the bridge to quieting the mind, so that you can hear your heart’s needs and desires as they bubble up inside you.  It is what makes you more conscious, aware, awake, and easily able to manifest exactly what your Ego wants.  Meditation helps you to manifest what you want, as well as keep you non-attached to the demanding Ego that thinks these things will provide total fulfillment.  It is your insurance policy that allows for more happiness, money, success, love, and health than you may feel you deserve.  

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