How to Find Total Freedom in this Life

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How to Find Total Freedom in this Life 

Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu 

The exploration of, “Who am I?” is one of the most powerful, life transforming questions we can sit with. It is infinitely deep, always changing, and takes you on an inner journey that will provide spiritual sustenance throughout your entire life. The question is revealing and deceiving at the same time, because it has no solid real answer to it. We think we have found the answer one week, and then something new happens where we must admit there is yet another part of ourselves we didn’t previously see. The path of self-enquiry is endless, mysterious, and is a method to find true meaning, healing, and freedom in this life.

We are all seeking some form of liberation in this world, because we have created a prison around ourselves to break free from. The prison is all in the mind. Once we understand what the walls of our inner jail are made of belief systems and thought structures, we can dig our way out. The seemingly solid bars around us are ephemeral mental/emotional patterns that define who we are, and what we are not. The good news is that these personal beliefs formed about ourselves are highly malleable, and will change when we are willing to see them for what they are.

Our beliefs are powerful.  They extend an imposed version of reality out into the world, forming an imaginary construct upon the blank canvas of the Universe, molding the all intelligent creative energy that surrounds us and is then reflected back to us. The reality we see each day shows up in type of emotional sunglasses we are wearing. Our personal belief systems create a certain filter, giving life a specific texture, shade and continuity to color how we see everything in our world, as well as the end of the day experience of who we are.

To unravel oneself is one of the most amazing juicy explorations we can have in life. It’s a process of perceiving, accepting, honoring and releasing each belief we hold about ourselves to be true and not so true. If you stop to think about what beliefs you have about you, you might start wondering, “where did this belief about myself come from?” How does it happen that we start defining who we are, and who we are not? Why do we believe these thoughts about ourselves, even if they are not serving us and enslaving us? These are questions I invite you to sit with and see where they lead you. Remember, its a perpetual unwrapping of the infinite mystery, and the answers are not as important as to what the question awakens within your consciousness.

To perpetually drop into the root of ones core source of consciousness is the final goal of this journey. It’s not a one time shot, yet a continual and eternal falling and rising into the ecstasy of your being. Your soul is always here, awaiting for you to accept its presence at the core of you.  It is ready to receive you, love you, serve you, and create the most miraculous manifestations for you. Simply surrendering to your core experience of yourself for even 5 long deep breaths can be enough to tap into it.  This soul touching experience allows all your best traits and love to shine forth, upon the lives of everyone around you all day long.

“The normal self is the mind. The mind is with limitations. But pure Consciousness is beyond limitations, and is reached by investigation into the “I.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Initially, intentionally discovering the source of your being is not always an easy task, as the ego is very strong.  The prison walls of the mind are thick, and doesn’t believe we always have access to an infinite source of bliss all the time.  The ego becomes very embarrassed, ashamed and feels stupid for missing this, and thus feels that there must be some massive mountain to climb and overcome to reach heaven here now.

Yet, the more we struggle and let the mind run the show, the stronger and more real the ego and it’s fabricated system of beliefs becomes. We must dig deeper inside to find the real path to freedom, which is super magical, amazingly powerful and able to walk right through these prison walls. All the beliefs of the mind must be pierced all the way through if we are ever to find liberation from its imposing structure. We must see and experience each specific belief for what it is, merge with it, and dissolve into it until there is nothing left of the belief or ourselves.

When it comes down to it, the experience of finding freedom from the ego is actually quite simple. It’s all about opening up to the most relaxed and non-efforting approach to life you can imagine. We must surrender all efforting if we truly want to arrive.  It is only through trusting in this deep sweet let go that we find the timeless, spacious, vastly deep connection with the Divine. When we finally give up our inner battle, we realize how futile all of our past efforts have been, and what little power our belief system actually has over us. When we discover how deeply cherished and lovable we truly are, we stop being consumed with the outer and fall into the infinite mystery of the inner. This is the only place where absolute freedom can be discovered.

I’ve always found that how we judge, label and define others, says a lot more about ourselves than about them. Our labels darken our sunglasses, blocking the full spectrum of colors from the Divine to shine through and touch our soul. When you start digging into our own belief systems this week to see what’s there, just notice how attached you are to them. They are the most powerful and personal things in this Universe!  They form every aspect of reality that you believe is true.  Approach them with this awareness and you can only find freedom from them along the way.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead to a better understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung

The other assignment I’d like you to take on, is to see where your beliefs came from. Notice what age specific beliefs formed for you, and how they were handed down from other people around you. All of our thoughts about ourselves come from the outer world in this lifetime or another. Who you are at the very core are pure innocence itself, free from all labels and beliefs entirely. You were simply covered up, like a light bulb caked in mud, by the beliefs of others imposed upon you. This realization in your innocent light nature is essential on the path to total freedom. The innocence is more personally intimate than any belief will ever be, and thus is why our entire lives are wrapped up in unraveling who we really are.

The next step towards transcending one’s belief system is understanding that they are not the enemy, or something we need to get rid of.  It is our resistance and need to control them which is the real enemy. Life becomes a more rich and juicy experience because we are wearing so many pairs of sunglasses, and having to release so many layers of mud about who we are and what the world is about. If we never formed a belief at all, we would only see the Divine throughout the entire life journey, and there would be no exciting purpose or deeper mission for coming to visit Earth.

 Our beliefs give us something to grind upon, and push against, giving us direction, motivation, desire and a sense of separateness from the Source.  This is essential so that one day we can dissolve through them, feel a sense of freedom and return home. It is a fantastical journey, an outrageously creative invention of a use of time, mind, and the energy of a soul. Below is a magic formula to find freedom from your belief system in this lifetime, and it is a simple 3 step process.

Step One: Write down all your major core beliefs about yourself, others in your life and this world.  This step is so that you clarify them and see what they actually are.  Once you can see them, you can embrace them so they’re not just floating around the neuronal soup in the synapses of your brain.

Step Two: Realize that you created these beliefs. Take responsibility for each one, seeing perhaps who you stole it from, who shoved it down your brain, and why you eventually decided to adopt it. The key to this step is taking ownership without any sense of judgment of it being right or wrong.  It is simply a belief, a thought structure, that was formed about reality. 

Step Three: Have an experience of believing in the belief, and then explore what it feels like to let it go. This release is the final step towards complete and total liberation, and ultimately requires no action at all. It simply happens on its own accord when we drop into the infinite source of our awareness, pure consciousness itself. When we remain super conscious and aware while embracing this old precious belief experience, a merging happens that liberates us from this illusionary prison forever.

“Which is the real power? Is it to increase prosperity or bring about peace? That which results in peace is the highest perfection.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

If you have trouble identifying your core beliefs, remember that they are highly emotional and deeper than having subtle preferences about life.  They are statements that say that this is the way life is and it cannot be any other way.  A preference tends to bend, while a belief will crack our very foundation if shaken.  If all we had were preferences about ourselves and life, it would be a much easier and more enjoyable ride. Yet, the ego wants safety, security, and thus creates a firm rigid structure about who we are and who we are not. These ideas create difficulty and an extra feeling of challenge in our relationships with work, money, intimate relationships, lifestyle, sex, physique, health, food etc…the list goes on forever.  Wherever you are challenged in life, you have a rigid belief holding you down.

The ideas you have about you have been there a very long time, and may not budge very easily if you try to uproot them.  This is the good news and the bad news. The trick here is to take ownership of the belief that is creating the problem, declare full responsibility for it, and then completely release all identification with it.  The greater the freedom we experience, the deeper the challenge must be.  When you see that you created every aspect of your identity, and are no longer a victim on any level, you become empowered to become undefinable being, a soul who is multi-dimensional and constantly playing in the creativity of reality however you wish it to be.

My advice for you this week is to approach this exploration of unraveling yourself in the most gentle, patient and unconventional way. Don’t try to fix anything you find.  If you think something is broken you’re simply not seeing the gift or strength its creating deeper within you.  The tendency is for the mind to replace every negative self-esteem with a positive self-esteem.   as that would be an unending tiresome slippery hill to climb, because how the ego would like to be will never ever be good enough. 

“There is no use removing doubts one by one. If we clear one doubt another doubt will arise and there will be no end of doubts. But, if by seeking the doubter, the doubter is found to be really non-existent, then all doubts will cease.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

My invitation here is much bigger than taking on a perpetual self esteem project that is never fully satisfied with the end result.  I want you to realize the truth of who you are. I want you to see this spiritual being inside you who is all powerful, unconditionally loving, and free from all doubt, insecurity and fear.  From this space, there is no room for a belief structure to run the show and make life a struggle.  In this enlightening approach, life takes on an entirely new dimension and becomes a truly magical experience.

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Jafree Ozwald

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