How to Fully Embrace the Gift of Change

How to Fully Embrace the Gift of Change Written by Jafree Ozwald   We are so blessed to be living in an ever-changing Universe.  Everything is always changing.  Everything is always fresh, new and alive!  Change is the greatest spice of life and without it life becomes a dull predictable monologue.  This changing nature is always bringing you unimaginable possibilities, new opportunities, blessings, and new experiences in each moment.  Because of the ever-changing nature of your world, there is always something new at your door.  There is always something new to support you and challenge you to evolve into the divine soul that you truly are.  This constant dynamic changing moment allows you to fully be alive and truly savor each experience since you don’t know if it will be the last time you experience it.

"Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal."  ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

One of the golden essential keys to embracing the divine gift that change is cultivating trust in the Universe.  The truth is that the Universe loves you, and wants you to experience everything that you desire.  Hasn’t it always provided for you in your life up until this moment?  All the changes the Universe sends you are really gifts for you that it wants you to unwrap and discover the beauty of.   And best of all these are gifts that you have asked for on some level because you are creating your reality in each new moment. You can trust that the Universe and your infinite nature are working together to support your evolution as a soul, and therefore you can deeply know that all change that you encounter is here for the purpose of your on-going abundance, and awakening to the truth of your being.   Stop and realize that you are the divine co-creator behind the scenes, continuously creating this awesome experience that is about to come your way and change will heed to your beck and call.   "The core of your being is permanent; things in the world are not.  They are fleeting phenomena passing on the screen of the mind.  Only consciousness is eternal and stationary."  ~Ramana Maharshi    There is only one thing in the Universe that is permanent, and never dies.  This is the essence of what/who you truly are.  The divine infinite being that you are is always here now, awake, present and conscious.  This remains changeless, and timeless forever.  The good news is that no matter what changes in your outer world, you will continue to remain.  Perhaps it’s the end of a relationship, or the beginning of a new relationship, the core of your being remains untouched and changeless through it all.   You are not touched by the periphery.  The true you that never dies can never be tainted by all of these seemly important or not so important changes that happen in your life.   You will always be.  You are an eternal being that continuously resides in a forever deepening pool of inner peace and contentment.  Knowing this, you master the whirlwind of change around you.  The next time that change comes a knocking at your door, open the door and receive it with open, loving arms.  You will be amazed at how much easier your life flows, and how much more abundance you manifest when you can allow all types of change to be a part of your life.   "It’s not so much that we’re afraid of change, but that place in between that we fear.  It’s like being between trapezes.  There’s nothing to hold on to."  ~ Marilyn Ferguson   What’s interesting is that some people spend their entire lives resisting change.  They try to stop it by procrastinating, avoiding and getting upset when the possibility of change arrives at their door.  Sometimes change knocks at your door disguised as a dirty homeless person.   Most people may immediately say "NO" and shut the door on this person, looking the other way.  What they don’t understand is that at their doorstep is the most abundant Kings and Queens of this Universe who are wanting to offer you their entire kingdom.  When they knock, it is your job to open the door with appreciation and say, "Thank you!  Come in! How can I be of service to you?"  When you greet change this way, you tend to master the wheel of change instead of feeling it has mastered you.   "You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing in."  ~ Heraclitus   When you start embracing change, especially the changes that your mind believes to be wrong or bad, it will create an unimaginable state of liberation and freedom in your life.  It is only when we resist change that we experience suffering, sadness, and fear.  It’s like breathing, when you resist the next breath of air, you start to suffocate and get weaker inside.  It’s only when you go with the flow and welcome the next inhalation and exhalation that you truly feel alive!   When you fully open yourself up to this experience of welcoming life, you discover a power inside you that is unstoppable.  You are afraid of nothing and are willing to experience anything the Universe offers.  From this place, the Universe will bow down to you and hand over everything you want on a silver platter.  All you get to do is sit back and let the abundance come pouring in.   Learn how to manifest a more empowering, loving, compassionate, and abundant life for yourself with our 90 Day Manifesting Program.  Download it instantly at     May you enjoy all changes( great and small) in your life, Jafree

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