Heart Felt Message for Your Day

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“It is time to stop merely worshiping the great ones
but to embrace, accept and dare to step into
our own magnificence and Divinity.

It is time that we humbly recognize that,
that which we are projecting is what we actually are.

What you are able to see in another is that which you are already.
When you are able to acknowledge your true SELF, you realize
the living miracle that you are, and the possibilities are endless.

Then infinite creative intelligence will rise to meet you in a co-creative dance.
When you reclaim your power and accept it, you open yourself
to another level of power, which sometimes can be SCARY to realize
how powerful we really are.

We often run from it, and pretend to be light bulbs when we really are the Sun.

We try to run from our own Divinity. But we can never.
When you embrace your own innate Divinity and move beyond
victimhood then you become co-creators and no longer have any excuses.”
~By Kute Blackson

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Jafree Ozwald

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