How to Break Through Resistance and Laziness

How to Break Through Resistance and Laziness Written by Jafree Ozwald Nobody has ever accomplished anything amazing in their life without hitting massive resistance and obstacles along the way.  The thicker the wall you hit, the more spectacular your experience will be breaking through it.  If you are experiencing a huge challenge in your life, this is simply an invitation to go deeper inside and step out of the comfortable velvet rut you may be in.  Every obstacle is an opportunity to evolve and make a personal breakthrough in your life.  If you keep hitting a certain block or resistance to attaining a certain desired outcome, it causes you to streamline your mind and truly focus your energy on what you want INSTEAD of what you don’t want.  The moment you consistently hold your attention on what you want, you break through your stuckness and start to experience the success you have been striving for. "I do not believe in failure.  It is not failure if you enjoyed the process." ~Oprah Winfrey Some people find that one of the most challenging experiences in life is lack of inspiration and laziness.  The energy of laziness actually stems from being overly resistant to any one negative or positive thought.  When we are in resistance mode we are simply attached to a certain thought NOT happening. For example, if you repeat internally thoughts like, "That experience is not going to happen to me" or "This experience IS going to happen to me", the energy of attachment to these thoughts builds up a resistance inside each time you repeat them.  When you try to repetitively push away from a thought, it drains your energy.  Laziness is simply caused by an over-efforting in your internal world.  The mind feels exhausted and drained when its neural pathways are always pushing away from some experience and become congested from being over stimulated.  The bombardment of information from the daily media and opinionated ego can also force your mind to retreat into a lethargic zone and necessary catharsis.  The cure for this state is to consciously remove yourself from all stimulation and completely empty out the mind.

"Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. ~Jules Renard The first step towards emptying your mind is to practice sitting still, being unfocused, and experiencing pure essence.  Depending on how much inner chatter you have built up through your life, cleaning out all of the mental and emotional clutter from your mental closets may take weeks, months, or years.  However, this new empty space is absolutely blissful when you arrive.  It is very refreshing to the soul and contains a pure potentiality that is truly energizing.  When you tap into this pure emptiness, a creative spark is re-ignited and there is a revitalized sense of excitement and genuine motivation throughout your day.

Since laziness is sending you a strong message to do nothing, then do just that!  Do nothing, absolutely nothing.  Do not even watch TV, read a book, or speak on the phone.  This is too much effort and you will not refuel your system.  Simply be completely still for 20 minutes and rest in the divine essence of your being.  Your mind will eventually slow down and discover that the greatest energy in the entire Universe lives inside it!  Truly do nothing.  Feeling like you should be doing something while you are sitting doing nothing can continue to drain your energy.  Relax and let your energy surrender and merge with everything.  You will find that true laziness is replaced by a real passion for being alive.

“You can’t imagine what a pleasure this complete laziness is to me: not a thought in my brain- you might send a ball rolling through it!”  ~ Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy The passion for being alive comes after you rest deeply inside.  Let yourself surrender to the feelings of laziness and relax through the resistance.  Don’t resist resistance, meet it directly and greet it with a smile.  It will propel you forward in an unimaginative way.  You will wake up tomorrow morning feeling totally alive and excited about taking massive action in the world, and have more fun with your life than you knew was possible!  You’ll be excited again about what you want to manifest, and will find that any actions you take feel genuinely good and not forced.  Soon you will realize that you are taking physical action in the world because you want to, and not because you have to.  As a result, your dreams will easily materialize into your world.

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Sending you much joy, energy, and excitement your way, Jafree

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