How to Access Your Christ Consciousness

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How to Access Your Christ Consciousness

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Let us be silent lest we may hear the whispers of God.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Christ consciousness is the highest state of consciousness that there is. There is nothing more loving, accepting, insightful, appreciative, and jovial than this enlightened state of mind. Believe it or not, this is our most natural state.  When we choose to be at peace with ourselves over everything else in the Universe, we naturally begin to connect with this deeply profound spiritual healing energy that resides at the core of our being.

The great master Jesus once said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” He was inferring that everybody has this innate connection to the great inner Kingdom, not just a sacred few. The Christ consciousness is this Kingdom, and it is effortlessly and instantly found by anyone who surrenders to it. You are already connected to this amazing state of consciousness right now, yet you may not feel it because the mind is blocking the way. Only when the mind becomes completely relaxed, and trusting of life can it be fully revealed.  When you fall naturally into the deepest stillness and silence within you, you’ll discover this awesome enlightening consciousness is already there.

We constantly overlook these higher states of consciousness because the mind is so preoccupied and clinging to its extensive variety of desires, thoughts and fears. The mind basically becomes sooo busy that it forgets that a more enlightened experience of life is available to explore in each new moment. Many of us were all taught as children how powerful and important the mind is, and so we blindly follow the mind. We tag along, remain extremely close to it, and believe in it wherever it goes. Unknowingly, we waddle along from one thought to the next, grasping onto every dip and wiggle like we are the chick and it’s the great mama duck.

You may find that weeks, months and years can pass by where you are consistently following the mind for 24 hours a day around without a break!  We may even believe that we have no other choice than to hang on the tail of the mind and be pulled along with its desires forever. The mind’s hypnotic spell over us is deep and yet extremely tantalizing, as we may feel lost without it, and are often happily caught in its habit of reaching into this delicious world of desires.

Sometimes it happens, in a rare moment or situation in life we suddenly stop following the mind. A deep relaxation occurs and we realize that we do not have to follow our thoughts at all.  We eventually understand that our desires will manifest for us at the right time, and so we can simply bask and enjoy the expansive glory of the great Universe around us. It is from this mind stopping space that a deeper inquiry arises within to find where is the source of this mind. When we peer inside to see where our thoughts are originating from, it causes the mind to become very quiet, and it is this silence which unlocks the door to finding our connection with the Christ Consciousness within.

The greatest magical moments of our lives manifest the moment we step back from our desiring seeking searching needy mind. When we rest into the stillness at the center of our heart, the mind must let go. Life instantly becomes a serene, perfect and naturally centered experience. We feel there is an eternity ahead of us. In this healing space, we stop trying to create, achieve or change anything in this world. It feels so good just resting here with existence, revealing our natural divinity, while appreciating and accepting the entire Universe as it is.

It is in the merging of a quiet trusting mind and the deepest relaxation in the body where the Christ Consciousness abides. Discovering this place inside you will heal many layers (and lifetimes) of doubts, worry and fear. The enlightened state enters us automatically when the mind truly stops, and when the mind stops our consciousness expands and we enter that state. They happen simultaneously, as if they were two sides of the same coin. The very moment we become completely relaxed and at peace with everything in life, this highest consciousness must move into us and act through us. It has no other choice. 

“I am a human being just like you but at the same time I AM GOD.” ~Jesus (taken from the Gospel of St. Thomas)

Another enlightening tip to reveal the Christ consciousness within you takes a little creative exploration and personal commitment. Because this amazing enlightened state is sooo precious, powerful and transforming, it resides in the place we would least expect it to be.  Our Christ consciousness is not discovered through pushing to find the highest experiences or attempting to resist or avoid the lower experiences.  It’s not found from trying to only think positive thoughts, nor rejecting those fearful parts of yourself that are not so positive about life. The Christ consciousness is much bigger than the mind, and is something that finds you when you naturally at peace with both extremes.

When you are walking the middle path of life, that place which is free from any clinging to the higher and resisting the lower, a great feeling of freedom enters you. There is no struggle to change anything in life on the middle road. We see that our consciousness is completely perfect, and it knows everything is perfect as it is. There is this feeling of extreme peace, we know we have already arrived at the great Kingdom, so its not trying to get anywhere special.

The best part however, is that the mind becomes crystal clear, and is no longer running the show.  We become liberated from the demanding, striving, obsessive ego, and realize how wonderful it is to relax and enjoy the simple experience of being alive. Only through finding this middle way in every action, thought and situation we are in, can we transcend our clinging mind, surrender to Source, and discover an effortless freedom from our relentless ego.

On the path of surrender, our highest consciousness becomes infused in everything that we do. Because the mind is no longer pushing towards what it wants, nor trying to get away from what it doesn’t want, we can actually relax in the experience of now. We suddenly find it very easy to let go of those typical issues which normally irritate and worry us, because we are so enthralled in amazing natural expanse of the divine Universe flowing all around us.

“You can lose only what you cling on to.” ~ Buddha

It’s important to know that the society around you has hypnotized everyone to believe it is quite normal to live in states of desire, struggle, and suffering. You need this and have to buy that in order to be happy, and without it you cannot relax and just be content with life as it is. Humanity has gotten used to being needy and this causes loads of suffering.  The habit of resting and relaxing in stillness, acceptance of life as it is, is so cosmic, empowering and transformative, you’ll never go back to striving for anything again.

Be patient with yourself, as this suffering habit is accepted by everyone.  The entire society are like children who have been given one pair of shoes to wear at birth, and years later they are 5 sizes too small.  We’ve all been wearing these tiny shoes for sooooo many years that we have just accepted the experience that life typically is small, tight and confined. These small shoes come in many style and forms, such as the plethora of rules, regulations, laws and moral superstructure of an overly controlled untrusting society.

We are all wearing tight tiny little wooden shoes and don’t know how to take them off.  We have shrunken ourselves to fit into them and believe that this is who we are. We don’t so easily accept that the Christ consciousness is our basic nature, and our soul’s natural destiny. Everyone is blindly following around the ego-driven mind and so we should do what is normal, otherwise we won’t fit in and find happiness.

What everyone really should be doing first thing every morning, is break free from this mass societal hypnosis and realize the Christ consciousness is our very nature. When we stop running to catch up with the other rats, and sit and realize that finding an enlightened way of seeing life is the most important thing we can do with our time, we start living a new life that is constantly bubbling up joy, creativity, love and energy within you.  After a few days of this, you’ll find suffering has stopped showing up on your radar. 

I invite you to explore what it’s like to feel these tiny shoes. If you continue tolerating and ignoring them, its like tossing a fat bucket of mud splattered all over our windshield and learning how to just deal with it. Do you honestly think you should continue trying to see the road ahead through that little half clear spot on the bottom corner of your windshield, and keep driving even faster! The ego is too stubborn and addicted to old habits and would never think to pull over, stop the car, get out and completely wash the entire thing off. Pay attention to the stillness, the silence more often, and there will come a day when you will experience the ego is not really running this show.

This inner silence is what enlightenment is all about. Washing everything off, cleaning yourself from the mind muck and incessant chatter that’s constantly squeezing you, and compressing your life. When you’re with people, don’t try to fit into the smaller pair of shoes so others feel more comfortable with the bigger ones. Society will never be satisfied with who you truly are.  It’s just not comfortable allowing everyone’s Christ consciousness to move freely about, until everybody becomes this awakened being.  Then, there will be absolute trust of the individual, and no need for controlling rules and regulations.

“You stand at the edge ready to throw yourself in. What a shock to discover there is no where to go and no one to throw.” ~ Ram Tzu

I’m not saying that our society is totally wrong, it’s just asleep. It doesn’t want to recognize the Christ consciousness in every being. It thrives off of suffering and the government would go out of business if we all awakened to our sovereign state connecting with our enlightened consciousness inside. It will take everything you’ve got inside you to stand up, be strong and liberate yourself from the mass hypnosis.  When the Christ consciousness is awaken in you, you will know.  You will feel unstoppble in everything you do and totally trust that wherever life decides to take you, it’s always guiding you home.

What I want more than anything is that you learn how to trust yourself.  If you’ve been driving for years with a massive mud cake on the windshield of your mind, a deep cleaning and brainwashing may be needed. Start with affirming to yourself that you can trust yourself everyday in everyway!  Feel what trusting your heart is like, how does it resonate inside? Realize that remaining at 100% trust is the enlightened state that knows everything is perfect as it is.  Meditate on this thought for the next 90 days and notice how your body, mind and life tend to respond.  Enjoy!!

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“Give love and unconditional acceptance to those
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