How to Get in Touch with your Magnificence

How to Get in Touch with your MagnificenceBy Jafree Ozwald

Most people spend their entire lives focusing on where they fall short, or how other people are not the way they should be.  They are constantly noticing what is missing, wrong, or not good enough in others and in themselves.  By thinking that they are incomplete or never “good enough”,  they waste precious time and energy that could be consciously spent realizing and relaxing into the Divine Magnificent Being that they are right now.

The first step in experiencing your own Magnificence is to redirect your awareness towards it.  So where is it?  It’s found in a place that you would least expect it.  It’s so close that you overlook it. Nearer than your next breath of air, it can be found by listening to the silence between each heartbeat.  Listen closely.  There is something absolutely magnificent inside! 

Consciously use your mind to get curious about what this magnificence is inside you, where it shows up in your life the strongest, how it feels, and what it is like to surrender to it fully right now.   When you can learn the art of surrendering to this silence deep inside you, you will discover this experience of magnificence!  The divine soul that you truly are is not far away. It only feels far away because the achieving mind tends to think it must DO something to become its divine self.

The second step to connect with your magnificent nature is to release any addiction you may have to other people’s opinions or (and) to YOUR own opinions.  The person who is in touch with his or her true magnificence is not attached to any opinions at all.  He or she realizes that these are just thoughts, and will always come and go.  They are devoted to receiving and FEELING the Infinite Intelligence and Divine Presence that is available here now.  When the attachment to others’ opinions of you drops completely, you can be truly present to the amazing divine being you are right Now, and experience this profound blissful state of magnificence that is already deep within you.

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