How to Create a Super Healthy Relationship with Money

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How to Create a Super Healthy Relationship with Money  
By Jafree Ozwald 

“Our relationship to money reflects how we feel about our power to affect the world. Since money is a mirror of our consciousness, the more comfortable we are with being powerful, the more money we are likely to create in our lives.” ~Shakti Gawain

As long as you live in society, you will be creating some kind of relationship with money.  It simply happens, since money is such an integrated part of our lives, and we are deeply intimate with life, that we unknowingly have an intimate relationship with money.  It is in our attitude towards life, others and ourselves which hold the foundation for what your relationship with money will be like.  How you treat life is basically how you will treat money and how you’ll be treated by money.  You may tend to ignore it, grasp onto it, avoid it, become obsessive about it, reject it, deny it’s existence, or accept it and become a creative channel who works with it in a healthy way.  When you can understand what your current monetary relationship is all about, you have laid the first foundation to increasing your financial frequency to the next level.

One of the greatest things about money is it is limitless.  Everyday you are potentially a jackpot sweepstakes winner! There is no end to the amount of money we can give, create and receive.  Your bank will always accept the largest deposit that you can imagine, and they will be happy to add an infinite number of digits onto your account.  At our deepest core, our personal connection to money is therefore truly unlimited.  Every human being has the potential to become a gazillionaire if they deeply desired.  The only thing stopping us is the fear based feeling from the financial box we tend to live in inside our body and mind. 

Everyone is able to magnetize as much money as they can imagine because we were ALL born with natural unlimited manifesting powers. If you are human, whatever you think about is what you’ll attract and create.  We are manifesting machines that cannot be turned off.  It may seem ridiculous or miraculous, yet manifesting is as normal as the air you’re breathing and the sun shining from above.  If you consciously and continuously visualize yourself receiving large amounts of revenue, and are taking inspired actions that attract that, you will eventually create the financially freeing situation you deserve and desire.  It is just a matter of patience and persistence as to when it will manifest physically for you.

The biggest issue that most people have with money is they focus on the lack of it.  In the world of manifesting, it’s not the lack of it flowing into their bank account that’s the real issue, it’s more about a lack of creativity, courage, love and that we have forgotten how extremely powerful we are when it comes to manifesting our dreams.  The Universe is always here and listening intimately to us.  It’s tuning into what your relationship with money is right now.  It’s job is to gives you feedback as to if you’re full of abundance consciousness or stuck in poverty consciousness.  The quantum mechanics of the outer world is set to mirror what’s showing up on our inner world.

One of the fastest ways we can shift into a powerful connection with money is recognizing when we are in poverty consciousness and immediately release it.  If we tend to defend our budget, deny that we are in debt, blame the economy for our lack, or point the finger at some financial crises in the past, we are not feeling the vibration of abundance.  The truth is that how we relate to money right now always depicts what our financial future state will be.  When we live in a limiting paradigm within ourselves, not being more creative and loving with the financial choices that we’re making, we tend to remain in the same financial situation as before. When the relationship with money on the inner world changes to a state of deep gratitude and abundance, the outer manifestation very soon has to follow.

When we take the time to look intimately inside ourselves, we gain the power to create a life filled with divine unimaginable abundance and beauty. By looking inside, we reclaim our ability to shift out of any old subconscious program from childhood that may still be running.  Many of us often feel anxious, fearful, greedy or ambitious when we simply hear the word “money” or start thinking about our own finances.  As long as we have an unrelaxed relationship with money, and feel a sense of fear or lack whenever we think about it, then we’ll continue to remain caught in poverty consciousness.  When we can stop worrying and start relaxing each time we think about money, we can find our real power of truly feeling abundant and naturally capable of manifesting all the money that we desire.

“If your problem has a solution then…why worry about it? If your problem doesn’t have solution then…why worry about it?” ~ Chinese Proverb

The energetic importance around money runs deep in our western civilization.   We tend to collectively believe that people who are rich are continuously happy and free, while poor people are stuck, unhappy and truly unsatisfied.   Many believe that loads of money equates to total freedom, power, security and strength.  The intensity and prioritization that the world has placed upon money has created a deeply skewed delusion.  We have forgotten that money is here to serve us, and that we are not here to be a slave to it. Yet, as long as we are chasing after money to acquire more of it, hoping to one day have enough of it, we will miss out on truly enjoying how it’s here to serve us now.

The highest purpose of money is to help us let go of life and truly relax inside.  We can easily be generous with others, giving them plenty of our time, love, money and energy.  This is one of the greatest relationships one can adopt with money.  In order to enter this divine monetary garden, it may be helpful to know the reason money was first invented.  It was originally created as an easier means for the trading of goods and services.  You didn’t have to carry a chicken under your arm all day if you wanted to buy some bread in town, and could simply carry a few small coins in your pocket.  Money was never invented as a means to gain wealth, or define how successful or unsuccessful we are, yet is a tool to make trading things and services easier. 

When we see money as this divine middle man, a sacred bridge or effective tool that enables us to trade for the things we desire, then we can stop grasping onto it and start appreciating it’s practicality in our lives.  By being thankful for the money we do have, instead of thinking about the money we don’t have, we begin creating an appreciative relationship with money and it’s abundance begins to grow!  Through deep gratitude, we establish an even healthier relationship with money and will see how it becomes easier to manifest an abundance of it into your life.

“If only people who worry about their liabilities would think about the riches they do possess, they would stop worrying. Would you sell both your eyes for a million dollars… or your two legs… or your hearing? Add up what you do have, and you’ll find that you won’t sell them for all the gold in the world. The best things in life are yours, if you can appreciate yourself.” ~ Dale Carnegie  

As we learn and grow in life, getting to know ourselves, there comes a moment when we discover what a healthy relationship feels like.  We learn how to discern between what is serving us from what is hurting us.  We mature in our understanding naturally and learn how to trust in ourselves in the most intimate ways.  When we let this trusting intimate connection spread into how we physically interact with money, amazing things soon begin to manifest. From this courageous and trusting space, true financial freedom can be found!  All fears around money seem to simply dissolve and money becomes your true ally and intimate friend.  Once we find and create a solid trustworthy connection with the divine essence at the core of our being, then money simply becomes an energy source that enhances our lives.

It becomes evident that the more creative and inspired we can become, the more potential money can flow our way.  When this deep level of trust is merged with creativity and inspired action, it fully radiates from our inner world into our outer world.  Then, we can relax, feel supported by life, and experience the real divine abundance that is all around us and inside us.  We each hold the power to come into a deeper inner harmony with money at any moment.  We must simply allow our consciousness to expand, and feel the most abundant state is a living breathing potentiality in our future.  We must realize that all feelings of lack and poverty are saboteurs and let them go!  We must take full responsibility for our minds, realizing that the mind is the manifesting machine, creating every little thing we attract and see in our lives.

Most westernized people measure how powerful, successful and secure they are from the amount of money they have in the bank. They believe who they are is a success or a failure in life, based on how much they are making and how much is in their savings. This relationship with money is the most instable and insecure one of all, as the job or money can always be taken away from you at anytime.  Once we discover that which cannot be taken away from us, then we have found an unwavering security inside and experienced the real source of success.  Only finding that which cannot be taken away from us can we truly experience real freedom in our lives.

It’s good to know that more weakness is created the more we depend on money for a sense of freedom and security.  The more we depend on our creativity and connection to our divine manifesting nature, the more secure and truly wealthy we become. If we continue to believe that more money equals more security, we must redefine where our source of real security if we want to be free.  We must find the real truth about our power, and release this idea that loads of money equals security and success in life. Often it is this delusion that starts creating feelings of a financial prison inside the mind.  The more attachment we have to money, the more it attaches itself to us.  By simply stopping our mind and discovering the source of real security, that manifesting potential energy which never can be taken away, we can get in touch with the source of unlimited unbounded abundance which is at the root of pure creativity inside.

It may initially take a lot to redefine our relationship with money in the beginning, yet taking those first baby steps are the golden keys to allowing more abundance to enter our lives. The secret here is understanding why and how you choose to define success and security the way you do.  What does it take for you to truly feel successful and secure inside 24 hours a day?  Have you ever felt 100% secure in your relationship with money?  If not, why not?  Question yourself, and find out what do you need to say NO to, so that you can say YES to relaxing deeper in your relationship with money.  Get really curious about these questions for this is a one way ticket to liberating yourself from any financial prison you may be stuck in.

Now, it is time for you to become a more powerful manifesting money magnet than ever in your life!!  This is your big opportunity to stop defining yourself as someone who has always struggled financially.  You can reshape your subconscious mind with a new set of beliefs which will empower you to attract as much money that you want in the bank.  You can train your brain to deserve to have total financial freedom.  You don’t have to work harder in life in order to become more successful or stable. You simply can make smarter and healthier choices along the way. 

By sticking to listening to a daily money manifesting meditation you’ll naturally inspire your subconscious mind to take action that bring you more abundance and joy.  By reprogramming your brain with abundant thinking, you will increase your ability to attract more energy and consequently money into your life.  It’s time to release all the stress and strife in your life, and manifest a lifestyle that is overflowing with joy and positive energy! What the subconscious believes is ultimately what makes a person physically wealthy or poor.  The more abundant imprinting we can create on it, the more financially free you will feel.  This is an amazing opportunity to increase your ability to manifest financial and find that healing abundant relationship with money that will create a life that you love.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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