How to Become Authentically Fearless

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How to Become Authentically Fearless

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“All the greatest treasures are hidden behind that which we wouldn’t want to be with. All the wisdom, compassion and treasures are within…so where are you going to hide it?” ~Pamela Wilson

Many of us would like a 100% guarantee that everything is going to be ok throughout our lives. We want a golden contract from God that says our entire future will be safe from harm, free from pain, and that we will always manifest our every desire and dream. We want to know for sure that life is always working out for us, in our favor, and we are guaranteed a perfect flawless future.

The only problem with this contract is that we also want a life that is brimming with excitement and overflowing with new fascinating adventures every day. We want a future that is free from boredom and filled with a spiritual richness that we are forever bathing in the healing qualities of our very soul. Now the real question is, would all of this be possible if there was no such thing as fear?

If you’ve done your inner research and looked deeply into your personal relationship with fear, it might seem to be one of those slippery issues that you are either trying to cope with, ignore, transcend, or avoid at all costs. Many of us were told in our childhood that if we want to be happy we need to conquer our fears. Yet, nobody actually told us how to do it, probably because they hadn’t accomplished this amazing feat themselves. Perhaps because most everyone has forgotten the truth, that we are divine eternal spiritual beings who will never ever die.

If you are still waiting for that magical formula that will free you from fear, today my friend is that special day you’ve been waiting lifetimes for! In a few weeks from now, you can be totally free from fear! Yes, get ready to let go of your phobias, doubts, and immature childish insecurities forever! Prepare yourself for a new relationship with fear that will make you start living the most amazing exciting life. Your mind is about to experience a miracle, for you are going to learn how to replace all the fearful chemicals in your brain so that you become authentically fearless in every area of your life.

“That which can be taken away from you is not worth keeping, and that which cannot be taken away from you… why should one be afraid of its being taken away? It cannot be taken away, there is no possibility. You cannot lose your real treasure.” ~Osho

The first action towards fearlessness begins with taking a baby step into trusting the energy of fear. This trusting energy comes from a spiritually advanced understanding that we live in a divine benevolent conscious Universe that never makes a mistake, and has no room for coincidences. This all-intelligent life giving Universe is always on your side and knows exactly what ingredients are needed for your enlightenment. By accepting this paradigm into every cell in your body, you can start to understand how fear is your greatest teacher and best friend. By knowing the loving Universe is always working in your favor, we can relax more, take the risk to snuggle up to our fear, and get a closer look underneath it just to see what it truly is and why it is actually there.

In becoming truly fearless you’ll need to develop the daily practice of deep authentic curiosity with yourself. You’ll need to explore why you are afraid of whatever you are afraid of. What is this special avoidance that is hooked deep into your gut and heart really all about? It is only through a childlike curiosity and true heartfelt inquiry that we can turn our worries into wonders, and catch a glimpse of what it actually is that we are running from.

Looking inside, behind or underneath your fear for the first time may seem life threatening, or feel as if you’re about to enter a secret cellar door that’s been hidden for hundreds of years in the back of your great grandparents first home. This is the right place to start. Somewhere that feels very familiarly frightening, and instantly makes you want to run and hide.  Be aware! The mind is a genius at avoiding what it needs to confront. We have all sorts of strategies and tricks at getting distracted from peering into places which make us uncomfortable. Be always be infinitely patient and insanely persistent whenever you approach your fear.

Perhaps you’re a bit analytical and wondering how does one actually look underneath a fearful feeling, thought or scary image that is stuck in the mind. Well, you’re going to need an extra dose of childlike imagination for this journey. Roll back the clock a few years, and recall what life was like when you were a child. Do you remember how you played and played all day long? Your creativity and imagination never ended all day long. Perhaps you were into playing fantasy games like saving the innocent princess from the Kingdom’s fire breathing dragon. You had the power to imagine anything and everything, and you still have that power today. You might have even imagined that you became a grown up adult person who lost touch their childish power of imagination.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited while imagination encircles the world.” ~Albert Einstein

Maybe when you were young, you had an imaginary friend who talked to you all the time, yet nobody else could hear or see them? Or perhaps you were a weirder child and wondered what a banana would say if it could speak, or how the sunset colors would taste if you could lick them? Whatever fantasies or creative games you played back then, you are still playing them on some level today. They are just more adult-like serious games that you’re playing on the inside. Your mind is still making up all sorts of stories about everything and everyone, including yourself.

Your imagination is creating everything in your life. It is responsible for creating every fear that you have. Since it has created all your fears, it also has the power to stop creating them and invent something totally brand new. Your imagination is always on, always forming new movies inside. You still have the amazing power of imagination working everyday inside you. The real question is are you willing to step beyond any “normal”  ordinary versions of reality you’ve created, and discover a place inside you where anything is possible?

Our imagination is extremely powerful. Just notice what happens inside your mouth when you imagine biting into a super spicy jalapeño taco covered in hot sauce. The salivary glands start firing up, as the body reacts to whatever the mind sees inside. When you get hooked in imagining something you don’t want to see, cannot accept, cannot understand or relax with, then your body continues to react in flight or fight mode each time. After a few repetitions, fearful chemical can instantly form inside your brain whenever you have that same thought pattern again.

I invite you to realize (right now) that your mind is responsible for creating all of your fears. Every terrifying heart-beating, panic-driven, life-freezing sensation you’ve ever had, came completely from your imagination. The trust is your mind is making a movie all the time. It seems very real, yet it is still just a movie inside the screen of your mind. That which is real is what never changes. The constant stream of pure white light (awareness) in the back of the cinema show. This light is what’s projecting all the images you’re seeing on the screen.

 If you want to become authentically fearless, you must take full responsibility for your inner movie show, and get in touch with what your deepest darkest fearful movie truly is. This is not just about getting over the “Nightmare on Elm Street” horror movie, yet dealing with the real fears which are blocking you from creating the life you want to live. This fearless commitment to yourself is that you will stop avoiding fear for the next 21 days of your life, and instead explore it with a childlike curiosity.

Perhaps you are afraid of intimacy, giving public speeches, great heights, insects, dogs, huge crowds, or tight elevator spaces. Take a few minutes right now and write out an extensive list of everything that makes you cringe and want to run, scream or hide. Include everything you can think of until you are empty. Take as much time as you need in making your fear list, it can be one of the most liberating things you will ever do this year.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon

After you’ve completed your fear list, take your top fear, and imagine the solution to releasing this one fear is inside that old dark cellar hidden in the backyard of your great grandparents first home. Use your imagination! You’re actually opening the creaking dusty dark cellar door right now, and seeing the long dark tunnel inside it. You have no clue how long this dark tunnel is, or when you’ll reach the end. Your inner child is curious though, and you step inside and start walking down the long passageway that happens to contain the most amazing secret treasure waiting at the end just for you!

You feel courageous though, and willing to trust in the experience of exploring your fear. No matter how frozen you may feel inside, always remember that approaching your fear is a very magical and empowering thing to do. Every fear is created from your imagination and you are always in charge of what happens, so just relax and enjoy the scary ride. You may want to rely on your inner light to guide you through the darkness and trust in the fear exploration process. This is why a deep curiosity is needed, to constantly shift you into excitement mode! The most amazing treasures in life are hiding in the last place we would think to look.

As you reach the very end of your dark passageway you see someone is sitting there meditating in front of a white candle. An odd sensation of trust comes over your body, as you feel this person is a very old familiar friend you once knew. You look into their eyes and see how extremely happy they are to meet you again! You know in your heart that this old friend is the wildest craziest fearless person you have ever known. This person is your new fearless friend, and they are here to guide you into fearlessness.

Your fearless friend has never ever felt any fear about the thing or situation that you are afraid of. They are actually deeply in LOVE with whatever it is you are afraid of, and they are actually looking forward to doing that thing which you fear! Your fearless friend seems to have a spiritual experience doing the thing you fear. Notice the tremendous joy, awe and pleasure they have on their face just thinking about doing what you fear.

You both are now back in your own cozy home, and you’re getting to know each other more personally. Sitting down with your friend on the couch, listen to their creative story about why they love doing the thing you fear. You are becoming the best of friends. This person loves hanging out with you and helping you to overcome your fear. Listen to all the fun wild and crazy stories they have. Notice how scary, exciting and liberating it is for you to hang out with your new fearless friend. Explore how they think, how they feel about life, and what their average day is like. Feel how they are naturally relaxed and at peace with whatever it is that you fear.

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

Spend lots of deep quality time interviewing your new friend. Practice stepping into their body, feeling what it’s like to be totally fearless. How do they feel getting out of bed each morning? What is their attitude about life and death? What does a fearless heart feel like? Capture as many juicy details as you can until you have a strong sense of what it’s like to feel the fearlessness that is inside their body. Experience how their body responds with joy, pleasure or deep awe whenever they are doing the thing you are afraid of doing.

The final step to this amazing exercise is where the real fearless work begins. In your real daily life, a few minutes after you wake up every morning, and just before you fall asleep every night, spend some time with your fearless friend. Do this for at least 21 days.  It may be a just few minutes each morning and evening, yet be consistent with meeting your fearless friend right before you fall asleep and right after you wake up. Give them a hug, tell them you love them, and feel what it’s like to be together every day and night.

You can even plan to meet at some common place in your dreams at night and have an imaginary cup of tea together. You can hang out all night long if you want and do tons of fun fearful things together! Be adventurous. Be creative. Get to know them intimately and engage in some deep interesting conversations with them about life. Look deep into the eyes of your fearless friend every time you meet. Feel what it’s like to live in their heart and soul. Explore the actual realness of this new found relationship, until it feels as real as how your mother and father are for you.

Every morning and evening keep practicing and practicing. Fake it until you make it! Experience what their fearless mind feels like. You may even try breathing their fearless energy into your heart and seeing how may change how your body feels. If you make the time to create a real relationship with your fearless friend every day for 21 days, something miraculous will occur. Naturally, organically you will inherit all their fearless qualities and become free from any fear you may have had. Enjoy the journey! 

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Get ready to live a totally fun and fearless life!

Jafree Ozwald

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