How to Have an Enlightening Experience of Life

How to Have an Enlightening Experience of Life

By Jafree Ozwald

“When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand or we will be taught to fly.” ~Patrick Overton

A father once asked his oldest daughter after she graduated from high school, “Love, do you know what meditation is?” She looked at him with a smile said, “Mediation is focusing on the Great Universal Intelligence within you and all around you.” He leaned closer and began to look into her eyes with a deep long gaze. Slowly moving even closer, his big soft eyes were gazing deeply into hers. He said nothing, and did nothing but looked deeply into her eyes. For a moment she begin to retreat, and then she remembered what he was doing, so she relaxed and began to feel a deep peaceful presence inside. This was her graduation day, and his presence was the gift. Teaching her how to be open to the moment, receptive to life and be very still. This simple soft sweet presence is what meditation is all about.

  “When we lose the right to be different,
we lose the privilege to be free.” ~ Charles Evans Hughes

If you stop and look inside your mind, you’ll see one thing. There is a program running. It is always on, in the background, it’s wheels are churning and whirling creating new ideas, beliefs, doubts, thoughts etc… For 24 hours a day 365 days a year your thinking machine is working. The most interesting thing of all is that it thinks it’s making progress.
If you look into your mind, you’ll see that this over-productive machine only works with what is known or is potentially knowable. The mind is busy in either trying to reach its perceived goal, or decide what it’s goal actually is. It’s always actively imagining what it’s going to do in the future, or what it just happened in the past. The mind only works between these two realms of the future and the past. It’s too afraid to discover what is really here in the present. It’s worried that if it actually remained fixed in THIS moment it may realize that it hasn’t fully experienced life yet. This could be a truly great yet shocking discovery.
The truth is that you are a highly conscious being. You wouldn’t be reading this far in this article if you weren’t. You probably wouldn’t have even signed up for this email list if there wasn’t already some seed of higher awareness already growing inside you. Yes, there are many people out there who are completely hypnotized by their mind. They are caught in a crazy “thinking trance” that is caused by following their mind wherever it mind goes…all day and night long. They don’t even entertain the thought to stop it at all. You may have become a slave to the mind in your past, yet there is something inside you that is awake and very curious about enlightenment. So are you ready to dive in and explore what it may be like?

One of the most interesting discoveries I’ve found is that thinking actually leads one into experiencing more unconsciousness, while just being present (without thinking) allows you to have more consciousness. If you want to have a more enlightening experience of your life, simply slow down and let go of all this thinking. Just drop the mind. Let it go! I dare you to not pay any attention to it for 24 hours! See if you can do it! The mind has been a constant “thinking mechanism” and it is what has created the problems you believe you have.

Perhaps you’ve already starting to see that a busy mind is a very dangerous thing. Like a pendulum your thoughts will keep swinging between happy and sad, joyful and miserable, peaceful and upset. This is where it goes and all it knows. It is afraid to step into the unknowable and experience what’s beyond it’s comfort zone. Where you just might experience everything and everyone is completely perfect exactly as they are.

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance,
the wise grows it under his feet. ” ~James Oppenheim

 When you bring awareness into your “thinking machine” life begins to change and you become obsessed by the present moment. This is a good thing. The present moment is your gateway to freedom. Although the mind will never be satisfied with it, and always desire things in the present, you can train it to prioritize freedom. Freedom cannot be attained, it’s something that you already are, and can only be experienced in this moment. The very moment you surrender your life to total freedom, the mind becomes crystal clear. The mind naturally stops trying to win and survive altogether, and begins a new journey of living in bliss by following the more natural rhythms from within. A more awakened and curious state happens by simply choosing freedom as your goal.

Give yourself the gift of liberation today and dive into the unknown. Open yourself up to experiencing something totally new, exciting and mysterious! You’ll soon be tapping into your infinite source of energy, love and connection again. It is truly up to you if you let yourself experience a state of unbounded joy everyday or remain complacent with the “stuckness” you’re still facing with your money, body, relationships and dreams. This is your day to make the choice to create a new version of reality. The enlightened state of being is yours to discover today! Enjoy!
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Sending lots of enlightening experiences your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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