How to Hold the Perfect Manifesting Intention

How to Hold the Perfect Manifesting Intention Written by Jafree Ozwald   The key to consciously manifesting what your heart deeply desires is learning how to find the balance between your intention and your attachment to the outcome.  A strong intention for something to manifest can lead one into getting overly attached to making or forcing their desired outcome instead of co-creating it with Divine Intelligence.  Letting go of the attachment and holding the feeling of your intention for several minutes consistently is how things manifest instantaneously.  Attaining this balance can feel a bit tricky since it requires sitting in between two seemly paradoxical energies; holding and letting go.  Yet, once you master this middle path, this delicate balance becomes powerful and miraculously effective.  Just hang out in this space and you will be amazed at how quickly your desires become reality.

"Every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not." ~ Gary Zukav

Whenever you want to manifest something, the first step is to always send the Universe a clear request or message of what it is that you truly honestly really want!  The clearer your message is, the easier it is for the Universe to hear you and thus answer your request.   Secondly, it is important to hold this vision of what you desire along with the matching vibration.  This is the basic fundamentals of the law of attraction.  From this place you can naturally see it work its magic and materialize what you want into your physical reality.  Now here is where some of us get a bit confused.  Holding a clear vision does not mean gripping onto this request and getting overly attached to it having to happen.  Things don’t HAVE TO happen in order for you to be happy.  Happiness is an outcome of resting in your innermost divine essence.  The secret to manifesting here is to remain in this HAPPINESS and hold the energy while completely being 100% open, ready to receive anything and satisfied with what you already have in your life.  Because you’re living 24-7 from a place of gratitude about your life, you are not really caring whether your desire materializes or not. This is a pretty awesome place to live from. 

"If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life." ~Abraham-Hicks

Through years of personal research in this sacred manifesting science, we have found that our most powerful manifestations have happened when we least expected them to occur.  This is simply because we were not attached to our desires, and only felt that they would be extra icing on the cake to have them manifested.  The cake is always good by itself, and icing is a wonderful addition, yet it is the simple contentment with WHAT IS in our lives now, that is the best way that we can describe how things manifested effortlessly.  The most conscious intention is one that supports instant manifestation, and includes living from gratitude.  This means every thought or intention you put out will be coming from a very clear, thankful, joy-based vibration.  Then, letting go of the desire just seems to provide you with more time and energy to receive more joy.  This divine cycle can repeat itself to such a sweet extent that you may even forget ALL about your desire.      Here are 2 powerful secrets to holding the perfect manifesting intention where there is no attachment:     1. Embody The Attitude of Gratitude.  Focus right now on how amazing your life already is.  What does that FEEL like in your body?  Now, on a scale from 1-100, how thankful are you for the way your life is if 100 is orgasmic?  What is it going to take for you to become 100 today?  What do you get to say "no" to?  Think about it this way, if you want to manifest more financial abundance, be grateful for how many financial resources you already have and all of the amazing opportunities that are in your life, and say no to poverty consciousness.  Gratitude plays a key role in this divine balance because it keeps you from feeling attached or needy with regards a certain outcome.  As soon as you feel needy and think something has to happen, your energy field contracts, and plumments your manifesting vibration.  On the other hand, the act of being thankful expands your energy field, sending out high vibrational energy into the Universe which is mirrored back to you in the manifestation of what you desire.   "This process of gratitude and appreciation would cause you to practice the art of allowing without even knowing it – and all things that you have identified as objects of your desire would have to begin flowing into your experience." ~Abraham-Hicks   2. Surrender to That Which is Bigger Than You.  Even though your ego may think it is general manager of the Universe, the truth is that we are all being taken care of and supported by Grace or what ever other name for the Divine that you may give it.  The act of surrendering is beautiful by its very nature and naturally opens up your energy field, allowing for the abundance of the Universe to enter your life.  Surrendering is the opposite of pushing for something to happen which is where the energy of attachment is found.  Being attached is avoiding Grace.  The key here is in learning how to let go and surrender to Source.  Consciously hand over the keys to your life and let Grace take the wheel!  Choose to open up your trust value and let yourself embrace even more love!  If you take a good look at your past, the grace of the Universe is always there.  It’s done a marvelous job of supporting you over the years.  You would have never survived as a baby in this world without the love and grace of others.  Trust that this powerful universal energy is here now and loves you, and wants you to have all the abundance you desire.   "And I surrender to the mystery.  In the lap of God I rest my case.  The force that bore this world can carry me.  Who am I to question grace?" ~ Kirtana (from Pulling in the Oars, A Deeper Surrender CD).   Experience manifesting your desires MUCH faster and easier than you imagined possible!  Receive the proven secrets to manifesting your heart’s desire with our 90 Day Manifesting Program!  Do the 90 day manifesting routine and we can guarantee you will experience results… or your money back!  Download it instantly at   Enjoy the perfection that you are, Jafree

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