How Giving Raises Your Manifesting Vibration

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How Giving Raises Your Manifesting Vibration

Written by  Jafree Ozwald

“For it is in giving that we receive.”  ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Giving freely and lovingly to others dramatically influences your ability to manifest more abundance and prosperity into your life.  When you give energy to another in any form be it a physical gift, a hug, a gesture, a loving word, you are literally sending out energy to the Universe that will come back to you through the law of attraction.  As you know, like attracts like, and sending out expansive positive energy attracts to you a higher energetic frequency such as abundance.   Therefore, the energy with which you give a gift to someone directly impacts what you manifest into your life.

If you give a gift to someone from a conscious place of love with no strings attached, that loving open energy goes out into the Universe and comes back to you a hundredfold in the form of more abundance, loving connections, and opportunities.     Since the holidays season is upon us you may feel an urgency to venture out into the busy shopping centers just to find a gift for your family member or friend.  Before you go, we encourage you to choose to consciously purchase your gifts from a place of abundance, freedom, and joy instead of just giving something out of a sense of obligation.

When you purchase a physical gift, imbue it with love, and think about how much you truly care about this individual as you purchase it.  When you give your gift to them, let it be a symbol of your love for this amazing being.  Let your light shine through it and visualize the person beaming with happiness upon receiving it.  This clear image of seeing them radiating with joy and feeling their lightness will be the true gift that you’re giving them.

“To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own.”  ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Sometimes people tend to get caught up in worrying if the person will like their gift, or if you spent enough money on them, or even concerned if you gave them too much.  Instead of going down this old road, focus on the energy with which you want them to receive it.  Give your gifts freely with no thought of what you may get in return.  This creates expansive energy in your body that allows you to attract more abundance into your own life.  Anytime you give out of a sense of duty or even grudgingly, you actually contract your energy field which directly impedes your ability to manifest what you truly want.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” ~ Maya Angelou

The very act of giving is rewarding in itself, and will create a warm loving glow in your heart.  Your heart energy opens and expands every time you give freely to another.  In fact, it is only through giving to another that you can fully feel alive and vibrant.  When you stop giving to others, you literally shut down your energy field and cut off your Manifesting Vibration with the Universe.

When you focus exclusively on what you don’t have or deeply need, you automatically contract your energy, making it very difficult for anybody to offer you something to fulfill that need or want.  However, by relaxing inside and consciously giving to others, you re-open your heart and abundance soon starts to flow into your life.   So fully embrace the experience of giving, and see what amazing things manifest into your life!!   Guess what?  I have an exciting gift for you!!  You can download my  manifesting mantra meditation that will naturally increase your Manifesting Vibration! Best of all, it’s FREE!   Just visit:

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