How to Choose Trust Over Fear

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How to Choose Trust Over Fear   

Written by Jafree Ozwald  

“The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love – everything disappears. One starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight. So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky.” ~Osho

In every moment, we have the golden opportunity to choose trust over fear. When we can learn how to let go of this tight grip we have on life, we immediately make a more intimate space for a closer relationship with the divine healing intelligence that abides behind everything. All of our overly fearful, doubtful and protective feelings instantly fade away when we are trusting that a Divine Intelligence is always present in our lives. A softness blossoms inside, and we regain our natural ability to relax fully into our body, and can start enjoying every detail about our present, past and future.

With deep trust we can evolve as spiritual beings, and without it we are lost. We can ascend to the point where we are trusting that every experience that life brings us is absolutely divine and perfect. Even if an experience may be painful, the greater blessing is known and felt hidden inside. A trusting heart can quietly realizes how a fear is our greatest teacher, always invoking a higher state of spiritual awareness into our future, so that we stop pretending to be these small, powerless, ego driven beings, and start living that truly amazing life we so love.

I find choosing trust over fear really comes down to worshiping our spiritual nature over our ego. It’s about a deep devotion to our real Selves, and being truly dedicated to filling up our precious time on Earth with more relaxation, appreciation and joy, instead of ego driven anxieties, demands and tension. With trust as our deepest guide, we can pierce through the ego’s veil of ignorance and perceive those life challenging people and situations with the utmost patience and appreciation. Having no resistance to fear, we flow with the great spirit of life, and know everything works itself out karmically in the very end.

This level of trust instills such a fresh enlightening perspective about life which instantly liberates the mind from all negative thinking. With trust in charge, when we hit an emotional wall of resistance or fear, we open up to it instead of shut down even further. We feel into the wall, knowing there is always a bigger spiritual lesson behind it to be learned, and looking forward to finding out what it is. This approach is what allows for a deeper state of peace to make its home inside our heart and soul.

Trust is such a powerful force that can turn the most ordinary life instantly into an extremely rich spiritual adventure. With trust we feel safe and connected with everyone we meet, and naturally are overflowing with an effervescent joy in all directions. We tend to respond to others with compassion instead of criticism, curiosity instead of impatience, and understanding instead of judgment. Every moment of life becomes a new doorway that opens up to the highest and deepest aspects of our being.

When we become more aware how trust is a choice, we discover our power to either expand or contract our experience of life in each moment. This power enables us to become the spiritual masters of our destiny. We no longer fear life, yet embrace it all. As we gain more trusting momentum, we are able to remain only in the trust vibration for longer periods of time. We understand how to skyrocket our consciousness in a matter of minutes, and eventually catapult our lives into the 5th dimensional realm of the Divine. Trust is the magical gateway to our true unlimited nature as it transcends the ego and opens the door to our most enlightened state of consciousness.

“The Self is like the screen and the world is like the pictures on it. You can see the picture only so long as there is a screen. But when the seer himself becomes the screen, only the Self remains.” – Ramana

If fear has been dominating your life, retreat! You can let it go, forgive yourself, free the others, and release whatever has happened in your past. Yes you can move on! It is not worth it to hang on to any low vibration for another day. Trust that all the trauma you received in life was given by God to wake you up from this deep sleepy dream. We are all asleep, and everyone has been caught in some dramatic perpetually self wounding victim spin cycle, taught to never to trust in life, ourselves, or anyone else again. Just let it go and remember you are still lovable, worthy and totally amazing exactly as you are. You just signed up for a massive class in spiritual growth and radical enlightened maturity.

Whatever our past life circumstances might have been, we are always given the choice how we wish to respond to them now. Every time we choose trust over fear, everyone’s heart opens a bit wider. We feel a more gentle healing heart warming energy coming in. This warm trusting heart is needed in life, for the Divine Intelligent Universe is always testing our level of awareness, checking in to see how awake we are. The test is always the same, how will we choose to respond, with more trust or fear. It might throw us a bag of super sour lemons, just to see if we know how to add some playful creative sweetness and make a pitcher of lemonade.

“To not value the gift of a human incarnation is like trading a diamond for a head of cabbage.” -Vedic Sage

It’s good to know that the opposite of fear is not love, it is trust. Yet through living a life of trust, we naturally start falling in love with everything and everyone. With 100% trust we become a love-a-holic of life, feeling naturally orgasmic about this precious opportunity we have to live, feeling completely turned on by this chance to find our spiritual path and connection. The expansive feeling in the heart can become so divinely open that every breath feels as though we are making love with the Divine. Are you ready to sign up for choosing a life devoted to always responding with trust yet?

The spiritual power we receive from the trust vibration is simply awesome. Total trust effortlessly engulfs all kinds of egoic negativity that may try to dominate any room. When a person who has 100% unshakeable trust enters any community, it’s so penetrating and contagious that everyone’s ego eventually falls into either embarrassment or humility. When this group of people all simultaneously begin choosing trust over fear, you can feel this giddy enlightening joy exponentially expanding through everyone’s lives. The group energy becomes more relaxed and at ease with their life, their future and everything as it is.

To live a life flowing with trust it’s important to understand that fear is not a bad thing, it’s just not something you want behind making any of your decisions. If you make fear based decisions in life, you will only create fear based outcomes. If you try to avoid fear or attempt to delete it completely from your life, it will sneak back in when your guard is down. Fearful thoughts are there to wake you up to invite in your biggest Self, as they are simply small contracted truths about reality. It’s like tiny grains of sand that can be so meaningless and inconsequential, unless one of them gets stuck in your eye. It is amazing how something so small can create such a huge pain.

In walking the path of fear we are living from our ego. Because the ego is always feeling either superior or inferior, we become very controlling and judgmental. Living in ego we become narrow minded, and completely unaware that we are abiding in a very small limiting truth. We know we are living from ego because we feel constantly unsatisfied, perpetually searching for the next fantastic thing or new pleasure to escape into. The ego does not know what inner peace is. It is untrusting of new things, sticking only to what is comfortable and often feels caught in needing to protect itself from our emotions and feelings. The ego is always new ways to hide or shine, because it does not trust our inner light will always be there to guide us through the darkness. 

“When there is no desire to dominate, no desire to cling, no desire to possess, the ego starts evaporating.” ~Osho

In order to always choose trust over fear, we need to take a more sensitive approach to feeling into ourselves, so we can see when we are in a state of trust of fear. You can check in any moment of your day what is going on in the area around your heart and chest. If it feels expansive and light you’re in a state of trust, and if it’s tight and heavy you’re holding onto fear. The general feeling you carry in your chest is your trust barometer to see what types of choices you’re making everyday.

When we are living each day of our lives in fear, we tend to want to control everything, and force our way through life. We tend to live in this hurry-it-up mode, rushing through each sacred experience, missing out on the small precious moments where it could have felt as heavenly angels were present. When trust does not become a natural response to life, we become afraid to make decisions, we stop taking risks, we feel stuck in some weird emotional prison, and perpetually unhappy for no reason at all. When fear is more important than trust, we feel like a failure in life. Instead of simply removing the small speck of sand from our own eye, we spend our time trying to change ourselves, others, and the outer world. Once we discover how to trust in the experience of trust, a bigger truth takes over our lives and the walls of our fearful boxed in life slowly fall away.

If you need to liberate yourself from a fearful state, you must welcome all your fears with 100% trust and remember everything is perfect exactly as it is. The Universe never makes mistakes. We simply have to accept every pile of manure as a message that we need more fertilizer.  If your life (or mind) becomes too overwhelming or challenging, simply refocus your awareness back on the biggest feeling of trust that you can remember. Dwell only on that trusting feeling for 1-2 hours and give yourself permission to stop dwelling on what you fear. In a very short time, you can find the spiritual light starts seeping back into your very soul again.

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Get ready to live a totally fun and fearless life!

Jafree Ozwald

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