How to Be Free from Right and Wrong

How to Be Free from Right and Wrong Written by Jafree Ozwald

Have you ever had to make a challenging decision and thought, "Is this the right path to take?" or perhaps you had a bigger question such as "What am I supposed to do with my life?" Many of us are caught up in believing that if we can make the right decisions, stay on the "good" path and off the "bad" path, we will be rewarded in some way. This may be true to some degree, yet in the grand plan our soul is on an infinite journey and is interested in something much bigger.

"I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening." ~Larry King

Your soul is much more advanced than your mind is.  It has a deeper knowing inside it that FEELS which decisions and paths will lead to more joy, bliss and freedom, and which won’t. There’s a deeper experience of understanding the bigger picture of your life that is found within any small decision. Your soul, spirit, or Higher Self inherently knows that it is connected with an infinite Divine being that is the Source of all creation, something much greater than anything found in this physical world. The advanced soul innately understands that discovering this connection IS the real goal and ultimate "decision" to be made in this lifetime. Any other goal, decision, or question is merely a distraction. The fact that the media and society have been desperately trying to hypnotize you to believe otherwise only makes the real truth easier to be felt once it has been seen.

"Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish." ~Albert Einstein

As a child I remember going to our favorite fast food restaurant with my parents. We would be standing in line and I would always wonder what I was going to order when it was my turn. The moment I stood at the counter my parents were there asking me what I wanted, and I knew that had to decide on something or I was not going to eat anything for lunch that day. It’s often these little decisions in life which contain this kind of deep hidden pressure and stress to make the "right" decision or else we will not survive. Now I understand why it was hard to make any decision…because my body didn’t want ANYTHING on their unhealthy menu!

The misunderstanding inside us that says that this is "right" and that is "wrong" is simply conditioning handed down from our parents, T.V., friends, family and societal consciousness. It is deeply embedded in our own thinking patterns. We all have this inner feeling of pressure inside to always do, say, and think the "right" things. This pressure has caused us to forget the real and important destination of our lives. This tension has created such a disconnection with our own bodies that we don’t know what we want, and feel an absence of the REAL thing that we are truly hankering or yearning for inside. There are so many decisions and choices to be made everyday that we forget the greatest and most obvious one that is here and now.

"It is difficult to experience moments of happiness if we are not aware of what it is we genuinely love." ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

What we all are searching for is an unlimited unending connection with a real feeling of Universal love. The truth is that all moments in life, good or bad, contain the possibility of finding this love within. The real goal of every soul is to live in this love, by realizing that it is connected to this infinite source of love. What the mind has forgotten is that EVERY situation and decision (right or wrong) has the POTENTIAL to lead us into this Self-realized and God-realized space. From this place there is no worry, stress, or fear about doing the right or wrong thing. From this state of being, you cannot make a "wrong" decision.

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them." ~George Bernard Shaw

The mind is a funny thing in that it is always trying to find a better way of acquiring more things, making life better, and getting somewhere in the future faster. It is deeply rooted in this NEED to be in control of your life, and create everything according to the way it thinks it should be. This neediness to be in control ALL the time is what is creating ALL the suffering in your life. Once we realize that it does not matter so much what we decide, do, or say as much as how connected we FEEL inside, years and even lifetimes of suffering will instantly and completely fade away

"Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today." ~Author Unknown

The only way to discover this place of freedom is to look deeper within. Go beyond the mind and our programming around what is "right and wrong" and simply look at what is at the source of here and now. To go inside of ones Self means to drop the outer world completely, and discover that this Universal Love is abundantly within! This takes tremendous focus, courage and determination to break free from the situations you believe are outside (and inside) of you. These experiences seem as if "they" are the ones creating your suffering, whereas the truth is that we are totally responsible and have the power to decide what we want to feel at any given time.

"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive." ~Harold Whitman

Make the decision to let go of your entrenched struggle with right and wrong, and simply use your energy to consciously choose to access this unlimited source of love inside you everyday. Once you decide to remain open and curious, and find what ultimately brings peace to your bodymind in EACH new moment, you will discover that this infinite divine inner connection is already here now. This is the greatest and most fulfilling exploration you can undertake during your lifetime.

Enlightening Personal Commitment for the Week: For the next 24 hours, I will dive more deeply within myself than I have ever done before. I will set my worries of the outer world aside and open to the peace within my innermost being. I will rest in this place for at least 10 minutes every day and release myself from any prison or tension that I have created in my mind. I will be gentle and loving with myself for the remainder of each day. I will simply relax and enjoy my amazing life.

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Blessings and love, Jafree Ozwald

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