How to Find the “I” in the Hurricane

How to Find the "I" in the HurricaneWritten by Jafree Ozwald & Margot "The miracle is that as you awaken, so too, does the whole Universe." ~Pir Vilayat

Life is such a radical and transformational ride.  It can get sooo crazy that at times it may seem like we are caught in a hurricane.  We can experience such an intense whirlwind of opposing thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences that we can get thrown into a dizzy confusing circle.  The mind has to process so much e-motional information given to us through our relationships, finances, career choices, and family that the responsibility of juggling all of these at once can make an ordinary day seem like a cyclone.  The good news is that this "hurricane-like-lifestyle" only happens to us when we are overly-attached to the outer world.

"Your real life is your Inner Life. To live life to its fullest, go inside. Everything you want awaits you there." ~Jeru Kabbal

One of the greatest things about this dynamic and unpredictable Universe is that it’s always filled with paradoxes.  One moment we may deeply be in love with our soul mate, while the next moment we can barely understand them.  Life will always provide us with opposite experiences that stretch us like salt-water taffy so that we may grow, mature, and eventually come to rest in the deeper infinite core of our being.  The beautiful thing about these "stretches" is that it forces us to dive deeper inside of ourselves, and find peace within.  When we finally retreat into the center of our being and ask who we truly are, the constant spinning wheel of thoughts comes to a complete stop.  The stillness moves you out of living life up in your head, and allows you to experience it from the body, heart, and soul.

"Stillness is the greatest achievement one can have in life."  ~Papaji

Science has known for decades that at the very core of every hurricane is something called the eye of the storm where everything is truly peaceful, calm and tranquil.  At the very innermost center there is a pinpoint of peace which the whole wild spinning storm revolves around.  There is true stillness here.  When you dive into the very center of the hurricane you’re experiencing inside your body, mind and life, you will find stillness also.  In that stillness you will find the "I" that is your true enlightened divine intelligent Self.  This "I am" experience is very easy to find in the stillness.  In fact when you are 100% present, it will find you!  Yet, you must dive fully and directly into the core of the cyclone, other wise you’ll get caught in the periphery again.  Trust yourself.  There is indeed something deeper inside you that is more healing, inspiring, and satisfying than anything you have ever imagined. 

"While we think that our circumstances are the cause of our frustration, the real source lies in not being aware of our higher self."   ~Pir Vilayat

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