How Manifesting Techniques Really Work

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of the Manifesting Manual….enjoy!

How Manifesting Techniques Really WorkBy Jafree Ozwald

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Manifesting happens because we are channels for the inexhaustible levels of pure energy found in the present moment of now.  With a consistent, relaxed yet focused awareness on what you want (instead of what you don’t want), you will naturally and continuously manifest amazing things.  The more present you are, the more your body opens, and the richer your experience of life becomes! 

The following 3 components make manifesting techniques function. Choose to experiment with one or all, what matters most is that you dive in and explore for many days and weeks on end.

1.  Feeling very connected to the Universe in this present moment.  There’s not much chit-chat going on up in the head.

2.  A strong desire and directed intention for what you want to manifest into the Universe.

3.  A belief that says THIS is a magical bodymind and Universe around me in which I can create ANYTHING I consistently dream of.

The moment you stop being 100% engaged in what your NOW experience is by getting up in your head about a past or future event, life loses its juicy flavor, direction and energy because you are coming from a less conscious space.  With an open and centered energy, your Manifesting Vibration flows and grows exponentially!  Your thoughts manifest from your core self and create your life! "You cannot step into the same river twice."  ~ Heraclitus

You can’t step into the same moment even ONCE!  Some say the moment goes by so quickly, that even proposing we can step into the same river ONCE can be disputable.  The moment moves and flows much faster than the mind.  The mind can never ever catch the present moment.  When it actually does catch up, the Mind is no longer there.  You reach a state of no-mind or Nirvana! 

Once you continuously stay in the present moment (for hours or days), you will have a shift in consciousness and your life will never be the same.  A dynamic transformation will unfold through you.  Miraculous synchronistic events will occur as if they were your “everyday” events.  A sense of inner peace will prevail.  There will only be time for you to shine, so there can be more truth, vision, purpose and meaning to your life.  Everything you want is contained within this moment.  Why would you look any place else?  There is more manifesting energy in the now-here to use, than you ever could use.  The present moment is more amazing than ANYTHING and is the only place manifesting power exists.

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Many Blessings to you,By Jafree Ozwald

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