Freedom Is Now

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Freedom Is Now…

By Jafree Ozwald

An overflowing abundance of peace, love & prosperity consciousness is already inside you. This is the ultimate freedom, & is only one thought away. There is no need to look outside your body for it. Stop what you’re doing…& just look inside. Look beneath your socialized conditioning & mental chatter that the mind gets wrapped up in. Unravel yourself. You get to know that ever-flowing current of peace which is beneath the fear. Only if you truly dive to your core, will you find it. It has always been here…always. This is the "goodness" that we are, total freedom is your natural response to it. Focus on your own infinite goodness for a few moments. This goodness is actually eternal & lives in the gap between your thoughts. Don’t try to figure everything out. You are an eternal being who is truly behind this rollercoaster ride of thoughts in the mind. Eternal & ever-presently aware of everything in your Universe. Know that whatever your mind is thinking about, investigating & pondering over simply is not worth getting caught up in. This eternity inside you is much bigger & better than any thought or experience you will ever have. What would life be like if you were committed to releasing all the negative & limiting thoughts/beliefs in your bodymind right now & in every moment here after? The types of thoughts you’re thinking now will impact & reflect the kind of experience you’ll create throughout the rest of this week, month & year. Remember, what we focus on is how we expand our light out into the world!

Peace & prosperity consciousness to you,

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