How to Become Best Friends With Money

How to Become Best Friends With MoneyBy Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald

What is your relationship like with money?  Are you just barely on speaking terms or are you best friends with money?  Many people have unhealthy relationships with money that hold them back from manifesting the kind of financial freedom and abundance they deserve.  Imagine for a few moments that you can see, feel and experience money as if it were a person.  If money were a person, what would they look like?  How old are they and how are you treating this person called Money?  Are you needy or demanding in any way?  Do you think, “I have to have more of you”, or “I’m never going to see enough of you?"  Or perhaps you have a fairly healthy relationship with Mr. or Ms. Money, yet you don’t really trust that they will always be abundant when you are in need of it.  Either way, its important to evaluate and get to understand your current relationship with money.

One thing to realize is that money is just an energy that can form into whatever you would like it to be.  So for now, let’s imagine that you are best friends with Money!  What would this kind of relationship look like?  One important element of being someone’s best friend is trust.  You trust that this person is going to be there for you when you need them, and that they will do whatever they can to support you.  When money is your best friend, you know that you can relax about money and know it will always be there for you.  When you can truly relax with money you’ll see that it is always supporting you no matter what occurs in your life.  This element of trust shifts your vibration and allows for more money to pour into your bank account.

Secondly, when you are best friends with someone, you truly respect, honor and appreciate them for what who they are. You don’t try to change them, and you always focus on what you appreciate about them instead of what you dislike.  See yourself now walking hand-in-hand with money.  Money is at your side, supporting you and providing for you so that you can experience the joys and growing opportunities of life… just like a best friend!  Notice how good it feels to have money as a true friend. Take a moment right now and open up your heart to a healthy abundant relationship with money.  Is it O.K. for you to really love money?  If not, see how good it feels to imagine having an abundance of it in your life.  If any negative thoughts about money come, just say “cancel, cancel, cancel”, and refocus on what a trusting healthy abundant relationship with money is like.  You can relax into knowing that the perfect amount of money will always be there for you no matter what.



You can start enjoying this new relationship with money today!!  We have created 3 Guided Money Meditations that will help you become best friends with money and attract more financial abundance into your life.  These meditations will help you release any limiting or negative beliefs you have about money, and create new empowering beliefs that will make you financially free!   Reprogram your subconscious mind at a deeper level so that you can step into this new trusting relationship with money and start attracting an abundance of wealth to you.  Experience the kind of financial intuition and knowledge that you need to trust yourself to step into this new empowering relationship with money.  Download and listen to them instantly now at this link… enjoy! 

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