How to Become Unstoppable

How to Become Unstoppable

We are off to India today for 5 weeks of spiritual exploration!  I’ll let you know personally that there were MANY things that could have stopped my wife and I from making this trip happen.  Negative thoughts, feelings, even getting the flu 2 days before we left could have prohibited us from going.  Yet, now I see that there was one unique thing that allowed us to continue.  An Unstoppable Positive Attitude!

The difference between those that succeed at manifesting their goals and those that never quit arrive is truly their attitude.  Many people give up on a goal when they encounter difficulties or obstacles.  They fall prey to the "I give up" sickness.  Begin today to adopt an unstoppable attitude.  How do you do this?   First, you proclaim each day that you are unstoppable, and that you can manifest whatever you set your mind to achieving.  Remember what you focus on is what you create.  I suggest that you state outloud the affirmation, "I am unstoppable" at least 5 times each morning when you first look in the mirror.  Secondly, instead of viewing a difficulty as a roadblock, see it as an opportunity.  How can you transform this problem into something that supports you?  Make solving the problem fun.  For instance, you could get together with some friends and do some brainstorming, you could take a walk and think about it, or you could set the intention of receiving the answer in a dream, etc..  When you are feeling blocked, remember that there is always a solution waiting to be discovered, and just allow other people to help you discover it.   Lastly and most importantly begin to ask the Universe for help. The Universe wants you to manifest your desires and is just waiting for you to ask for help.  Once you send out a strong request to the universe, your request will be answered. The universe can easily help you overcome any obstacle that you might encounter. Some of the easiest ways to send out a request to the Universe include:

– Writing a letter to the universe describing in detail what you need and thanking the universe for providing it at the end of the letter.

– Going into a mediative state and ask the universe for help.

– Affirming daily that the Universe is supporting you.  Two good affirmations to repeat are "I am completely supported by the Universe and the Universe is providing the answers I seek."  You can instantly download the greatest secrets to creating an unstoppable vibration in our 90 Day Manifesting Program at: Many blessings to you,

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