How to Have the Best Weekend of Your Life

How to Have the Best Weekend of Your Life 

By Jafree Ozwald

 Do you want to have some real fun this weekend?  Go tell your neighbor how amazing they are. Tell your best friend that you love them.  Let your life partner know 25 things you appreciate about them!  Start sending out a constant river of appreciation to everyone you meet.  I invite you to see how many hearts you can light up this weekend!  Experience the positive flow of love through your life.  Just try it and see what happens!  I dare you.

Are you afraid?  Why wouldn’t you have the guts to do this? So what if people think you are a crazy fool. Who cares? If you are experiencing an overflowing river of aliveness and joy inside, then it is they who are the crazy ones, and missing the real point of this life.  You can move beyond the social barriers you’ve believed to be there.  I invite you to transcend all your social boundaries and practice loving others, sharing true appreciation for them without fear. 

Let this feeling of love, joy and laughter come to the surface and be expressed!  Reach out beyond your comfort zone and extend your heart those who are down, gloomy, discouraged, angry or bored with their existence. See what its like to create a spark of lightness, positivity and appreciation in their presence, no matter how tightly they grip onto their story.

There is already so much life and love around you.  If you don’t see this, you are up in your head about your life. This divine loving energy is flowing through everything, all the time.  Yes, a divine all loving God-Source is here…right here, right now! Enjoy it, for it is enjoying you, no matter where you’re at in your consciousness.

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Have an amazing life! You deserve it!!

Many Blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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