How to Come Home to Yourself

How to Come Home to Yourself By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

Sometimes we can feel lost on this wild and mysterious path called life.  This "lostness" is part of the great game, and is an illusion.  Along this great infinite journey our soul takes, we karmically “sign up” to have these experiences of misunderstanding.  We intentionally forget our Divine Nature only to later remember it, and experience a long-waited beloved return home to ourselves.  All these lonely difficult times and unsettling feelings of course are NOT what your ego wants, yet are exactly what your soul and spirit needs to experience greater compassion and deeper understanding.  One gets to first carry a heavy load to one day lighten their burden and find enlightenment inside.  Only through consciously playing the game of being lost.. are we found. When you willingly dive DEEP into the experience you are having now, you will see you were never lost, and instantly be delivered home to experience the Divine All Powerful Being you actually are.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”  ~Andre Gide

It is only through fully surrendering and losing yourself to each experience that you can you rediscover who and what you truly are. The next time you get wrapped up in a misunderstanding, internal conflict or confrontation, immediately let go of who you think you are.  Let yourself “not know” who you are.  Drop all ideas, concepts and beliefs about who you are!  Just see directly into what is actually here now.  Observe the energy…the consciousness.  Be curious!  Perhaps you are much bigger, brighter and more amazing than you can imagine.  More wild than your previous ideas about yourself could ever contain.  This continuous releasing of ‘who you think’ you are is the first step in your life’s most ultimate journey in coming home to yourself.  

"We are free before and after liberation."  ~Celeste Walker

As a baby, you were born free from any limiting thoughts about yourself.  When you leave your body you will also be free from these thoughts.  Any beliefs you become attached to along the way simply weigh you down so that you will one day be free from them again.  Every life experience passes through when there is nobody being attached to them.  Every challenging experience you have has the soul purpose of enlightening you to the next level on your journey.  The one who chooses a life of despair, frustration and hopelessness has simply forgotten who they truly are temporarily.  Yes, everything is temporary.  Every experience will come, go and eventually fade away from memory.  This is the nature of life experiences and is how we grow, learn and evolve. 

“Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.” ~Alice M. Swaim 

The experience of coming home takes courage.  It’s a bit like what happens to the aspen tree who has to prepare to go within and endure the long cold winter.  Interestingly, the tree’s leaves climax by turning a brilliant golden color right before they are ready to die and be forever released from the tree.  The tree celebrates its life wildly right before it goes into hibernation mode so that it can turn its full energy inwards and rest internally. Coming home to yourself is a lot like opening up to the climax of your existence and turning your attention inwards to your Source where you can rest eternally.

"We are not ‘potentially God when we wake up from illusion, just as a snake mistaken for a rope is not potentially a rope” ~J.M. Koller 

If you look underground around aspen tree clusters you’ll find that they are all intertwined and deeply connected in their roots.  This “one root structure” is exactly how we are all interconnected with every human being on this planet.  When we feel separate, misunderstood and take a defensive position with others we are ignoring our essential spiritual “roots” and falling into the illusionary ego game.  When we put too much emphasis on the outer, we miss our inner world where our roots are already connected to the Divine.  This separate suffering ego trip is not a bad thing, in fact it’s absolutely necessary for us to entertain temporarily so that the journey of coming home is that much more fulfilling.  

"When the mind moves the world arises, so be Still, throw away everything, and be free.” ~H.W.L. Poonja

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