How to Find Peace in a Changing World

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How to Find Peace in a Changing World
 Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Don’t seek perfection in a changing world. Instead, perfect your love.” -The Buddha

The world around us is a living sea of impermanence. This thought is quite scary to some, while super exciting to others. Either attitude you choose, you cannot escape from this ocean of intelligent energy that is constantly moving and shifting all around you and inside you. Everything and everyone on this planet is impermanent, and is going to change. The way in which you deal with this truth determines how happy and peaceful you will feel in the near future.

When we embrace change as the ‘spice of life’, meeting it everyday with reverence and gratitude, we can live fully in this world while abiding in a constant state of joy. We not only can have total acceptance that everything and everyone in our lives is going to change, we can look forward to it! We can celebrate ahead of time the new house, job, baby, partner, body, attitude and lifestyle that is already headed our way. We can trust the Universe already knows what’s best for our souls evolution, and trust ourselves to manifest the experiences we most need to have. Knowing this, we can rest in faith that the most amazing life is coming up ahead. The big question to ask yourself is how open and willing are you to receiving it?

If you’ve ever taken a good long look inside your mind, you’ll see there is a great river of thoughts streaming into eternity, and is pulling you along with its perpetually creative flow. For everyone beginning on their conscious joyride through life, there are thoughts of doubt and fear, as well as thoughts of trust and appreciation about what we want to manifest. This is normal as the mind is taught to swing between these extremes on its own accord. There is such an enormous momentum behind this pendulum swing, that it would take something quite massive or miraculous to stop it. The only thing one can do is sit back, smile and laugh when the pendulum moves to an extreme. We can train ourselves to relax when it swings into trust and joy, and breathe deeper when it swings back into doubt and fear. This allows you to open more fully to life, and welcome the most divine experiences headed your way.

Now the more practice you have with watching the pendulum swing, knowing it will soon move in another direction, the easier it becomes to relax and trust the process. There is some subtle satisfaction each time you sense a little movement, as you know the rollercoaster ride you’re now on is about to send you into another thrill. With great awareness there comes a point when there is no resistance or need to control the ride at all, and you surrender completely to every pendulum experience passing through. It is in this deepest surrender that you come to realize a profound feeling of inner peace is avsilable inside you at all times in this changing world. Your surrender serves you to be the master of your existence, allowing you to fully experience the totality and freedom of each swinging movement, welcoming life’s pendulum on the most intimate levels.

“Be humble because you are made of the earth, be noble because you are made of the stars.” – Unknown

If you have ever sat next to the ocean, you’ve felt how the waves are always flowing in and out. There is an eternal flow that is deeply calming to see. You can easily understand how each waves depend on the previous wave to exist. The ocean’s inhale cannot exist without its exhale. The same goes with your experience of trusting in life and doubting in life, one cannot exist without the other. When we accept this fact, we stop clinging to trust and let go of resisting doubt. We can experience a deeper let go, and know that in a short time things will shift and the temporary waves of emotion we are currently experiencing will soon change.

What I find interesting about the ocean is that even though we can see this obvious surface movement in the waves, there is also this slower deeper not so noticable push and pull of the tide. The ocean of deeper emotions and patterns we think are stagnant inside us are as well in a perpetual flow and movement. The idea that we are stuck in an emotional pattern is game the mind is playing with itself. We only believe we are stuck because the deeper shift is simply too long and slow for us to see at the surface. We simply need to adjust our vision to having patient eyes that are willing to wait in the witnessing state for an eternity. With the eternal witnesser behind your eyes, you can soon see how the tide of life is already taking your life in a completely new direction.

Again, everything in this world is going to change. Nothing superficial or deep inside us can ever remain stagnant. We can see how these surface and deeper energies are in constant motion in our relationships with people. People are made of 70% water and are always in movement, constantly, growing, aging, evolving, even if we don’t think they are. Every relationship in our lives today is going to change, and is not going to be the same tomorrow. The person that we’ve known the past year or 25 years is not the same person we knew yesterday. Once we start wearing these ‘life changing glasses’ we will begin to see more clearly the subtle shifts that are constantly happening.

Once we release the idea of who we think others are, we give permission to ourselves as well to change and be more free to embrace how we are changing. When we stop trying to change others and just trust the divine cosmic flow is taking perfectly good care of everyone, we can let go of how we think life ‘should be’ at any given moment and practice loving everyone for who they are and where they are at in their journey. When we can respect the Universe is ultimately in charge of all outer change in people, we can enjoy the inner changes which we are here to explore in our souls evolutionary process. It becomes extremely enjoyable to abide in a state of trusting life, and almost orgasmic to let go of what we thinks is best for another being.

“Let peace and stillness flood through you and envelop you completely in its cloak. Become like an empty vessel ready to be filled with life’s nectar.” ~Eileen Caddy

In reality, we truly have no clue what another soul deeply needs in each new moment. Its vastly more important to figure out what our own soul needs rather than somebody else’s needs. Some souls may actually require more pain to spiritually awaken, while others simply need to relax and let in more pleasure. It’s completely arrogant and foolish for anyone to think they know what’s best for us, and so why should we know what’s best for them. We simply need to make room for everyone to become anything or anyone they want to be in any moment. If its real love and freedom you want in this lifetime, then its real love and freedom you must give. It’s in the freedom that you give to others which in the end, allows you to truly feel more free.

The greatest suffering we incur upon ourselves will always come from one simple thing. Believing in the illusion that something is permanent and is never going to change. The only real security we can find on this journey comes from joyfully embracing that change will continue forever and ever and ever. When we can rest and relax inside this eternal law, we can accept the fact that change is the constant reliable norm, and find true security and inner peace knowing nothing is ever going to be the same. It is within this eternal law thay we can rest deeply in our inner most being, finding real peace as we float along this flowing river. We can relax about what happened yesterday, knowing it is only a memory, and what’s more amazing are the fresh new enlightening experiences potentially headed your way today.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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