How to Harness the Manifesting Power of Time

How to Harness the Manifesting Power of Time Written by Jafree Ozwald   Would you like to know how to manifest your goals in a shorter span of time?  If so, start looking at your relationship with time.  Are you constantly feeling pressured, as if you never have enough time?  Or perhaps you are bored silly, feel like you’re in a velvet rut in your life, or that time seems to stand still.  What would the perfect relationship with time FEEL like?  The more you think about time, the more you’ll realize that it’s just a construct of our mind and imagination.  Time truly doesn’t exist as society believes it does.  The amount of time that one minute lasts was simply a creative idea developed by someone long ago.  The only time that does exist is this present moment.  Even the past and future are mere fabrications of the mind.    "Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so." ~ Belva Davis

However, in the practical world of manifesting, it’s good to explore how to create a healthy relationship with this illusion called "time" that will empower you to manifest your goals easier.  Creating a time frame around a goal can be a great tool to help focus your mind, energy and intention to attract your desired outcome.  Every time you focus on a specific date, your mind funnels and squeezes its energy into that direction.  If you hold on to tight, you suffocate the energy flow, while if you hold to loose, it may simply slip on by.  The key here is to hold onto your time-frame like you would hold a bird in your hand.  This means that while you are firm with the time frame in which you will manifest this specific desire, you are also holding it gently.   The more you feel that your life is truly amazing whether you manifest this goal or not (at this specific time), the more willing the Universe will easily and effortlessly answer your request.  The real down to earth truth is that you cannot really ever know what the exact time frame is that your desire will manifest for you.  The Universe is always in charge and truly knows your best interest.  Your job is to trust it and know that when your desired outcome arrives, it will come at the perfect time!

"Procrastination is the thief of time.” ~Joseph Heller

Even though time doesn’t really exist, it’s powerful to play with the idea of it.  When you focus your manifesting energies in one direction, you will speed up your manifestation.  It’s kind of like going on a road trip to New York City.  You will arrive there a lot faster if you focus on NYC as your destination instead of Chicago or L.A.  You can send a loving gentle yet firm request (not a demand) into the Universe and your dream car, soul mate, perfect job or house will manifest very close or exactly on a specific date!  Anytime that you FEEL tense, contracted, or fearful about a date for a future desire to manifest, you are in some way overly attached to this time frame.   And as you know, a consistent bodily tension or contraction will lower your manifesting vibration and reduce your ability to attract your desires effortlessly.  If you are very relaxed about time-frames because you know that you are an amazing being with or without this manifestation, you’ll find that your desires fall into your lap quickly without fail. The miraculous thing is that through finding this perfect balanced relationship with time, your desired outcome will manifest themselves even better than expected.   "To choose time is to save time." ~Francis Bacon   Here are 3 tips to create a powerful relationship with time in your daily manifesting practice:   1.  Be grateful for the time you do have.  Take a few moments to be grateful for what time you do have.  Look for the perfection that is in your day where you can feel satisfied about the time that you already have.  For instance, if the goal is to manifest $2000 in 30 days, say out loud, "I am so grateful that I have plenty of time to generate $2000".  This allows all parts of your being to relax deeply and know that you don’t need to stress to make this manifest.  With gratitude around time you will naturally move out of any experience of desperation into passion, devotion and purpose.   2.  Spend a few minutes everyday in timelessness.  To truly let go of attachment to WHEN your desired outcome will manifest, it’s vitally important that your body knows and can FEEL that time truly does not exist.  Take a few minutes each day to really relax into your body, so that you don’t feel any tension inside at all.  In this deep relaxed space, you can drop into the present moment where you’ll experience the eternity of time that is truly here now.  Even a few moments of tasting eternity will set you soooo free inside that it won’t matter sooooo much when your desired outcome manifests, and you’ll eventually end up turning yourself into a manifesting magnet.   3. Create time-frames that make you feel excited and jazzed.  It is important to always feel expansive when you do set a date by which you want to manifest a desire.  The more passionate you are about the date, the more of your natural manifesting energies are channeled in this direction.  Think of the time-frame as a direction to head in on your Journey, and not always your final destination.    Realize that these time-frames are just serving as your guide and that you do not need to be attached to them on any level.  You can always welcome a new time-frame along the way if that is what manifests for you.    Learn how you can manifest your desires with JOY and EFFORTLESS ease!!  Instantly download our 90 Day Manifesting Program and transform your life forever!   Sending timeless blessings your way,
Jafree Ozwald  

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