How to Enlighten Your Life Instantly

How to Enlighten Your Life Instantly
By Jafree Ozwald

For the next 48 hours, I invite you to let your mind ponder about one simple concept.  Dwell on the idea that “Everything is an emanation of your mind”.  Yes, everything is either a projection, perception or interpretation of reality within your mind.  Meditating on this one simple truth will liberate you completely.  If you can dwell on this thought and hold onto it for even a few minutes, you’ll feel lighter, freer and clearer throughout your day.  By abiding in this understanding for the next 48 hours, you will begin living a life that is empowered, awakened and more enlightened.  You can liberate yourself from all your suffering by exploring this experience and assimilating it into each day.  As you enlighten yourself, its good to realize that you are also helping to enlighten everyone else on the planet.

“When one’s own true nature is known, then there is being without beginning and end. It is unbroken awareness bliss.”  ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

After you have allowed this idea to sink in deeply, explore this next experience. No matter what is happening in your outer world, in the media, in your family, conversations at work, etc….it is ALL happening for one specific reason.  To wake you up so that you accept, honor and remember the fact that You Are a Divine All-Powerful Conscious Manifesting Being.  This means that whatever you focus your attention on, is what will manifest into your world.  If you focus on thoughts that make you happy, empowered, abundant and free, you will attract the people and situations that mirror that back to you.  You are much more powerful than you realize, it’s all about owning your power and surrendering to this secret understanding.

You are here to know yourself as a divine being with the power to manifest anything.  When you discover there is an unlimited source of love, lightness, compassion inside you, you’ll find your real mission here.  Even though the society around you may be completely unaware of this profound truth and be triggered by the thought of it, don’t let that stop you from opening up to it.  They simply are afraid of being responsible for their real power.  Don’t push this idea on anyone, for they may not yet be ripe or ready to receive it.  Humans have been asleep to this understanding for soooo many centuries that they may need something quite radical and monumental to shake them from this deep slumber.  The time will come when their soul will be ready, so don’t bother them, just focus on you owning this for you!

“Remain in wonder if you want the mysteries to open up for you. Answers are dangerous, they kill your wonder.” ” ~ Osho

It’s good to know that the God Source is always on your side.  What I mean by this is that all your emotional, instable, judgmental, painful, and personally challenging experiences that you’re having are the fertilizer for your soul’s growth.  Each challenge pushes you deeper inside so you develop the gift to overcome it and find your life purpose.  Your problems stretch you, expand your boundaries of who you think you are, so that you dive deeper inside than ever before. Whenever something of this world frightens you, instantly trust this experience is a gift from Grace to help step up your vibration and consciousness.  Use everything to help you wake up and realize this divine truth today.

We are all deeply interconnected beings on this planet.  When enough people are living from their highest most enlightened state of mind, we will manifest true world peace.  Imagine that all 7 billion people on Earth have found inner peace within themselves right now.  See everyone shifting into a more trusting, relaxed, peaceful, caring and joyful way of being.  Our thoughts are very powerful, and when we focus them in the right direction miracles begin to occur.  When enough people are operating from this elevated consciousness all day long, it will exponentially spread throughout the minds and we will see peace pervade through every heart on the entire planet! 

“Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary.” ~ Osho

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Much love to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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