How to Be Compassionate 24 Hours a Day

How to Be Compassionate 24 Hours a Day

Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“I would like to give you two things: Roots into this earth and wings into the heaven. Meditation is the earth, it is here and now; the very moment you can spread your roots, do it. And once roots are there, your wings will reach the highest sky possible. Compassion is the sky, meditation is the earth, and when meditation and compassion meet, a Buddha is born.” ~ Osho

Life has a way of teaching us in the most unique ways.  Throughout your lifetime you’ve most likely encountered many challenging experiences that have made you feel lost, emotionally frustrated, angry, sad or stuck on the inside. It’s good to know that your soul chooses these experiences of pain so that we evolve and grow towards a higher experience of bliss, joy, and compassion. 

This swing of this emotional pendulum is a tremendous blessing in that it forces you to discover what true freedom really is.  It causes you to look deeper inside and uncover the infinite essence of your being. When you release all attachment to wherever the pendulum is at in the swing, you’ll discover a state of freedom that allows everyone to be truly what they are.

To be in a consistent state of compassion with yourself, the world and everyone in it is absolute bliss. To arrive there you must have a consistent curiosity about what this state of bliss actually is, and find an unstoppable yearning to be free from your suffering. Bliss happens to those who are willing to wait for eternity for it. When you stop rushing through each experience and relax into every single one of them, you’ll soon discover that this bliss has already found you!

To live in compassion 24 hours a day and truly transcend it all, you’ll want to practice redirecting your attention inwards as often as you can into that loving, accepting, timeless/spacious energy that does not judge anything. This sacred divine energy doesn’t care who is right or wrong, how others should or shouldn’t be, or what outcome needs to happen or not happen. It’s an energy born from freedom, rooted in pure lightness, and is bound by nothing. It is your natural state of being.

When you begin to access this divine energy, the unlimited source of compassion arises naturally from it. You won’t have to try to be friendly, polite or loving with others anymore. You’ll naturally have a lighter response to those challenging people, thoughts, and life circumstances because you’ll have discovered your source of freedom. You may even look forward to the next opportunity to test your level of lightness and inner freedom. You’ll use every experience to transcend old habits of suffering.

Tapping into this great divine source of freedom happens instantly through forgiveness. Don’t wait for forgiveness, do this right now. See if you can forgive everyone in your life right now, especially yourself. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s drama and whatever “wrong” acts you did last year. Allow a lightness to overtake you and enter your bones. By simply forgiving yourself, others will naturally fall into this energy. When you live in a constant state of forgiveness you’ll naturally respond to everyone with lightness, and compassion will become your ordinary way of being.

The greatest act of compassion you can ever achieve in life is to forgive yourself. By healing yourself you imbibe the power to heal others. When you let go of your ego and step into oneness, the Universal Reality, a deep peace instantly follows and you naturally feel the sweetness of life. This sweet nectar is the eternal spring of compassion.

Abiding in the source of forgiveness always gives rise to deeper states of compassion. So dive into it continuously, 300 times a day and you’ll transform your entire life. The joy you receive will liberate your being and reveal that enlightened loving self you most want to be. Hold onto the intention to become a forgiveness master who responds with lightness and compassion. Give yourself full permission to experience a more enlightened way of living, simply by choosing it. It’s just a matter of making it a priority over the old, and seeing it as a possible way of operating in a normal 24 hour day.

So far, the greatest secret I’ve found to remaining in a state of compassion 24 hours a day is total surrender. Surrender to the experience of total surrender! Surrender to your Self and all its parts. Surrender to this sweet ever-present divine Reality and all it contains. Open your heart completely to it, and welcome every thing, thought and feeling with deep acceptance. There is no greater source of peace to be found. This is the goldmine of bliss and it is inside you right here, right now.

Surrender to what is right now. This will instantly reveal the most spiritually awakened being inside you. Your ability to let go and surrender actually is what determines how evolved of a soul you are. The more you can surrender, the less the ego is in charge. Surrender opens all doors to Reality so you can access all aspects of consciousness, allowing the mind to go beyond the duality of right/wrong and good/bad and transcend human suffering. It is the doorway to bliss and the golden key to your awakening.

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