How to Heal the Planet through Sex

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How to Heal the Planet Through Sex  

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“The more sexual a person is, the more inventive and intelligent they are. With less sex energy, less intelligence exists because sex is such a deep exploration. It reveals everything that is hidden.” ~Osho

One of the greatest opportunities we get to explore in this lifetime is learning how to enjoy our sensuality, sexuality and fulfilling our greatest sexual desires. It can be tricky in this modern world to feel good about satisfying yourself, yet creating a healthy relationship with sexual energy is one of the most important things any human being can learn. The healthiest person is the one who discovers within themselves the perfect balance between totally wild sexual freedom and deep tantric sexual relaxation. The degree of balance defines how deeply they can relax, how expansive they can feel, how flexible and comfortable they are in relating with other people, and how fully they are able to enjoy this fantastic sensual human body they live in.

If you don’t feel like you are a fully open super vibrant sexual being, don’t worry it’s not your fault! If you take a closer look at the society around you, you’ll see a tremendous sexual tension and neurotic controlling judgmental energy has been programmed deep within everyone around them since the day they were born. There have been so many sensual taboos invented by religions, societies and cultures around the world for the last 5 centuries, that 99% of human beings today are sexually and/or sensually repressed in some way and don’t even know it!

If you spend enough time with children, you will find that they are extremely free sexually alive beings without any boundaries. Nobody is born with sexual suppression or inhibitions, it is a learned fear based behavior. This great sexual freedom is our natural state because we were all born out of an orgasm. Sexual energy abides at our core, it’s in our DNA matrix, and it is the most natural, enjoyable, energizing and enlightening exploration we have on earth. You once were a sexually liberated being, yet because of societal influence, little {name} quickly learned that it’s not safe to freely express that exuberant joy and sensual pleasures whenever the most subtle warm breeze would blow.

A sensually and sexually liberated society is a deeply healing place to live. When sensual energy is not suppressed, feared or frowned upon, it becomes as normal as brushing your teeth. We relax about sex the more we talk about it, and the less taboo it becomes. It’s not easy to talk openly about a topic that makes everyone squirm, yet we must find a way otherwise we are doomed. Every individual in our society can become enlightened enough to freely talk about our sexual inhibitions and fears in a relaxed open-minded and vulnerable way.  It initially may feel terrifying, because as children we were taught that sex was this super hidden secret topic that everyone avoided. Whenever we brought up the sex topic in public, we could feel this nervous energy escalate.  People’s eyes would dilate, their voices became tense, and their heart started beating faster!

This anxious reaction repeated over many years created a deep unconscious sexual tension inside our little innocent sensually alive bodies. This anxiety was fed daily through every media stream, and has been molding and festering inside us since we could walk and communicate. The socialized sexual tension is embedded so deeply into your mind that you probably are not aware that it’s there. This tension is real, and it is a social disease that impacts how we approach other people, conversations, intimate relationships, what we manifest in our future, our dreams, desires, and spiritual connection.

“Man is not born into mastery. You are born a slave of unconscious forces. The first step toward mastery is to recognize your slavery. To see that you are unconscious is the beginning of consciousness.” -Osho

This hidden sexual tension has become so socially neurotic that men and women cannot simply reach out and touch each other anymore without fear of a possible sexual assault accusation thrown their way. If we could freely talk about sex casually with our kids at the breakfast table with grandma sitting there, the porn industry would not even exist right now. Researchers have concluded that 1 in 8 of daily internet searches are seeking erotic content. Porn is a $2.5 billion dollar industry because this deeply sensually repressed and confused society is soooo hard up, that most men think they can become satisfied by some computer screen. This sick sexual frustration would never happen if the cosmic orgasm was something that we were taught from the elders in our community.

Once tantra becomes a mandatory skill that all teenagers must learn in our public school system, our society will transform and step into a place of total healing. Every society on earth right now is still signed up for sexual denial, repression and resistance school. This Neanderthal approach to sex is the foundational cause of every dis-ease we have on the planet today. The tantric cosmic orgasm is the best natural healer we have inside us. If we feel dirty, shamed, or wronged for exploring orgasmic states, we become energetically imprisoned and stuck in the deepest roots of our psyche. This stuckness is why there has been more global war, anxiety, fear, calamities, and abuse in recorded history.

It’s good to know human history wasn’t always so sexually suppressed like we are today. In the first public Roman Olympics, the athletes performed in front of thousands of people naked!  It goes to show you how accepted, adorned, and respected our natural naked body used to be, and how repressed our “advanced” society has become today. If it wasn’t for the major religions taking over the world, we would all still be sensually liberated beings today.  

The evidence is over whelming that our planet’s sexual neurosis is climaxing. You can see it manifesting daily in the form of rape, sexual abuse, aggression, prostitution, sexual shame, guilt, fear, resentment, and deep emotional wounding just to name a few.  Each one of these traumatizing expressions is caused by an exaggerated repression of our natural human urge to feel connected with others in a sensual loving way. Did you know that every man in the military is forbidden to have a lover or masturbate?  This is because the corporation knows if they are satisfied they won’t have the sexual anxiety inside them needed to become a killing machine.  It’s totally crazy what insanity is going on.

Our world needs to take a step forward in maturity, and publicly acknowledge the extreme fear, control and judgment that is going around sexual and sensual energy. Some societies are still brainwashing their younger girls to believe it’s improper to show their hair or skin in public. The possibility that another man one day could be sensually aroused by seeing their beautiful long flowing hair was just too much pressure to deal with. So these little girls are suffering from heat exhaustion everyday being forced to wear full body head to toe black coverings outside in 100 degree heat! Sexual control and suppression has gotten way out of hand, and this exacerbated masculine issue is creating all kinds of mental, emotional and physical trauma for every woman and child on this planet.

If we were all taught how to be in tune with our own sexual and sensual energy, feeling connected with it all day long, there would be such a deep relaxation, joy and sensitivity awakened in everyone we would never have the desire for war. The healing power of sensual acceptance would reach so deep into our psyche that nobody would become insensitive enough to abuse another human being, plant, animal or our environment in any possible way.  We would clean up this planet and finally become sensitive enough to stop polluting the air and streets with gasoline driven vehicles, and move over to using electric, New World Free Energy or those European salt water cars! 

When it comes down to saving this planet or any individual’s life from detonating into total self-annihilation, there’s only one certain 100% certain way that will work. We must become aware and feel into the sexual repression that had been deeply programmed inside us.  We must realize how sensually unsatisfied we truly are, and how good it feels to reach out and feel safe to receive touch by our physical community.  This action would initiate the first healing response to begin untangling the root sensual neurosis embedded in your human psyche.

“Tantra says learn from the cats – how they sleep, how they relax, how they live in a non-tense way. And the whole animal world lives in that non-tense way. Man has to learn this, because man has been conditioned wrongly, man has been programmed wrongly.” ~Osho 

Every single problem you have in life always stems from your inability to deeply relax into all your feelings and senses. When we are sexually or sensually satisfied, we can relax completely, naturally and with absolute joy and ease! When we know we have an entire community of people we can receive physical affection from at anytime, our deepest tension drops and we can fully relax into our body, mind and life.

When full relaxation occurs, we open up spiritually and experience our infinite connection with God. This is where we discover the greatest healing inside. Finding the multi-orgasmic tantric experience is the oldest secret in history for finding a direct doorway to God. Why do you think people scream “Oh God oh God” when they are having sex? Sex is the cosmic passage to experiencing that God is alive in every cell in our body.  When we begin opening up this natural connection, we discover our spiritual essence is present and fully activated in the bedroom.

Allowing your sexual energy to freely (and continuously) flow up our spine all day long, is one of the greatest hidden anti-aging secrets there is.  It maintains peak mental, emotional, and physical health, spiritual contentment, and a perpetually fun-loving relationship with being alive. When you commit to being a totally sensually alive human being, you become a more sensitive, open hearted, and open minded soul. This makes it easier for you to manifest, attract and magnetize whatever you want in your life. Orgasmic people are way more magnetic than someone who is sensually suppressed or sexually ashamed. If you’re having trouble manifesting anything you want in life, take a closer look at how sensually liberated you actually are.

The more sensual we become, the more our 6 senses are activated, and we can connect with our full energy, spiritual power, and psychic intuition.  We can foresee and feel our ultimate destiny happening, and know exactly what our place is in it’s manifestation. The sexual energy awakens the Kundalini at the base of the spine, which clears away all the negative egoistical blocks stopping you from attracting everything your heart yearns for. When you’re sexually satisfied, you are happy, satisfied, and attached to nothing. You have no neediness, no demanding energy, nothing lacking inside. You are full, overflowing with life and this combination turns you into a super powerful manifesting magnet!

The more we feel connected with our God given sexual energy, the more it enhances our divine spiritual connection. We discover that the most ordinary moments are deeply spiritual, enlightening, and the overflowing with sweet juicy energy!  This is the secret to a truly vibrant passionate alive life that is healing for you and everyone around you.  

You just cannot evolve very far spiritually if you cannot relax sexually, or happen to cringe when touched by another human being. A tree’s branches can only grow as high as it’s roots are deep.  Any person living a high and holy spiritual life who is not rooted and open sexually, will become a dry boring head trip feeling they are missing out on something.  When a personal loss, death or accident occurs, they lose all faith in God and wonder why their spiritual path was uprooted and withered away. If they are connecting with their sex chakra, allowing it to play and move daily, the root will have energy, flexibility and their heart will be able to expand and find solid ground when life’s big shattering moment hits.

“Tantra is the natural way to God. When we become so completely instinctual, so mindless, we merge with the ultimate nature. The woman disappears and becomes a door for the ultimate, and the man disappears and becomes a door for the divine.” ~ Osho

If you find yourself feeling trapped behind some huge sexual fortress, the good news is that it’s quite pleasurable to open up and move through all the sexual/sensual tension and suppression you were given. You can start simple and begin giving and receiving more heart opening hugs everyday. Share a 10 minute hug with a friend everyday, where you both melt and feel the heart centers open and merge.  This simple deepening technique heals the entire nervous system on the deepest levels.

When our loving sensual heart energy is welcomed, expected, and encouraged by our community, we have that little something extra to look forward to that can make us jump out of bed with joy! The more we practice being a sensually alive human being, the more it gives others permission to do the same.  One day your entire community will be free from all sensual tension, and everyone will know exactly how to find deep inner peace and love within anytime they need it.

Sex right now is one of the most provocative, emotionally stirring, morally challenging, and deeply wounded topics we can explore. It doesn’t have to be this way. Exploring the tantric path is the one thing powerful enough to defeat this enormous sexually wounded monster that is unconsciously ruling our lives. Accepting that our sensual and spiritual connection come from the same source of energy is the first step on this journey. 

“Tantra is not technique but prayer. It’s not head oriented, but a relaxation into the heart. Please remember it.” ~Osho

All sexual healing begins with awareness. When we become more aware, we become more sensitive, and with a higher sensitivity we cannot allow sexual trauma, shame, aggression or suppression to occur to anyone. A truly sensitive being is only interested in freedom, enlightenment, love and enjoying the pleasure of their own sexual and sensual energy flowing through them now. 

The suppressed sexual energy which everyone believes is “normal”, becomes the next taboo as we become truly conscious beings who are liberating ourselves from the mass social sensual slavery. It is this sweet inner awareness, heightened sensitivity, and emotional vulnerability that sparks the flame for spreading a sexual healing wildfire through our community and our lives. With enough awareness, we will all be riding waves of relaxation through every sexual conversation and enjoying an abundance of heart opening sensual connections.

On a long term karmic planetary level, the good news is that this sexual repressed insanity is destined to change.  With enough time, the great pendulum of life always swings back on it’s own accord. The collective consciousness gets smarter, and evolves a little bit after every generation. As the masses become more globally aware and educated, they become more curious, explorative, yearn to experience new thought patterns, expanded social rules and soon develop a completely new paradigm to live in. What was once religiously forbidden soon becomes yesterday’s news as the sensually repressed society suddenly awakens and expands beyond it’s limits and boundaries.

Believe it or not, at some point in the future there will come a day when the entire education system will wake up and start teaching all children how to embrace, express and allow for their Kundalini energy to move through. When the system realizes the power of the Kundalini for healing, manifesting, creating spiritual connection, they’ll know it’s essential for the mental/emotional/physical health of our entire society. When every adolescent in our school systems is taking tantra classes, learning how to become a healthy parent, how to meditate and quiet the mind, how to heal their body through multi-orgasmic energy, you’ll find teenagers and adults blossoming in future generations with real confidence, emotional maturity, spiritual connection and real inner peace.

The sexually repressed people of planet Earth are slowly waking up and becoming more conscious, enlightened and aware. The social internet media is working at lightening speeds, educating the masses to step away from their TV and learn new ways of thinking, feeling and perceiving reality. People are realizing how powerful they truly are, and able to manifest whatever they want in their lives!

In the near future, we will see more and more people realizing the healing power from liberating their sensuality, breaking free from their old school social limitations, and discovering their Kundalini spiritual power to manifest anything they can dream of in their lives! We can thank God that we have been given this massive societal sexual tension, because when it finally releases there is going to be the biggest cosmic orgasm this galaxy has ever seen!

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Sending a massive enlightening life transformative experience your way…

Jafree Ozwald


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