How to Become a Super-Charged Manifesting Magnet

How to Become a Super-Charged Manifesting Magnet!By Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher Did you ever play with magnets as a child?  If you hold two magnets together with the same magnetic pole facing each other, they repel no matter how hard you try to push them together.  You can literally feel the magnetic field as you try to put them together.  On the other hand, if you hold two magnets with opposite magnetic poles facing each other, they instantly pull together into one mass. Your energy field works just like a magnet in that it has a positive and negative pole to which it automatically magnetizes and repels various types of energy. Now scientifically speaking, your body-mind is already a natural bio-magnet that has an aura of energy all around it.  There are many case studies dating back to 1939 that show that we are constantly emitting a magnetic field that you can actually document with Kirlian photography.  Recently, scientists have found that the biomagnetic aura of an immature leaf matches the full-grown size that the leaf will become later in life. When the leaf reaches its full grown size, the previous documented aura is exactly the same size as the older leaf!  We are just like these leaves in that we emanate the particular thought-vibrational energy that we will one day grow into. 

Yes, thoughts are energy, and they don’t just stay in your head, but reverberate outward into the Universe in every direction.  They form around you like an invisible magnetic orb of light.   Your strongest e-motions (energy in motion) radiate into this energy orb, and connect with the "like-minded" atoms in the world which eventually manifest your ideas into your reality.  The amazing thing is that for the rest of your life you are going to be surrounded by this magnetic energy field of light that will constantly attract and repell things to you.  Now the next obvious question is; can you attract ONLY the positive experiences and repel the negative ones?

The answer is YES, if you are willing to master your mind.  If you are like most people, you have had several challenging and even ridiculously difficult experiences in life which are still trapped in your body as negative thoughts and feelings.  These lower vibrations are (believe it or not) still on some level magnetizing more negative experiences to you.  These old negative feelings, traumas, and limiting beliefs more or less cause one to become a "negative experience magnet".  Even though an experience may not actually be negative, the chemicals created in your brain from these trapped negative vibrations tend to make your mind perceive a neutral experience as "negative". The first secret to transcending this vibrational mess is to consciously increase your awareness and overall emotional energy and vibration.  Once you start devoting more time to being conscious of which thoughts, feelings, or magnetic field you are sending out, you can find the positive within the negative and free your body from its energetic entrapment.

One challenge that you might find is that your ego will tend to have VERY strong preferences on what "should or shouldn’t" happen in life.  The mind gets addicted and attached to its ideas of what successful, loving, and desirable outcomes look like, and then even more resistant to undesirable results.  On the other hand, when you you have found "peace of mind", you are naturally more conscious of what the mind is thinking.  This my friend, allows you to be unattached to outcomes. So when your mind flips out and worries incessantly about ridiculous negative thoughts, just say "oh well" and let them pass by like clouds.

With higher vibrational thinking you’ll naturally be able to relax, and see more situations in your life as possible positive outcomes.  This will in turn generate a huge snowball of positive thoughts which create those especially positive magnetic feelings!  This is where you start attracting the juicy exciting experiences and synchronistic serendipitous outcomes that you deserve!  By training your body-mind to increase its vibration and then using that higher vibration to focus on your MOST desired outcome, you will become a super charged manifesting magnet for what you want! 

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