How to Find Freedom from The Mind

How to Find Freedom from The MindBy Jafree Ozwald

The mind is always thinking.  It’s always planning and pretending, hoping and wishing, pondering and scheming, dreaming and learning, and yearning for more.  Basically, 99% of the time it’s set to capturing data mode.  It tries to make sense of the data it collects, and then applies this data to your life. The mind is indeed an awe-inspiring over and under-analyzing machine.  It spends its time thinking about what’s going to happen next, and what has just happened.  The mind is truly amazing if you think about it!   =)

The really interesting thing about the mind is that it only exists in the past or the future… yesterday and tomorrow.  The mind simply cannot exist in the Now.  I dare you to try to keep it here in the now.  Forwards and backwards in time it goes, searching high and low,  all day long, all year long, all lifetime long.  Now you know why you may be soooo tired at the end of the day.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were free from your mind?  What would ONE day feel like if you were totally at peace with it?  Imagine that you were able to hear the beauty of what the mind is really saying without getting caught in its drama and trauma.  It is truly freeing to know what direction your mind is heading in and to be able to trust that it is leading you into greater feelings of freedom!  Can you imagine being free for 5 minutes from your thoughts, ideas, future actions and expected results?  If you can imagine this, freedom will follow.

To find freedom in life, the mind has to get out of your way.  Freedom is readily available when you turn inwards towards the divine spirit that you are.  Relax and bask in the light of this eternal, peaceful experience of pure being.  Once you realize that this is not so bad and that this mind chatter just makes life nutty, you begin to awaken.  You realize that you are not your mind, nor your thoughts, nor your emotions,  nor your body.  The silence between each thought becomes profound and meaningful.  In this space of silence, you will find total freedom.  The mind cannot exist in silence.  The mind cannot exist in the now. If you want to rid yourself of the constant struggle and negative emotions in your life, dive into this silence.  Once this silence is discovered, the mind lets go and relaxes.  You have found the foundation of your very being.  Once we confine ourselves to this ever-present moment, we are instantly healed and enlightened!

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