How to Create a Magical Manifesting Meditation Circle

How to Create a Magical Manifesting Meditation Circle Written By Jafree Ozwald

If you truly want to empower yourself and transform your life beyond all limitations, start your own manifesting meditation circle!  There is nothing more amazing than being surrounded by enlightening high vibrational people who are eager and devoted to raising their consciousness and manifesting vibration.  When you meet on a weekly basis there is a tremendous manifesting momentum created, which over 90 days will magnetically pull every person’s dreams into reality.  Just being committed to attending a manifesting circle causes everyone to increase in vibration, and the cohesiveness of your community to deepen.  The higher consciousness created from your group will shine upon this entire planet and help enlighten our world in miraculous ways!

"When people are truly dedicated to the Divine… there is no difference between action and prayer." ~Mother Meera

There is great power in numbers.  When you have 3 or more people gathered in a circle focusing their consciousness in one direction, it’s like concentrating the energy from the sun with a magnifying glass.  You will speed up everybody’s manifesting experience, and with the group energy behind you, it will bring dreams into reality with a sense of ease and effortlessness.  When choosing your manifesting members, we recommend looking for people who are genuine, authentic, light-hearted, open-minded, and devoted to their spiritual growth.  Invite those who excite you and also feel healing to be around.  People who engage with you in an inspirational way rather than with criticism will create more energy than lethargy in the group.  When issues come up to be healed, it will be much easier with a circle of patient, compassionate beings devoted to love and higher consciousness.    "Absence of consciousness is ego. Whenever the ego is absent, God is present." ~Osho   At the beginning of each meeting, it’s good to remind everyone of the group’s purpose which ultimately is to increase everyone’s vibration and consciousness.  It’s all about higher love, inner peace, healing feelings, expanded consciousness, and of course an unstoppable Manifesting Vibration!  This intention lays the foundation for miraculous experiences to occur for everyone, including you!  It’s also important to let people know they must to take care of their bodies during the meeting.  Meaning if they need to get up to go to the bathroom, stretch, go outside, or make a cup of tea that they just go do it!  This freedom creates the feeling of not being “imprisoned” in the circle, so that each person can explore themselves more openly and joyfully.    It’s vital that you create a sacred space for people to come to.  This can look like a small simple room with burning incense, a candle, sacred pictures/objects, and most importantly have a “talking stick” in the center.  This stick can be anything that you deem is sacred or feels empowering to you.  The candle flame is important in that it calms the mind as well as naturally clears the air of any dramatic mental/emotional energy expressed.  Now, we suggest you start the group with a “sharing circle”, which has the intention to dive deep inside and share "that which cannot be shared".  This causes people to NOT just tell a story about their day, but rather to dig deep inside for what is really going on.  Sharing serves to relieve people of their mental clutter from the day so that they can truly dive inside, connect deeply with Source, and raise everyone’s vibration and consciousness.    "To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life."  ~ Chogyam Trungpa   With the magic stick in the center, whoever picks it up is the ONLY person who gets to speak.  By allowing each person to speak without feedback allows people to truly open up, and creates the opportunity for their deeper desires to be found.  This reverent silence also serves as healing energy for the speaker and the group.  Those listening can see and feel similar issues reflected within themselves that will inspire them to share something even more revealing about what they "cannot share".  If it’s a larger manifesting group you may want a time limit for sharing.  For smaller groups it’s wonderful to offer plenty of time for everyone to share for as long as is needed.  This creates a powerful energy and intimacy between members.   "To understand the magical nature of the mind is to acquire awesome power."  ~Deepak Chopra   You can create your meetings in anyway you like, yet we’ve found that a general silent structure with some free-flowing creativity provides the perfect balance, and makes your group highly effective.  A silent format builds energy and allows everyone to find those real answers inside themselves, and eliminates the need for people to “save someone” which can cause members to feel like a powerless victim of their own life.  Share a smile with love in your eyes instead of bombarding them with unwanted advice and you’ll soon see that everyone in your group can find the answers to their life’s greatest problems inside themselves.  When others are sharing, notice how you listen to yourself and others.  This can be even more enlightening to observe than the actual data of information given.  Of course it’s always healthy to laugh, smile, and interact in a way with the speaker when you want to, yet when you close your eyes and truly focus within, its easier to see your life from a higher perspective.    "You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz   After everyone has shared, ask for a period of 15-20 minutes of silence for each person to meditate on what they MOST want to manifest in their life.  Make sure they know that it doesn’t have to be a physical "thing"; it may be an experience, a feeling, or even a situation that they want.  This is time to get crystal clear on what your desire looks like, feels like, and how it will actually show up in your life. 

Now for the super FUN part!  Each person gets a turn to pick up the talking stick and do 3-5 minutes each of Dream Dialoging.  There is an entire section of the Manifesting Manual specifically focused on how to effectively do Dream Dialoging, yet basically you get to talk about your life’s greatest fantasy (in the past tense) as if it has already occurred.  At this time anyone in the circle can jump in spontaneously with catalyzing questions that promote the speaker to share MORE details and feelings.  Short questions such as; “So what did that feel like?”, “How did you manifest that?”, and “And then what happened?” are comments that will inspire the speaker to become more animated and truly FEEL what it’s like to manifest their dream life.  This causes everyone in the group to VISUALIZE you receiving and experiencing your dream.  You’ll find that Dream Dialoging in a circle acts like rocket fuel to propel everyone’s dreams into a living reality! 

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" ~Alan Kay 

After everyone has had a chance to do Dream Dialoging, you end the group with the manifesting meditation of the week.  These powerful life changing meditations can be found in our Manifesting Manual.  There are a plethora of manifesting exercises and techniques in the Manual that will inspire everyone to increase their energy and lift their consciousness.  You can order this paperback copy online at  It’s wonderful for everyone to have their own copy to study and bring new insights to the group each week.  This will make your manifesting circle truly unstoppable!  And, if you wish to listen to the Manifesting Meditations each week, you can instantly download our super powerful audio versions at the Manifesting Meditation E-store!  This way everyone can totally relax and turn up their manifesting vibrations together!  So have fun creating your group of inspired manifesting beings this week!  Remember, that there are NO limits to what is possible.  By following the structure above, you can expect miracles to start occurring for everyone (including you) in 90 days or less!  Enjoy!

  Sending you tons of love and the highest manifesting vibrations! Jafree

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