How to Heal your Life with Self-Forgiveness

How to Heal your Life with Self-Forgiveness Written by Jafree Ozwald   Self-forgiveness carries a powerful energy that can completely transform your being and your life.  Forgiving yourself is all about clearing away the weight of your past that you have been carrying inside your heart.  When your heart is liberated, it creates a space for you to receive love again.  As forgiveness floods your being, you will naturally feel more joyful, peaceful and empowered to manifest what you truly desire.  The more deeply you forgive yourself, the lighter and higher your vibration will grow, and the easier it will be to manifest anything your imagination can dream.

"To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love.  In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness."  ~ Robert Muller

Forgiving yourself is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself.  When you forgive yourself for something you have done, or regretted doing in the past, you’re sending a warm blanket of gentle love all throughout your being.  You’re letting in an all encompassing healing energy that takes you over completely.  You are loving yourself unconditionally, even though you may have done something that your ego judges as wrong.  The truth is that whenever you are striving to be that perfect being, it just implies that you’re not there yet.  Your true essence is already Divine.  You already are a child of the God-Source, and will always be that.  Everything you have done in the past has been guided by this Infinite Divine presence that you are.  So you are perfection itself, which requires no effort to maintain at all.  Therefore forgiving yourself is simply honoring the Divine Being that you are now, and accepting every part of you that appears to be unlovable.

"There is only one species of forgiveness… self-forgiveness." ~ Noel McInnis

You deserve to be liberated from all pain.  You have the ability to let go of any self-judgment or self-abuse that keeps resurfacing from deep inside.  All self-defeating feelings and thoughts just lower your vibrational field, and keep you stuck in constantly punishing yourself.  To stop this pattern simply notice those thoughts and feelings that free you!  Whatever you focus on grows, so pay attention to the thoughts that open your heart and allow you to feel expansive.  The more you practice this, the easier it becomes to naturally feel loved, liberated and truly at peace.  So pause in that moment you find yourself sending negative energy towards yourself, and choose to practice gentleness and acceptance instead.  You’ll start to soften and open to being able to know this Divine Being that you are.

"Self-forgiveness is essential to self-healing." ~ Ruth Carter Stapleton  

Here are 3 powerful steps to heal yourself with the power of self-forgiveness:

  1. Make a self-forgiveness list. Write down everything that you did in the past that your heart still feels heavy about or is still holding onto.  Include EVERYTHING you can think of.  Make it a very extensive and exhaustive list.  Include any judgments from others that you have taken on and feel heavy even thinking about.  If you’re feeling someone’s judgment of you, then you are letting in judgmental negative energy.  This is an opportunity to forgive yourself for doing so.  Write down anything that makes your heart heavy in any way.   2. Have an inner dialogue with your wounded self Take the first item on your list and imagine you are meeting with that "wounded part" in a special healing room.   Picture this "old wounded you" is sitting right across from you, then ask what they would most like to heal.  Let your wounded self respond.  Allow this part of you to express everything it needs to say.  Continue dialoguing with this part until it has released all of the negativity that you have held for years.  Continue listening until it feels complete, then let this wounded self know that it is loved deeply and has always been loved.  Allow the energy from the healing room to suffuse the cells of this old part.  Support this part by remaining curious about why it acted the way it did. Then forgive your wounded self by saying something out loud like,  "I forgive you completely for everything that you did. I understand why you did it, and realize that you just didn’t have the wisdom I do now.  I will always love you."  Once you experience this dialogue, you will naturally feel differently about this past event. Then, go through each item on your forgiveness list until you have freed every part from the burden it was carrying.   3. Practice forgiving others Self-forgiveness comes naturally into your heart the more accepting you are with others.  As you make peace with other people’s issues, the energies of compassion and empathy grow within yourself, and for yourself.  Those around you who are still carrying burdens from their past will feel lighter in your presence each time they see you.  They will remember your level of acceptance and forgiveness, which again allows you to feel lighter about you!  As you practice forgiving those closest to you, you’ll find you are creating a more peaceful world every where you go.  In a short while, all you’ll see is a world filled with lightness.   "Our capacity to make peace with another person and with the world depends very much on our capacity to make peace with ourselves." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh   Experience our enlightened guided meditations to reach deeper states of love, wealth and a higher spiritual experience!  Download them instantly online by Clicking Here!   Many Blessings, Jafree t   Copyright 2010.  Enlightened Beings.  All Rights Reserved.

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