How to Create Powerful Manifesting Intentions

How to Create Powerful Manifesting Intentions

By Jafree Ozwald

I am so excited that you have chosen to start manifesting your dreams.  I am here as your guide on this journey.  Your accountability partner, here to support you in raising your vibration so that you quickly manifest your desire!   Below are a few excerpts from our book, The Manifesting Manual. Enjoy!!

What is Manifesting? Manifesting is our natural innate ability to bring a desired thought into the physical world by harnessing the power of our feelings or emotions.

How does manifesting actually work?  The energetic vibrations that you send out into the world in the form of thoughts and feelings are reflected back by the Universe to YOU, producing results that show up in your experience of reality.  The truth is that we are always creating.  What we create depends on the kind of thoughts and feelings we send out into the world.   We are like magnets.  We attract what mirrors are feelings, not just our thoughts.  So what we send out is what we get back.  For instance, when we are full of joy, gratitude, or excitement, we tend to send out high frequency energy, which in turn magnetizes back high frequency experiences – or the good stuff.  On the other hand, when we send out the energy of doubt, frustration, or fear, we tend to magnetize challenging experiences that we don’t want.    So all you need to do in order to be successful is to vibrate at a high frequency that attracts your desires.

Outline of the Four Manifesting Steps:

Step #1:  How to Create Powerful Manifesting Intentions

Step #2:  How to Raise and Maintain Your Manifesting Vibration.

Step #3:  How to Eliminate Blocks to Manifesting and Let Go of Attachment.

Step#4:  How to Take Inspired Action Steps Around Your Dreams.

What keeps you from dreaming? Many of us have stifled what we really want because of societal programming.  We become afraid to dream.  What are some of the things you heard as children about your dreams?  “Oh, he is just a day-dreamer, he always has his head in the clouds, dreams won’t put food on the table”.  Hearing this kind of programming over and over creates limiting beliefs.  What are some of the limiting beliefs that plague you when you least expect it?  Some of the limiting beliefs that we expressed in yesterday’s class included: – Money is inherently not good. – My dream is unrealistic or too big. – I don’t deserve it. – I put out an intention and don’t see the how. – I can’t hold the energy of it.  I manifest too much, too fast. – I am afraid that my dreams will manifest – fear of success.. – I fear public humiliation.  It is lonely at the top.

How do you know what you really want to create?

Noticing how you feel inside is the best way of knowing if you are focusing on something you really want to create.  Check in with your heart.  When you heart feels open, joyful, excited, about a project, than you know that this is a true desire.  A true desire makes you feel light while a fake one makes your heart feel heavy and contracted.  What you really want comes from you, and is not based on what “you don’t want”, on shoulds, or on what somebody else desires.  A true desire comes from your own source of inspiration, and is uniquely yours.

Dream Valve Meditation: You can use this exercise on your own whenever you feel the need to open up your dream valve.

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax.    Imagine that a big pink balloon is in front of you.  See yourself putting any limiting thoughts you have around dreaming in this balloon.  Now see the balloon take off, go through the ceiling, out into the sky, through the clouds, and out beyond the planet Earth way out into the Universe.  The balloon is now completely disappearing into the darkest corners of the Universe.

Opening your dream valve. Remember that your dreams come from your heart whereas goals come from your brain.  Go inside your heart.  What does your heart look like and feel like?  Inside your heart imagine a valve that you can turn on.  You can see the words “dream valve” written on it.  First look at the reading, is it set on low, medium, or high or super high?  Slowly turn up the valve so that you are letting in more and more dream energy.  Allow it to flow into your heart, see the setting slowly rise to medium then to high.  Feel what it is like this dream energy as it flows into your heart.   Feel the warmth it exudes, the excitement, the pure joy and bliss it contains.  Feel the dream energy radiate out into your body and into your mind.

Visualizing your dream.  Now that your valve is open, allow your dreams to come to your conscious mind.  Just see dreams coming towards you in the form of bubbles.  Notice that one of these bubbles seem to be bigger, and brighter than all of the rest.  This bubble contains your biggest dream right now.  Allow this one to grow even bigger and step right into it.  What is it like inside of it?  What do you notice about your surroundings?  What are you experiencing?  What are you doing?  Who is part of your dream?  How do you feel?  How does your body feel?  Notice that you and your dream are becoming one.  The dream is a part of you now.  You feel how it is to be living this dream.  When you are ready, slowly come back to the room.

Creating Your Manifesting Agenda Studies have shown that 97% of our population do not set well defined goals and write them down.  It is also noted that about 97% of people do not achieve their dreams.  Could this exact same percentage be a coincidence?  We don’t think so!!  In 1953 a study was done on the graduates of Yale University.  After they graduated only 3% had clear defined goals of what they desired.  Twenty years later in 1973 they interviewed the surviving graduates again, and found that the same 3% were worth more monetarily than the other entire 97% combined!  This 3% also reported that they were happier in their relationships and overall healthier than the other 97%.  So do you want to settle for a mediocre life like the 97% OR map out your dreams by writing down your goals?  The objective of this exercise is to get SUPER specific about what you WANT and WHEN you want it!  Who do you want to BE?  What do you want to be DOING?  What do you want to EXPERIENCE?  What do you want to HAVE manifested? You are a powerful manifestor so be careful what you write down!  Your desire is 1000 times more likely to manifest just by doing this exercise.

Create S.M.A.R.T. goals which are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reaching, and on a Timetable!

Specific and Measurable Goals:  When goals are specific and measurable, you will get measurable specific results.  Even if they are not exactly what you asked for, you are still receiving detailed feedback from the Universe about where to direct the sails, instead of continuing to drift being lost at sea.  Vague goals produce vague results, and specific goals produce specific results.

Actionable Goals:  It’s important that the goal you create is something that you personally can take action upon.  Avoid at all costs goals that are dependant upon other people’s actions, integrity and behavior.  For instance, you would not include a goal like, “My husband has made $100,000 this year, I am financially free!”  Do you notice how little power you have in your life with this kind of goal?  Actionable goals are based on you taking pro-active steps towards achieving your dreams.

Reaching Goals:  You want a goal that makes you reach for something greater in life.  If a goal does not cause you to stretch past your comfort zone, it might as well be called a chore.  Bigger goals are about bigger challenges, yet also result in greater feelings of success. Smaller goals are easier challenges, and create less feelings of success.  There is no such thing as a goal that is TOO BIG.  There are only unrealistic expectations about the amount of time it will take to achieve it.  Make your goals as big as you can dream, yet give yourself ample time to get there.  You can achieve ANYTHING with enough time, commitment and creativity.

Timetable Goals:  Always put the DATE and YEAR next to when you want to manifest your goal.  A goal without a time agenda is like baking bread without yeast.  It comes out pretty flat, hard and there’s not much activity going on inside.   If it is a really short term goal include the actual hour of the day it will be manifested by.  Sometimes we are amazed at how accurate and attentive the Universe is when we set an exact time with a solid intention.

You can also write next to it “or something better” to let the Universe guide your timing.   It is great to have an attitude of detachment with this, and to think or say something like, “It’s great if the Universe has other plans.”

Sometimes, the ego might think “I don’t see how this is going to manifest.   Just say to yourself, “My role is to set the Intention and let the Universe figure out how.“  Then, take the inspired actions that come to me through the Universe.

It is important that you ONLY write down goals that produce feelings of exhilaration and deep satisfaction. You will know a goal is right for you when it creates a BUZZ in your body each time you think about it!  If your goal is too small it is not going to be very risk-worthy and will make you think you are not an amazing all-powerful manifestor.   Make sure to write your goal in the past tense.  This gives you a feeling of having already accomplished it.  Read them out-loud and see how you feel!

In the list of 8 life arenas below, which areas do you want to see the most improvement in your life?  Pick at least 3 of these categories and use them for EACH of the 3 time zones below.  Prioritize your goals by defining which of the 8 areas are most important to you and write those goals down first.

1. Physical Health (Exercise, Diet/Food, Free from Toxic Substances) 2. Emotional Health (Daily Positive Attitude, Good Feelings, Worthiness) 3. Mental Health (Visualization, Habitual Thoughts, Affirmations) 4. Spiritual Connection (Meditation, Prayer Times, Inner Peace level) 5. Relationships (Intimate, Family, Friends, at Work) 6. Career (Daily Actions, Location, Level of Satisfaction) 7. Finances (Income per month, Savings, Passive Income Streams) 8. Personal (Education, Recreation, Travel, other FUN stuff)

My Manifesting Agenda:

30 days from now:

6 months:

1 Year from now:

Create A Manifesting Dream Board (excerpt from page 19 of chapter 2). A Dream Board is an amazing tool to design the roadmap to your dreams and keep your attention focused on exactly what you want to manifest!  Your Manifesting Dream Board contains cut outs of pictures, words, scenes and things you want to experience or manifest that are glued to a large piece of cardboard.  The purpose of your board is to continually resurface your visual and kinesthetic ideas of what you want in your life.  The more you can hold your attention on what you want, the faster it manifests!

To start, find some magazines, newspapers, or advertisements and cut out at least 50 to 75 pictures (and words) that represent the goals and dreams on your Manifesting Agenda.   We recommend surfing for the images you cannot find anywhere and printing them out.  Lay them onto your blank board which is approximately. 3 ft X 3 ft or whatever size works for you.  This is a colorfully alive representation of what your dream life will be like!

The color you choose for this background is somewhat important yet not so critical that you delay this project another moment.  White is for purity and clarification, green is for nature and healing, blue is for relaxation and emotional healing, yellow is for money and power, pink is also very healing, red is for love and passion, and purple is for spiritual wisdom.

Next step is to glue all the pictures and words you want to manifest all over your board!   Make sure you paste a photo of yourself in a very special place next to a picture of a high spiritual being on that you love to bless your dreams.   Create a relationship corner, money corner, career corner, health corner, travel section and a spiritual area.  You can create any category you wish, yet for the subconscious mind it is good to have your general dream themes in specific organized areas.  The MOST important thing is that you paste the #1 thing you MOST want to manifest in the middle of the board!

Make sure between your pictures you paste in (or write) words that represent what you want.  Choose words that are empowering like the words Peace, Harmony, Bliss, Love, Confidence, Wealth, Abundance, Happiness etc… It is best to write print them out on your computer with your favorite font style or write them very big and clearly with a thick pen!   The more honest you are about what you need and want, the better your Dream Board will work for you.

The key to activating your Manifesting Dream Board is to post it some place where you will look at it everyday.  The more often you meditate on it, the more aligned you become with manifesting your dreams.

You have four weeks to complete this dream board.  I will ask people to share their progress as we go.  This week, start by getting a poster board and start cutting out photos or pictures.

Fieldwork: a. Share your dream and your goals with your accountability partner on a live phone conversation if possible. b. Complete your Manifesting Agenda and send it to your accountability partner.  c. Start to design your dream board.

Again, I am super excited about supporting you in making your dreams a reality!

Download the entire Super Manifesting Experience at:

Happy Manifesting!






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