How to Give and Receive Love More Effectively

How to Give and Receive Love More EffectivelyBy Jafree Ozwald "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong doing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never dies."  ~ The Bible, Corinthians 13 Looking back at the many troubled times in our lives,  there is one precious thing that has always opened the doorway to higher understanding.  This is openingly and unconditionaly giving and receiving the energy of love.  Love is one of those intangible states that we tend to categorize, label as a certain thing, and put into a box.  Yet, love cannot be contained or even defined by words.  Sure we can come close to it and create great poetry that points towards love, yet it always falls short of the perpetual expansive experience of love.    With love all things are possible.  The energy of love is the only thing you need to solve every problem you have.  The moment you start trusting the expansive magic of love is the pivotal day when everything will completely change for you.  If you think you are too poor, busy, lost or frustrated to trust love, you are simply making up excuses to hide another day in your imagined smallness.  Let love guide you.  Don’t have any ideas about what it is or what it is not.  Just feel what love is like in your body and heart, and you will always find your way.   Below are 4 simple steps to give and receive love more effectively: 1.  Make the committment to remaining open.The first step in giving and receiving love effectively is to make the committment to being open to love.  Love is the most powerful energy in this Universe, so to master it is to master your experience of the Universe.  Let your heart simply be open, as if it were as vast as the infinite Universe that surrounds us.  When you are met with difficult people and situations, relax your body and open your heart completely.  Eventually, with enough relaxation, a soft gentle feeling of lightness and love will come pouring in.  Remember one thing, that you cannot get hurt in any relationship or situation if your heart truly remains permanently open. 2. Drown your ego in loving thoughts.The more you love and accept yourself exactly as you are, the more you attract love from others and manifest loving, empowering, and abundant situtations to you.  The vibration of love is hugely magnetic.  When you let your ego drown in self-loving affirmations, beliefs, ideas and fantasies, this energy will soon permeate every cell in your body.  Eventually these loving ideas will make you into a "love-magnet" allowing you to realize that you are simply the Source of love itself. 3. Let go of any limited ideas about love.   The belief that you can only love and be loved by one person is one of the greatest limiting thoughts society has "hypnotized" us to believe about love.  Trash this thought immediately and understand one simply thing: That the more you practice sharing love with others, the more love you will have to give to yourself and that one special person.  Love has this amazing "snowball effect" where it becomes bigger, the more that it’s used.  Let go of that ridiculous fear of hurting someone because you started loving everyone.  Whomever gets hurt simply has a closed heart and has not yet connected to the infinite supply of love inside them.  When you become an example for how to be a living source of love, they see how alive, vibrant, and full of joy you are.  Then, one day they too will choose to follow you along the path of unlimited love. 4. Consciously Choose Love No Matter What.Yes, the ego is often tempted to play its old games of blaming and judging others for not giving it what it thinks it wants.  Blessedly, you can always choose love even when your ego wants to go off into limiting thinking and contracted feeling states.  Every time you notice yourself entering that contracted zone, just focus on opening up your heart and sending out the vibration of love.  Think about one thing that you love like your dog, the mountains, the sun, your child, etc…  Feel how much you truly love this person or thing.  This will get your love engines started again, and soon the energy of love will naturally overwhelm any contracted old ways of being.  Practice choosing to respond to all situations with love, and soon you will be bathing in the magic of this energy all day long.    Learn many more techniques to manifest more love, abundance and freedom into your life with The 90 Day Manifesting Program.  To experience more visit: Whatever you do today, let love be your guide… Many Blessings to you,

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