How to Come Home to Your Self

By Jafree Ozwald

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it. God has created you; you cannot be improved.” –Osho

Deep inside each of us is a place we can call our true “home”. It’s a resting ground, where the world has no power to sway you in any direction. You are rooted and relaxed in a sweet sacred connection with the Divine.

When you deeply relax into your body, letting go of all the cares and worries of this world, you discover this awesome experience of coming home to your Self. You are no longer split, unable to make decisions, living in fear, or worried about anything anymore. There is a feeling and understanding that you are connecting with the God Source, each and every moment of your day.

When you let go of all your efforting to change yourself and surrender deeply to what you might call a “lightness of heart”, you soon discover a feeling of Oneness with everything. You stop fighting reality and begin merging with it. All your inner conflicts become resolved, which means there is no outer conflict anymore.

It’s good to know that the inner turmoil inside you is just the ego believing you are not 100% perfect just the way you are. It only sees what is wrong, what needs to be improved, and is relentless about its need to be right. It thinks that everything needs to change in order so that you can be happy.

The greater truth is that happiness is available no matter what your outer world looks like. It is a choice to come home to yourself. There is a Divine Intelligence behind everything and when you relax and come home to it, a state of perpetual joy finds you. This intelligence knows exactly what challenges you need in this lifetime so that you go beyond the perpetually unhappy ego.

The God Source is doing everything to push you to dive deeper within yourself so that you transcend this ego and discover the infinite aspect of your being. Whatever physical, emotional, or mental problems that you’re facing, they are all springboards to enlightenment. Each one contains the right amount of fuel to propel you into the core of your being, where you discover the most sacred source of existence.

This warm cozy nest I call your “inner home” is found by resting in your heart. This sacred heart space can only be found through total surrender to all existence. When the ego lets go, there is no room for suffering and the divine is instantly experienced.

As long as you are following thoughts like a mule chasing a carrot, believing them to be the answer to happiness, you cannot find peace. While the ego is running after the thoughts it is creating a dramatic show, and the peaceful doorway to the divine remains closed.

As long as we keep a crack in consciousness open, by being aware we are chasing something, we can stop running after the next carrot and relax instead into the heart. This is how you find 100% trust in life and the infinite well being inside you.

Then you really start to know hat the Universe never can make any mistakes. You understand that everything is exactly as it should be. Knowing bad seeing this truth your body relaxes and this sacred home is instantly within you is found.

You’ve probably heard the saying that, “home is where the heart is”. I think we could rephrase it by saying, “the heart is where our real home is”.

Just for this week, I invite you to do a little experiment. Whenever and wherever you are, whether you’re waiting in line at the store, or perhaps in stuck in traffic, or scrolling after the next endorphin carrot on your phone, let your attention rest on your heart center. Say to yourself, “This heart is my home” and relax into it for just 3 full minutes. Time yourself each day and see if you can do that and nothing else.

Don’t try to relax, just let go of everything in your head and let yourself be taken over by your heart. It is welcoming you with open arms, ready to receive all of you, even those parts you don’t approve of about yourself, these are also welcome.

Spend as much time as you can each day relaxing deeper and deeper into your heart. Don’t make it a project or some “I should do this cool exercise” out of it, just do 3 minutes whenever you can remember to. The secret here is opening up to a new experience of yourself, that is gentle, loving and filled with peace in the most intimate ways.

When the heart is fully relaxed, the lights turn on in this divine home within your being. There is no greater refuge to be found. If you wanted to find heaven on Earth, this would be it. By living from this space, there is nothing you cannot accomplish or manifest.

There is no distraction too big for you to handle. Yet, just remember that the feeling of peace within you is soooo amazing that most of your ego’s yearnings simply fade away. You will discover a source of unfathomable bliss within you that cannot be taken away by any situation or circumstances.

Resting in the heart you will end up falling in love with your Self, this world and everybody in it. You will feel like you are at home wherever you are. You will be able to live in this crazy lockdown world, yet not be impacted by it in any negative way.

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