How to Become an Enlightened Giver

How to Become an Enlightened Giver Written by Margot Zaher   An Enlightened Giver gives freely from his or her heart space with deep feelings of love for others, and with complete detachment from the outcome.  There is no holding back with enlightened giving.   You give freely because you know deep in your heart that there is so much abundance in the Universe that you will always be abundant no matter how much you give away.  This abundance thinking allows the Enlightened Giver to be completely detached from receiving anything in return.   Paradoxically, this detached attitude keeps the giver in an expanded state of being where his or her energy channels are open to receiving from the Universe, and thus the giver will naturally receive abundance.  It is the attitude in which you give that impacts what you actually manifest in your life.    "Health is the greatest Gift.  Happiness is the greatest wealth.  Trustworthy is the greatest relative.  Enlightenment is the greatest Bliss."  ~ Buddha   Giving is powerful and empowering.  There is an enormous beauty that happens in the process of giving that few people are consciously aware of.  When you give, you literally expand your energy outwards to include someone else.  For just a brief moment, your energy envelops them like a warm loving hug.  By giving a gift, a kind word, or an action you literally send your energy into the person, and connect with them on many energetic levels.  When this giving energy goes out, you create a positive shift in your energy field.  Every time you give, you create the space to receive something back from the Universe.  As clearly illustrated by the ocean tide, when there is an ebb of energy, a flow must naturally follow.    "For it is in giving that we receive" ~ Francis De Assis   A beautiful thing to remember is that when you give to another, you actually give to yourself.  We are all one and the same, droplets in the same ocean of life.  Each person is really a part of you.  We are not separate beings.  This is just an illusion that all of us have been living with for many thousands of years.  When you give love to another, you are in essence giving love to yourself and this self just happens to have an apparent "separate" physical form than yours.  So when you hesitant to give to another, remember that you are in essence giving to a part of yourself, and benefiting all of humanity including yourself. "There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else. "  ~ Peyton Conway March   Perhaps you only think about giving gifts for the holiday season or special occasions.  Yet, the enlightened giver is one who engages in this precious act all year long.  Imagine how you’d feel by giving a gift to another person every day of your life.   Just visualize how rich your life would be if you constantly gave from your heart in a non-attached way full of delight.  By embracing this path of enlightened giving you would experience a tremendous heart opening accompanied by an out-pouring of continual blessings from the Universe.  For it is impossible to give without receiving in return.  I challenge you to take on this new way of being as part of your commitments for 2010, and see all of the magic that naturally unfolds in your life.   So how can you become a conscious Enlightened Giver all year long?  First of all, remember that giving has nothing to do with how much material wealth you possess.  An enlightened giver is not about just giving money away.  It is about looking inside and asking yourself, "How can I share my energy with the world in a way which helps all beings prosper and grow?"  The truth is that you have many gifts to offer your fellow beings on this planet that would enrich their lives.  You are a unique expression of the Divine, and thus you have much to contribute to those around you.  I invite you to write down some of the ways that you could use your talents and abilities to help others.    "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."  ~ Kahlil Gibran   One powerful way of giving to your world is through the gift of loving words.  The most powerful words to give away are words of praise and appreciation.  Each time you praise another or appreciate them in some way, you send out positive energy to the people around you which in turn creates the kind of world you want to live in.  The beautiful thing about giving loving words is that it is contagious.   When you praise or appreciate someone, you create good feelings in the recipient of your kind words which they in turn tend to pass on to others in their world.  The more you praise and thank others, the more praise and appreciation comes back to you.  So from this day forward,  consciously practice praising and thanking all that you come in contact with from the store clerk to your beloved partner.    "I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver." ~ Maya Angelou   Another beautiful way to embody enlightened giving is to give with your actions.  Don’t just reserve the holidays to use your physical energy to change the planet.  There are many simple ways that you can contribute to the planet year round.  Some easy things to do are:   * Volunteer with a local organization to help people in need. * Help out in a homeless shelter. * Give your time to friends or neighbors in need of support. * Do random acts of kindness for others (these may include letting people in parking spaces, putting money in someone’s parking meter, paying the toll for the car in back of you, or sending someone in the phone book $5).     It doesn’t really matter what or how you give of yourself.  All that truly matters is that you practice this art of enlightened giving.  If each of us commits to doing this, our world will profoundly shift into one that is full of loving kindness, and prosperity for all.  You have the option today to give the gift of food, shelter, and water to orphaned children we are supporting in India.  They will LOVE you for it!  It’s something you can always feel good about after the day is done…enjoy!  Click Here to give to the Indian Orphans!   Much love and light, Margot

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