How Does Manifesting Work?

 How Does Manifesting Work?

Have you ever wondered why one person walking down a dark alley at night will get mugged while the previous person goes by untouched?  Bad things may happen to apparently “good” people and good things happen to seemingly “bad” people all based upon the level of energy that they are vibrating at. 

You are like a radio tower that is constantly transmitting a certain frequency into the Universe.  Your thoughts and feelings create an energetic vibration that is sent out into the world.  This vibration is then reflected back to you by the Universe, producing physical results in your personal world .

The truth is that we are always creating something.  Whether you are manifesting what you want or what you don’t want depends on the level of your vibration.  We are like manifesting magnets!  We attract what mirrors are feelings and thinking patterns. So what we send out is EXACTLY what we get back!

 For example, when we are full of joy, gratitude, or excitement, we tend to send out a high frequency energy, which in turn magnetizes back high frequency experiences like great opportunities, positive-minded people, wealthy clients, big bank accounts, etc.  On the other hand, when we send out the energy of doubt, frustration, or fear, we tend to magnetize challenging experiences that we donââ?¬â?¢t want.  So all you need to do in order to be successful is to constantly emit high frequency vibrations which will attract your desires to you!

 It’s important to know that we are each born with the natural power to create our own reality.  We do so everyday!  The real question is… are you creating what you WANT, or stuck in creating what you DON’T WANT? 

The truth is that you are a manifesting machine!   You cannot stop manifesting.  Whatever you are focusing on is what you will manifest!  If you are constantly thinking about how you wish you had a million dollars that’s exactly what you will get…a wish.  Once you learn how to train your mind to stay focused ONLY on the experience you want to have, that experience will find it’s way into your life!  Use this powerful gift to your advantage and learn how to manifest what you WANT and how to stop manifesting what you DON’T WANT today!Many blessings,
Jafree“Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved.”  ~Osho

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