How to Dream Dialog your Destiny

How to Dream Dialog your DestinyBy Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

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"The energy born of love is creative – it makes everything it touches new.  To see how passionate you are, look around at what you have created."  ~Deepak Chopra

A Dream Dialog is a conversation with someone (or yourself) out loud where you talk about what you most want to manifest as if it has already happened.  You speak about your dream coming true in the PAST TENSE while letting in authentic feelings of EXCITEMENT, RELIEF and JOY!  We practiced this before we manifested our hot tub spa.  Many times we laughed and had so much fun saying to each other, "It is sooooo wonderful sitting in this warm, bubbling therapeutic water, looking up at the stars at night!  I just LOVE the feeling of these powerful jets massaging my back and feet!  It was sooooo easy to save the money for this and pay for it in cash!"  After several dream dialoging sessions with each other we stopped and thought it was too silly to just work like that.  However, in a few months we were sitting in our own hot tub that was completely paid for.

Dream Dialoging is the science of harnessing your imagination to act and feel as if you have already accomplished your dream.  You can manifest anything.  Your ideal relationship, the perfect job, a great body, anything you can dream of you can manifest.  The basic principle is that dialoging creates an energetic blueprint in your body that magnetizes your dreams into physical reality.  The more you can feel how you actually achieved your goal in your body, the easier it is for you to receive it. 

Practicing your Dream Dialog is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest your dreams.  Several of our personal clients rant and rave about how quickly Dream Dialoging has helped them manifest their heart’s desires.  After just a few weeks of acting out their Dream Dialog, they manifested phone calls from Hollywood Producers, sold a house in 10 days that had been on the market for three months, and even made $70,000 in one day!

3 Ingredients to an Effective Dream Dialog

1.  Work with a Partner or Team. Dialoging with a friend, spouse, neighbor, or several colleagues is much more powerful than dialoging alone.  Train your partner on how to communicate with you and how to ask you the appropriate questions.  These questions elicit detail from the Dream Dialog such as, "And then what happened?", "So how did that feel for you?", "How exciting! Tell me more!", and "Who was with you?"  A dream dialog with two or three other people becomes a conversation where everyone’s fantasies come true.  You can also use an imaginary partner if a physical one is not available.

2. Speak out loud.  From the time you were a small child, you have been conditioned through the words that you say.  Every word you verbalize acts like a megaphone making announcements to your body.  When you say out loud, "I just manifested $5000", the words are magnified into every cell in your body, and you automatically switch into excitement mode.  Also, speaking out loud keeps you from getting old thinking patterns, which your mind often whispers to you internally, caught up in your head. 

3. Talk about how you feel.  It is vital to tap into your emotional body and project feelings into your voice as you act out your Dream Dialog.  The most effective way to do this is to proclaim how you are feeling.  Saying, "I felt so rich spending that $5000!" will trigger any hidden emotions around letting in abundance.  Be specific about what you are feeling as you are dialoging.  For instance, you might say, "I felt so free and exotic when I purchased tickets for my round-the-world tour. " 

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