Finding your Natural Rhythm

Finding your Natural Rhythm

Your natural rhythm is the taking in of life at a pace that expandsour capacity without breaking us.  It is being able tofunction at a pace that is comfortable enough for usto be relaxed, and still stimulating enough to induceus to grow.  It is relating to life and the world in away that allows us to experience our purpose.  In thequest for a spiritual life, this is what matters most.

Here are 10 ways you can get in step with your ownnatural rhythm:

1.  Simplify your life.  Get rid of clutter.  Focusyour de-cluttering efforts not just around you, butwithin you.  That means freeing yourself from regretsand resentments.  Forgiveness is a great spiritualde-clutterer!  It gives your heart permission to comeout from under the rubble.

2.  Identify your priorities and commit to them.  Sayno to demands that do not contribute to yourpriorities.  It is wise to place a high priority onnurturing your soul, helping others and gettingadequate rest.  All the best success experts will tellyou that these are the activities that pay off in thelong run.

3.  Create rituals to bring you back to your spiritualcenter.  From daily activities like prayer andmeditation to yearly holidays, religious or not,routine creates a sense of connection and harmony. Two rituals that never fail for me are exercise andtime with nature.

4.  Take time for yourself regularly – time in quietsolitude.  Time to sit and do nothing, to still thebody, mind and soul.  It will lower your stress levelsand give you the power you need to deal with life’schallenges, so you can have time for the joys.

5.  Breathe.  Slowing down to breathe consciouslyhelps us focus better so we can work more effectively,whatever we happen to be doing.  At any moment of theday, take a few deep breaths and touch something nearyou to ground you back into your body

6.  Look for areas where you can take greater controlover your attitudes and your actions.  You cannotcontrol the people around you, and sometimes youcannot control your circumstances, but your attitudesand your actions are yours for the shaping. 

7.  Build a support system.  People you can talk to,people who can offer insight and good advice.  Be sureto include in your support system something greaterthan yourself.  Be open to accepting help from otherswith whatever overwhelms you.  And be kind to others. Focus on the good in the people around you and letthem know why you value them.

8.  Expand your perception.  Try on a new outlook.  Bean observer of your thoughts and when you noticenegative thoughts, deliberately steer your thoughtstoward the positive.  Try on different perspectives. Imagine you are someone else, someone who thinks itwould be wonderful to be in your shoes for a day. 

9.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Be willing tolaugh at yourself.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Makeup some nonsense words.  Practice making faces in themirror.  Wear silly socks!   

10.  Be where you are in each moment.  Not in the pastor the future, but in the now.  Resolve to always dothe best you can, where you are, with the life that isbefore you.

Enlightenment is a balance of work and play, acontinuous movement from the profane to the profoundand back again.  And through it all, the one thingthat matters most in life is our relationships – withothers, with ourselves and with the divine.

~by Avalon De WittFor the complete article visit:
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