How to Become a Manifesting Love Magnet

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How to Become a Manifesting Love Magnet

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. You are the traveler and the destination. In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being, you have achieved the final goal.” ~Osho

For the next 7 days of your life, I have a powerful and enlightening Love Magnetizing technique that will manifest amazing experiences into your life. It won’t just make you energetically attractive to that dreamy hot being across the room. It will also bring in more health, wealth, happiness, and increase your vibration so you are effortlessly manifesting your greatest life imaginable. Are you excited yet? Ok, here’s how you do it!

There are 3 basic steps to becoming a Manifesting Love Magnet. The first step is the very moment you wake up each morning (before you open your eyes) begin to imagine, feel and sense that your body is a super powerful magical cosmically connected radio tower! It’s job is broadcasting and receiving crystal clear messages throughout the entire Universe. Every thought you think is instantly broadcasted, felt and received by the all-intelligent Universe. When you’re starting this exercise, ask yourself these 3 questions.

What kind of messages am I sending out?

What kind of messages do I want to be sending out?

What is the experience I am receiving back?

The idea here is not an attempt to improve, change or fix the messages being broadcasted and received. The goal is to bring a more loving gentle awareness towards whatever messages are being broadcasted and received.  Effortlessly explore the experience of having a gentle loving awareness for whatever thoughts cross your mind. Notice what this gentle awareness experience feels like before you even think about opening your eyes.

When you master this first part, your mind can be scanning all types of information streaming through you without having any judgment at all. The mind will simply watch, listen, feel and be aware of what’s happening without any commentary, bodily tension, or over-analysis. Mastering this gentle awareness is the foundation to begin feeling that you actually are this special high-tech high-power and highly conscious “Universal radio tower”. 

The key to this practice is about feeling a deep acceptance for the Universe, acknowledging that this is the way things are, and feeling you are allowing everything in your life to be as it is. It is a welcoming approach to life that is naturally filled with total acceptance. When you practice acceptance for some time, something magical will occur. You will naturally clear your mind from everything, and energetically release all thoughts from your field.

This first stage is meant to create a full reboot, a blank slate inside, which will allow your love vibration to become rooted, so it may rise higher than it has ever gone before! You probably won’t be able to master this your first day, which is why this Love Magnet Meditation is a minimum of 7 days if you really want to see things rolling. After you feel you’ve spent enough time with accepting and clearing whatever is in your energy field, you’re ready for stage two!

“Being your Self is being pure Love, and that is what bliss is.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

This next stage is where the real excitment begins. It all starts with the feeling of allowing yourself to be penetrated by the most exotic and erotic loving energy in the entire Universe! Imagine a golden white flame from God’s heart has entered your body and now millions of magical love lights are igniting inside your brain, heart, chest and genitals! Every part of your body is glowing like the Sun and sparkling with brilliant golden white angelic light!

Every time you breathe, your whole body glows brighter. Imagine that the aura around your body sparkles like a Christmas tree with 100,000 super tiny bulbs! Whenever you speak, all your lights shine, radiate and sparkle! The love lights are coming out of your eyes, mouth, heart, hands and yes even your genitals! Feel how these energy from these lights are connecting with the energetic matrix throughout your body.  It is inside of your DNA, blood and bones! Your brain and entire physical body is totally turned on and it can ONLY receive and broadcast messages of joy, lightness and love!

Within a week you should be able to SEE and FEEL the difference between when your love lights are off and when they are ON! Your sparkling light energy is very powerful and highly magnetic, so when you know you are LIT UP, command your body that THIS is going to be your new base signal and frequency pattern. Tell your body that this is how every cell inside will be naturally broadcasting energy into the Universe from now on.

“All things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things. Begin with the end in mind.” ~ Stephen Covey

The third stage to the Manifesting Love Magnet Meditation may be even more fun. After you’re able to feel when your sparkling love lights are turned off or ON, then imagine how your lights are going to impact others. Imagine that you are naturally glowing around all types of people. No matter who you meet, these people walk away from you smiling happy and sparkling! Their biggest brightest lights ignite inside by just being with you. Visualize how your sparkling energy is contagious, and the contagious feeling grows stronger with each person you see and TURN ON. 

Notice what happens to YOUR lights when you see other people’s faces light up when they feel you how bright you are. Imagine that they are a far or short distance away, and a deep smile expands across their face and their heart starts to glow. See how they change. Watch all their fears, worries and concerns fall instantly away. They are feeling sooooo good that they feel like dancing on the clouds! Anytime you engage intimately with someone, perhaps connect in a more sensual way, watch how much brighter YOUR lights get! See them radiating out and reaching the farthest edges of the Universe!

 It’s good to know that the goal of this exercise is not to have every desirable gorgeous man or woman out there pounding on your front door (that would get annoying). The purpose is to increase your energy, awareness and sensitivity to love. When you become perpetually in touch with how good the lightness of pure love feels to your body, it will be easy to attract whatever you want in the outer world. Sure, you might attract that super sexy gentle loving soul mate at the next outing, or magically find a deep soul love pouring out from the heart of your current partner.  It won’t matter because you’ll be enjoying your love lights soooo much!

The more often you do the Manifesting Love Magnet Meditation, the more love you’ll physically attract in the outer world. You’ll find that the Universe has no other choice than to send the sweetest, most kind, generous, loving people, experiences and situations your way. Randomly, you’ll find people are mysteriously and genuinely interested in you. They may want to give you money, hugs, gentle caressing, or engage in some kind of fascinating conversation with you for some unknown reason! All of this and more will manifest when your love lights are on, and something shifts in your personal relationship with the energy of love.

When you end the exercise, you’ll want to take a few minutes to visualize, feel into and project into your future WHO you are going to become. What amazing things are you going to manifest with these super powerful love magnets blazing all day long! Imagine anything is possible for you. Your love lights give you the power to manifest any situation you desire.  Feel how this is real and what its like to have all your biggest dreams come true! Imagine that your life is magical! See how deep you sleep at night, and when you wake up you start sparkling again from dawn to dusk. The more details you can create with seeing and feeling how the future is manifesting exactly how you want it to be, the better you’ll get at allowing your dreams to naturally show up. 

I feel that one of the greatest intentions to hold sacred each time you do this meditation is being more sensitive to God’s love. This way you become a magnet for the infinite flow of divine love. At the highest levels, you can feel God’s angelic energy pouring into your body from the most heavenly realms. This energy is soooo powerful that even in a few seconds, it can wash away all your anxieties, worries, fears and karma! 

“Good, God, Love, are all the same thing. If the person keeps continuously thinking of any one of these, it will be enough. All meditation is for the purpose of keeping out all other thoughts.” ~ Ramana Maharshi 

You are both human and divine. So it should be expected to meet some major form of resistance, energetic block or emotional weakness when you’re really trying to turn your love lights on. We all have some unconscious issues to letting in and trusting in love. Whether we believe we are unworthy, unlovable or unwanted it is all an illusion! Every block we encounter is the stepping stone which provides the experience of rising higher when we overcome it!  

So if you feel judgmental, empty, embarrassed, ashamed, depressed or just emotionally numb, when doing this meditation, welcome that energy. Allow it to have more space. Then take extra time relaxing your entire body so you can open up to a new experience of life. Let your body become very soft, quiet and as relaxed as possible until a stillness happens. This is the best way you can open up blocked energy and turn on your super manifesting love magnet powers fully!

If you aren’t a visual person and believe that seeing the lights in this meditation is not going to work for you, no worries! The real gold is in FEELING what the brighter love and light-ness sensations are like from the inside. Remember the most loving experiences you’ve had in your past, and tap into that energy from those memories. The healing gentle soft energy that you can let in, will naturally release any skeptical, controlling or negative feelings inside. 

The mind is super powerful. When you understand this power you can yield it to manifest whatever you want. This shift happens the day you are truly done playing the game of being disempowered, needy, codependent, or someone who is lacking love. When you are practicing this love magnet technique, instead of spending your time wishing you were loved, you’ll be exploring the game of how sweet, precious and lovable you truly are!

You’ll know you’ve become a true super manifesting love magnet when you feel this sweet glowing energy is naturally radiating inside your heart all day long! After one week, you’ll wake up and begin feeling the energy is already moving and alive inside you. As you naturally go about your day, it will continue bubbling up from within. The most wonderful situations in your life manifest the more often you stop to feel that this love is real. The stronger the energy becomes,the more goodies you’ll manifest in the outer world. The Universe always rewards those who are open to receive the rewards!

Are you ready for a massive influx of miracles this next week? This is your one sacred life to live, so get ready to live it up! You deserve to enjoy it to the max! Start with the decision right now to become a manifesting love magnet in your life, and try out the meditation first thing in the morning. With holding this sacred intention inside, you cannot fail. You can only rise higher and higher on your journey. Get ready for some real fun, you’re about to go through a spiritual birth canal and start totally enjoying this amazing ride called your enlightened LIFE!!

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