How to Discover Your Divine Magnificence

How to Discover Your Divine MagnificenceBy Jafree Ozwald What if…you are absolutely and utterly amazing?  From the smallest cell in your body to the most elaborate computer in the world (your brain) just your body is truly a magnificent piece of work.  Yet it doesn’t stop with the physical body, your mind is even more amazing!!  It can project ANY idea it wants to and create it in the outer world!  Just by simply focusing and imagining it, you can invent anything!  The truth is that you have always been and will always be a divinely magnificent being because the Divine energy that permeates everything in this world is also within you. By definition, you are the Divine itself, even with all of your seeming "imperfections". Just because your mind does not always agree to see yourself as magnificent does not mean that it does not exist.   At the core of your being you are like a brilliant Sun that can illuminate the entire cosmos.  You can shed light onto everyone you encounter.  Perhaps at some point in your life’s journey you decided you weren’t bright and full of light, and turned away from looking at this powerful magnificent spiritual essence inside.  That’s the whole point with choosing limiting thoughts, you can close the shudders and completely block out the light.  Yet no matter how many blinders you pull down, you cannot turn off the Sun and your true radiance.  Perhaps it’s time that you open up the shades and throw away your curtains?  Look within and reconnect with that brilliance that is always radiating at the center of your being. To unveil your magnificence for once and all means to stop listening to the trashy thoughts that your mind regurgitates.  Your mind may be deeply programmed with negative thoughts from the past.  It only knows how to send you those worried, panicky, and fear based ideas.  It’s like having your TV tuned ONLY to horror movies 24 hours a day.  If your mind is sending you thoughts based on an old T.V station that you selected years ago while you were unconscious and sleep walking through life, its time to change the channel.  You have already begun to awaken and perceive the bigger truth of reality.  You can change the channel today, or better yet turn off the T.V.!!  This will unveil the beauty of your Divine Magnificence inside.   Just take 5 minutes a day to relax and focus on the brilliant sun shining within you.  Relax into the warmth of your heart and being.  Make the commitment to stop paying attention to the garbage of the mind and refocus instead onto your true infinite nature.  It is a much better use of your time.  You will be amazed at what you discover!  So right now gently focus your awareness onto your heart.  The Sun may be too powerful to visualize in there at first, so let’s start with imagining that your heart is a small burning flame of light.  It only takes a candle to light up a dark room.  So let the light from the candle in your heart radiate throughout your body and reach every place of darkness inside.  Illuminate every crack and crevice in your body; surround yourself with an aura of light all day long!  Don’t let this light burn out for at least 4 days!   It will grow the longer you can do this exercise…

As you focus on the flame in your heart and relax into its light and perfection, breathe!  If your thoughts stray to the old ego channel, gentle acknowledge this and refocus back on your light in your heart.  This little flame will remind you that YOU are Divine and a brilliant being of light at the very core. Discover this and turn off you worry channel, doubt channel, and fear channel!  Feel this little light inside you!  You can feel absolutely light and free just with the smallest of flame inside.  We invite you to also choose to focus on how incredible it is to be alive at this time on the planet.  It is a time when many many people are realizing their divine nature.

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Many Blessings to you!
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