From Zombie-land to the Kingdom of Manifesting

From Zombie-land to the Kingdom of ManifestingBy Jafree Ozwald How much time do you take each day to focus on consciously manifesting your desires?  Five seconds, 5 minutes, 30 minutes?  What are you spending your time doing instead?  Many of us are spending our time in Zombie-land on activities that are not directly honoring who we truly are, and what we enjoy doing.  Perhaps we are trapped in watching the T.V. every night, or gossiping with a friend on the phone, or reading about something disempowering on the internet.  If you want to change your life and manifest more love, joy, and abundance, it’s time to release those addictive zombie-like activities that may be lowerng your manifesting vibration. 

If you feel you are in a velvet rut and are simply afraid to venture out of your comfort zone, then it’s time to do something absolutely radical with your life!  Immediately stop doing what doesn’t make you feel totally excited, alive, and 100% joyful.  Then, use this freed up time to practice raising your vibration by doing your manifesting routine!  This will open up a new gateway of energy and propel you forward into the Kingdom of Manifesting.

Do you know that according to a 2010 study by the University of Califorrnia, the average American watches 170 minutes of T.V. per day?  Have you ever looked at someone who is watching T.V.?  They appear to be a dead zombie.  Watching TV is an activity that lowers your overall manifesting vibration.  Most programs are focused on how life is not working and contain some dramatic climax when one of their characters gets in BIG trouble.  Check it out you’ll see!  This is such a big drain on your manifesting energy.  No wonder it can be hard to lift your finger, hit that OFF button, and drag yourself off the couch!   =)

If you really want to learn how to manifest miracles, we challenge you to unplug your T.V. for the next 90 days and more!  Even better yet, toss your T.V. into the recycle bin!  When the outer T.V. goes off, your magical inner visualization T.V. turns on!  If you have no T.V., then you are forced to use your mind to create the life you want.  The incessant accumulation of insignificant information that your mind absorbs from radio, T.V, newspapers, gossip, and other distracting sources will overload any clear functioning mindset and lower your Manifesting Vibration.  Dropping all media input may seem like a radical commitment, yet it is microscopic in comparison to becoming the master of your reality and entering the Manifesting Kingdom.  

The time that you used to waste focusing on entertainment or watching other people’s issues and dramas will now be spent manifesting a life that YOU absolutely love!  Think about what will happen when you devote even 20 or 30 minutes a day to visualizing yourself manifesting your dreams!   The more time you spend increasing your vibrational frequency, the easier it is to naturally attract your desires to you.  

Several years ago we stopped watching T.V. and started to focus our manifesting energies on creating an abundance of physical cash in order to purchase a spa.  Specifically, we started to spend 30 minutes per day following a combination of manifesting money meditations and techniques taught in Chapter 10 of our manifesting manual.  At first we were not able to quiet those negative "gremlins" in our mind that said we did not deserve to receive more money.   After a few weeks of using these techniques, the gremlin voices inside began to quiet and we began to deeply feel the joy of receiving more abundance from the Universe.   Within a few months time, we easily manifested the money to purchase our dream spa.   We have found over and over that this daily devotional focus is what speeds up our abilities to manifest our desires. We highly suggest that you make a commitment right now to starting up your own manifesting routine that you are devoted to using daily. Today is the day to say goodbye to Zombie-land by turning off your outer T.V., and investing your mental and emotional energy on your manifesting routine.  This weekend is the PERFECT time to begin. Just do it!  You will truly be amazed at the results that you see once you start doing your daily manifesting routine!   If you don’t know what a manifesting routine is, or how to start one …well guess what?  We have the guidebook for you!!   Our 90 Day Manifesting Program contains everything you’ll need to start your manifesting routine and start seeing results in your life!   You can download it instantly online at: Many blessings to you,

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