How to Heal your Relationship and Avoid Breaking Up

How to Heal your Relationship and Avoid Breaking Up

By Jafree Ozwald

Today is your grand opportunity to create deeper intimacy and an everlasting soul connection with your partner! This powerful life shifting exercise below will rekindle that fire in your relationship and bring you closer with your mate than you ever imagined was possible. It will bring out that enlightened loving being that is hidden inside you and in your partner! For a deep intimate connection tonight, try this relationship healing exercise tonight!


The first thing is to create a quiet time together
where you and your partner will not be disturbed.
Sit together on your couch or bed, hold hands
and look into your partner with soft eyes.
Set a timer to be with each other for about
15 minutes in this soft, open, loving silent space.
 Do not speak to each other, simply gaze gently into
your partner’s eyes and feel what is happening inside them.
Practice being open, receptive and experience
what you see and feel is going on inside them.
Remain in eye contact as much as possible.
Be free to giggle or laugh if necessary, yet
do your best to return to the gentle silence
and simply be with each other.
After 15 minutes, exchange stories
about what your experiences were.
“The love that you withhold in life is the pain that you carry.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
 When you share your experiences with your partner, try speaking about what you “cannot share” or are afraid to talk about. Whatever you have a hard time sharing is exactly what you need to dive into. Speak to your partner in a way as if you were talking to yourself in the mirror. A soft deep gentle honesty will cause each person to want to bring their darkness out into the light.

When being radically honest with your partner, you want to take full responsibility for creating the challenges, judgments, fears and emotional pain you created in the relationship. Total honesty is what frees us and liberates us from the ego.

Your truthfulness will bring everything hidden to the surface so that it can be revealed and healed. By choosing to have loving soft eye contact with your partner, all wounds from the past will soon be healed. This soul gazing connection takes courage and total vulnerability. When you make healing the priority then everything moves in that direction. The key is giving you and your partner the love, time and space your hearts need to heal.

If you or your partner is extremely resistant or constantly avoiding doing the exercise above, you will want to still have that radically honest conversation, yet about this avoidance issue. Share with your partner the whole truth about how you truly feel inside, and what it feels like to be with someone who is afraid of intimacy. If you have considered leaving the relationship let your partner know this! This is about speaking what cannot be spoken. When true freedom becomes the highest priority then the ego cannot remain stuck in its old ways.

“As long as you have certain desires about how it
ought to be you can’t see how it is.” ~Ram Dass


True honesty and intimacy with another is what creates the grist to be ground up in the spiritual mill of your soul’s growth and evolution. No matter how perfect your relationship is, there always comes a time when the deeper uglier issues of the ego have to come up to the surface to be revealed and healed. Every couple will eventually have their disagreements, fights and judgments of each other. This often causes a rift to form where walls are then created to protect your heart.

These walls are created to protect you from pain, yet if there is no radical honesty, intimate heart connection, or healing from past painful words, these walls get buried underneath the myriad of your life’s busy actions and create feelings of distance and lack of intimacy. If spiritual intimacy is not created the relationship will soon die. The key is in forgiveness and vulnerability with your partner. With a week of practice of the exercise above, these old walls will come tumbling down.

Whatever you do, do not push, rush or demand the other to change. Remember that love is patient, kind, and does not expect perfection. It is only from this loving sweetness can two hearts heal and merge again as one divine soul. The love inside you is always alive. However, this great love can only enter your heart when the walls and wounds inside your heart have completely melted.

    “Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal.” ~ A Course in Miracles

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