How to Experience the Bliss of Samadhi!

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“You wander restlessly from forest to forest while the Reality is within your own dwelling. The Truth is here! Until you have found God in your own Soul, the whole world will seem meaningless to you.” ~Kabir

Are you ready for a powerful spiritual experience that will transform your entire life?  Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means “the bliss from transcending the mind”. It is what every human being on the planet is longing to find, and when they do it changes the entire game.

Samadhi is a state of being present to the perfect consciousness within your body mind and soul. This awakening of awareness creates a “clear seeing” that recognizes the Divine within yourself, in everyone you meet.  Samadhi is unique from other paths on the spiritual quest in that it goes directly to the Source of pure consciousness and ends there.  There’s no other goal. The heart of God/Divinity is pure consciousness and the discovery of it inside you is the highest spiritual experience you can have.

The state of Samadhi is the most profound spiritual experience of life. Each moment is an exploration of Divinity. Even with in the most ordinary experiences you’ll find deep joy, expansive feelings in your darkness, a ever pervasive feeling of lightness, love, and constant connection to the Divine.

Samadhi is the first step towards enlightenment. It is the opening you up to your most enlightened self who is free from worry, fear and any attachment to this world. One small taste of seawater is all one needs to know what’s inside the entire Ocean.

One who is living their life tasting Samadhi Consciousness feels only love, oneness, and peace within every experience they have.  When you receive your first taste of Samadhi there is a complete letting go of ones identity. You have a deep knowing that all is one, and that “oneness” is at the core of who you are.

“Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, But of making the darkness conscious! ” ~ Carl Jung

In Samadhi, there is such a tremendous feeling of bliss because there is truly no mind, no ego, and inner judge present. There of course are thoughts that pass through the mind, yet you are no longer identify or cling onto any of them. You simply are aware of the Truth, that you are the awareness watching the thoughts go by.

In Samadhi you realize you are the One and there’s no separation from the God Source anymore. That separation is only another thought of course, that leads one down the road of more delusion and suffering. When you have entered the state of Samadhi you discover a deep personal, intimate connection with the Divine. You meet God within yourself and others, and as well within living and inanimate object you meet.

There are non problems anymore. What you see within others is only within yourself, and this mirror is easily seen. You have transcended the ego, made friends with it you might say, and live only from the purest connection to Consciousness.  In this connection you are at peace with everyone in the Universe on every level.

In Samadhi you experience an eternally expanding realization that this world and your ego is not real, and that the real you (the soul, spirit and divine essence) is who you truly are and will never die.

To reach Samadhi, it takes a profound state of constant deep surrender to the Divine. By relaxing into each and every experience you’ll discover the pure consciousness that is not attached to any thought, feeling, or idea.  By surrendering to this consciousness you will eventually arrive at a state of bliss.

I (Jafree) had been in meditation for many months in India before I spontaneously experienced my first taste of Samadhi. The experience was so profound that I had to return to India in 1996 to join an intense 6 week meditation retreat to get another taste of it again!  This time I discovered I had the ability to connect with the elements and the animals in the most magical and powerful ways.

I remember it was a very sunny blue sky day, and I decided to lie down on top of a roof in a man’s home in Bodhgaya.  Staring at a few puffy clouds floating in the distance, I asked the clouds if they would form a donut around the Sun.  I closed my eyes and relaxed into this one-pointed focus of my attention on this thought, and within 10-15 minutes there was a perfectly shaped donut right around the sun!

Whatever I wanted to create or manifest, happened! It was amazing. I could feel a divine connection with everything.  I went across the street to a cafe and in the adjacent field saw a lonely cow hundreds of meters away.  I asked this one cow to come visit me and within a short time she was 2 feet away looking me in the eyes.  Life is truly amazing in Samadhi consciousness. Anything is truly possible in this divine spiritually enlightened connection when we realize that WE ARE ONE with the Universe.

“You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Samadhi can happen to anyone who is devoted to finding the Truth of who they really are.  The divine spiritual essence is within you now in this moment.  The mind however can be very addicted to patterns of seeing yourself and the world, and may require the focus of a Guru, spiritual teacher, and/or deep inner devotion to self-inquiry to unravel itself and find this permanent state of freedom. The untrained mind is like a wild caged animal who is unable to trust, relax and remain at peace for even 10 seconds.

In Samadhi Consciousness the mind is trained to be here now, so there is no mind chatter.  Your mind is completely at ease with life, fully in the present moment, and truly free from worry and concern.  Problems from your past become illusory issues which you realize you were always free from the appearance of their grasp.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive! And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are truly alive.” ~Harold Whitman

In Samadhi consciousness you are so completely free, and unlimited that all things are possible to you. It’s not just that they “seem” possible, they ARE possible. Your mind-body’s vibration is so high that your ability to manifest is truly unstoppable. The wildest thing is that this ever-expanding state of bliss is available within you right now.  If you are open to exploring what this magical state is like, the guided meditation below will take you on a journey to drop through the mind chatter so that you may get a taste of this highest state of consciousness.

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