How to Be Free from Stress and Overwhelm

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How to Be Free from Stress and Overwhelm

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.” ~ Buddha

Do you ever feel like you’ve become a bit over-stimulated by this complicated fast-paced society we are living in? All the new technology, information and consciousness on this planet can be overwhelming as it is evolving faster than ever, and sometimes our minds have trouble navigating through it all. If you feel that your days are continuously packed with business, and there’s not enough time to enjoy a walk in Nature, you may want to jump off this addictive roller coaster and try out a more calming adventure. Today could be your day to choose to let it all go. To stop letting stress, fear and overwhelm rule your existence and choose to be free instead. The moment you make this choice, you take a step into greater joy, and become receptive to the more succulent spiritual pleasures that life has to offer you.

It’s good to know that the energy of overwhelm stems directly from believing that we don’t have enough energy, time, resources, or love to get our needs met. We instead act out of fear, and robotically obey all of the messages that the mind is sending us. We think about what we should and shouldn’t be doing, instead of dropping into what our heart is really longing to feel. We have become human doings instead of human beings. Life can become so busy getting things done that there is not enough awareness available to sit back, relax and realize that all these stressful little circus acts of the mind are responsible for all of your suffering.

 If you want to be happy today, you have to give up something. You have to let go of your attachment to your mind. You must step back from your thoughts and stop buying into the ego’s relentless river of incessant demands. You have to create more space from your head to feel into your heart, so you can find out what it is that you truly want to do with your precious short time here on Earth. If you don’t step back from your mind and continue to unconsciously follow your head ranting and raving about all the things it thinks are soooooo important, you might as well consciously choose to experience more suffering.  Letting go of overwhelm always begins with a choice. The choice to feel what makes your heart sing! If you aren’t doing the things that actually make you happy, then you are choosing a form of imprisonment. This is your opportunity to be free from the prison you’ve put yourself in today.

“Stillness is the greatest achievement one can have in life.” ~Papaji

 Freedom begins with saying YES to a bigger more amazing YOU! This is about welcoming each moment with the type of gratitude that it could be your last. It’s about stop trying to control, micro-manage and resist painful emotions, and simply welcome them as teachers showing us the way home. When we say YES, we invite in life. From this YES we can have a deeply relaxed body that is centered and peaceful. Then, we not only reap the richest materialistic rewards that life has to offer, yet we discover an infinite spring of spiritual peace inside our soul.

 This stream of inner peace is always available, and always a choice in every new moment. It begins with refocusing the mind on relaxing into that space which deeply nourishes our body, mind, and soul. If you are constantly chasing the illusions of your mind, you may manage to catch and manifest a few of your dreams, yet you’ll miss the greatest experience your soul came here to explore.  The perpetual feeling that you are a divine infinite spiritual being who has no limits in what you can experience, realize or manifest through this human form.

As long as you are only tuned into the never ending symphony of ideas parading across your mind, constantly spinning you around in circles like a crazy Ferris wheel, you can only feel confused, lost and emotionally uncentered. To attain the ultimate spiritual experience you must remember that thoughts are a distraction from this divine Truth of who/what you truly are. Of course, thoughts are necessary in life and also harmless in themselves.  It’s only when you latch onto your thoughts like a life preserver and believe that they are the true reality of your existence that suffering is instantly created.

“While we think that our circumstances are the cause of our frustration, the real source lies in not being aware of our higher self. The miracle is that as you awaken, so too, does the whole Universe.” ~Pir Vilayat

Your mind has been programmed since birth to endlessly search, seek, and pillage to find happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in the outer world. This constant search will never end and never be truly complete.  If you think manifesting all your desires is the greatest goal of your life, watch out for you’ll stop smiling, having fun and miss the cosmic joke behind it all. The only way that you will find the real happiness that your mind is seeking, is discovering the freedom from the mind that is always available here now.  The side effects of a quiet, still and silent mind are profound states of bliss and inner peace.  Living in that peaceful stillness that is who you truly are, you automatically feel a deep sense of fulfillment all along the way. In each moment you are naturally relaxed, and can see the futility of striving so hard for outer contentment.  Below I’m going to give you my 3 most sacred techniques that will help you find freedom from the mind, so overwhelm can never touch you ever again.

Trust the Perfection of this Now Moment. What if this very moment was 100% perfect, and nothing had to be done to survive, live or thrive?  How would it feel to surrender and fully trust what was happening in each moment? What would your body feel like to just BE HERE NOW, and stop trying to achieve something better in the next moment?  Trusting the now moment allows the physical body to completely relax, which lets the mind drop into stillness and silence. Once you’ve accepted that the now moment is perfect, it becomes impossible to feel overwhelmed again. When you are completely present to the divine now, you see the perfection within everything. You are forever free from all overwhelm because anxiety is a feeling generated by clinging to future thoughts.  

Say YES to your Life and Stop Resisting your Experience. The very moment you start to feel overwhelmed, begin to practice this simple technique. Let whatever experience that is arising in you to be there fully. Stop resisting life and become an allow-a-holic. The Universe is highly intelligent, it knows what its doing, put your trust in it.  Let each experience fully enter your body, knowing it is the most important experience for your highest evolution in consciousness. Allow for each life experience to devour you, as if it was a gift from the Gods. Each experience is an intricate part of the Divine tapestry and cosmic play of life. When we say YES to the experience that’s showing up in this moment, no matter how painful or challenging it may be, we tap into the divine flow and magical things begin to manifest again. The Universe starts fulfilling your requests because you become in alignment with what is, instead of fighting or resisting whatever you think shouldn’t be happening.  If you wish to manifest a miraculous magical life in the next 24 hours, practice allowing for every experience to flow through you. Do this all day long. Trust that as you go through your day that you are guided, because the Divine is everywhere and everything is guided. The Universe is never void of intelligence, we are always being penetrated by it. The more you can surrender and say YES to this intelligence all around us, the more fun and magical your life will become.

Breathe Deeper Into Your Belly.  If you are challenged with saying YES to a challenging experience of life, or welcoming in your feeling of fear, control or overwhelm, then the best thing you can do is breathe deeply into the core of your belly where we store most of our emotional tensions.  Most of us breathe in a very shallow way because we are constantly being driven by all of the thoughts are mind is throwing at us.  Each time you take a long slow deep breath into your belly, you relax and expand into a bigger experience of reality.  The more frequently you breathe deeply, the more you naturally tend to let go of feelings of overwhelm, and begin feeling good about your life.  A deeply breathed body is a receptive body. One that is open to receiving support and help from the Universe. The more receptive your bodymind is, the easier it is for you to navigate through your life.  So take this moment to breathe deeply into your body right now and experience whatever it is that is happening for you. 

Take a look inside and notice how relaxed is your body right now? Where are you still holding onto tension? Maybe it’s hiding in your jaw, face, hands, shoulders, back, or perhaps your anus? See if you can breathe into that tension and let go of a little more of it. The body is super sneaky, and likes to hold tension in very interesting places. It also may tend to resist you welcoming in relaxation at first. Yet, if you can imagine that everyone in your life is here now looking at you with eyes of admiration, appreciation, kindness and love, your bodily tension will eventually melt and let go.  The divine Universe is literally holding you in a warm cradle of cozy love, taking care of all of your needs everyday.  All you need is to allow it to love you, with a simple intention on relaxing your bodymind so deeply that you become receptive to all this love and support.

Every morning and evening keep practicing and practicing. Fake it until you make it! Try to imagine what a fully relaxed body and mind feels like. Explore breathing fearless energy into your heart and see how the mind changes and the body feels. If you make the time to create a real relationship with your new deeply relaxed body every day for 21 days, something miraculous will occur. Naturally, organically you will inherit all their fearless qualities and become free from any fear you may have had. Enjoy the journey! 

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Get ready to live a totally fun and fearless life!

Jafree Ozwald

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