How to Increase the Love in your Life Right Now


How to Increase the Love in your Life Right Now By Jafree Ozwald

  So many of us spend our time hoping, wishing, planning and scheming for our lives to be different than what they already are.  We have used countless hours trying to create situations other than the one that we have, and end up missing the life in front our noses today.  Of course there will always be room for improvement, yet when it comes down to being happy and having a vibration that manifests our dreams easily, it is absolutely necessary to love our life and ourselves exactly as they are.  Loving whatever is present in your life today is one of the greatest secrets to manifesting more goodies, wealth and juicier experiences.  It is the love that we let in right now, for that which is already occurring, that sends out a super positive vibration into the world.  This is what uplifts and inspires you to attract more of what you want.  If you are resisting what is happening in your life, you are in fact resisting the Universe, and you will just manifest more situations to resist.  It is actually a lot easier to accept what is, and learn how to love what is because at your core you are love itself!  Deep down your soul already is love and is in love with what is.  When you open yourself up to this possibility, you start to realize that the challenges you’re facing are exactly what your soul needs to submerge itself deeper into this precious love. 

Here are 3 easy steps you can take today to start loving the life you have:

1. Always include seeing that silver lining in the clouds of your life. Often when we’ve been hurt or wounded in relationships we can give up on love.  We may have a sarcastic, negative and condemning attitude towards the thought of thinking positive about our life and yet don’t realize that we’re living in a very dark dismal cloudy mindset.  Especially when things appear to be tumultuously dark in your life, there is always a beautiful silver lining that accompanies each cloudy experience.  There is always something that you can appreciate or be grateful for in every situation.  Take a moment right now, and write down 10 reasons why your life is already amazing, and something that you can love. It helps the mind to stop focusing on what it is complaining about and wanting to change. This simple practice may take 5 minutes, yet we guarantee you will feel lighter and more uplifted inside.  Every time you refocus on what is working and beautiful in your life, you shift your energy and manifesting vibration.  It instantly becomes easier for you to manifest those people and experiences your heart desires to have.  It’s that simple!


2. Open up your Love Value. The simple raw truth is that at the very innermost core, you are love itself.  Yes, you have an amazing capacity to love, and yet YOU are the source of love.  Your mind may make up a million reasons that refute this fact, yet the bigger truth is that you are not the mind.  You have the most powerful, awesome, divine loving vibration emanating out from the core of your being at all times.  It just may occasionally be obscured by some old stuck feelings and negative thinking patterns learned from others.  Just take a moment right now and imagine that you are scooping out all negativity from inside and around your heart.  Take your hand and literally grab whatever heaviness, guilt, shame or negativity you feel inside.  Let it go!  You’ve carried this judgment around long enough.  Give it back to where it came from and let this divine Mother Earth recycle it for you.  Imagine right now you are throwing it deeply into the ground where it is consumed with love.  Then, visualize that there is a value on your heart with 10 settings.  The first setting is number 1, and it only lets in a tiny bit of love, while the number 10 setting is a fully open loving heart.  What number are you on the love value?  Take a moment now, and slowly imagine opening up your valve so that more love can be let in and let out.  Open it to the highest number you possibly can and yet it’s also O.K. to let it rest at whatever number feels most comfortable.  Play with this love valve everyday this week.  You will start to notice a change in your everyday thinking with some practice, and feel how there is truly an infinite source of love ever-present inside you.  Enjoy this experience and know it’s absolutely O.K. to let yourself become addicted to how good it feels to bask and bathe in the vibration of love. 


3.  Focus this warm fuzzy loving feeling into people in your life. Now that your love value is starting to open wider, this beautiful energy will begin coursing through your veins, and pouring out of you on every level. You will simply become a bigger channel of love for others in your life.  Take this moment right now and think of someone that is in pain and desperately needing love in your life.  If you can’t think of anyone, you can always use our government leaders.  Now imagine your heart is beaming with a golden-white loving light in all directions.  This glorious Sun inside you is forming a large blanket of loving energy in the direction of this person(s), and engulfing them completely.  Now see their face sighing with deep relieve, tears of gratitude pouring from their eyes.  They are sooo thankful for your generosity and love.  Now imagine that you are wrapping their heart completely in this golden blanket of love.  See it relax and rest easy inside.  You are simply embracing their energy just as it is without trying to change a thing.   Keep opening this channel of love flowing towards their body, mind and life for as long as you can.  Notice how your energy shifts the longer you do this exercise.  Remember, that you ARE the infinite supply of love.  There is no lack or scarcity of love inside you.  Any appearance of lacking love is just the mind making up stories.   Just become aware of how good it feels to love them and you’ll open up more love for yourself!  Even if you can only find and feel a tiny smidgen of love for someone, it is creating a massive shift inside your heart to open to more love.  Have fun and let go of how you think it should look and feel.  Just let the warm fuzzy feelings flow and you’ll see your entire life become transformed.

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May love always find you easily and effortlessly, Jafree

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