How to Instantly Experience a More Enlightened Mindset

How to Instantly Experience a More Enlightened MindsetBy Jafree Ozwald

"You cannot be happy with a serious mind. With a festive mind, you can be happy. Take this whole life as a myth, as a story. It is one, but once you take it this way you will not be unhappy." ~Osho

Are you having fun yet? Whether you are enjoying your life today or not depends on one thing…your attitude. If you wish to enjoy this moment immensely, start welcoming a more fun, freeing, and festive mindset. This means consciously choosing to explore every situation as an opportunity to reveal more love, joy, relaxation and expansion! This is another golden key to becoming a manifesting magnet! When you take your life too seriously, it’s as if you are gripping too tightly to the steering wheel. Your mind and body become more contracted, your vision gets blurred, and you become entangled in tension and essentially cut off the flow of life force.  If you want to keep manifesting greater goodies into your future and get rid of unhappiness forever, then become even LESS serious about everything happening in this world.   If you want to make this planet a more enlightened playground, simply surrender to becoming more joyful, lighthearted, and free! The eternal vast liberated soul that you already are will naturally devour those serious gremlins in your inner and outer world. Just let go of seriousness!  It instantly grants you the experience of great JOY, GRATITUDE and PEACE of MIND.  Who are you helping by buying into those contracted belief systems of every serious-a-holic in your life?  Choose to help them get in touch with that playful, spontaneous, child-like, enlightened being inside them by showing them how to let go of this ridiculously tight grip on life. Some day you will see them opening to joy and bursting with laughter!   "You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist." ~Gandhi   The more often you choose to play with people, have fun and achieve no "goal", the faster your every breath becomes a pathway to experiencing more freedom, joy, and inner peace. The enlightened mind is absolutely playful and totally non-serious!  It is inherently joyful, full of deep gratitude, and sooo emotionally open that you will instantly turn everyone’s frown upside-down!  Of course your life’s challenges will still occur exactly the way they need to, yet your greatest power exists in HOW you choose to respond to these situations and people.  So right now, make the life long commitment to prioritize lightness over seriousness.  Make smiling your first reactionary response.  Very soon you’ll see that more abundance, love, and freedom will be following you wherever you go.   "Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~Albert Einstein   Imagine what your face will look like in the mirror after you decide to smile at and laugh with everything that happens to you in the next 24 hours.  Is this someone who you would enjoy hanging out with?  This festive enlightened mindset happens spontaneously when you see how you are truly free to make a choice about how you get to creatively interpret each moment.  Sure, that serious grumpster inside you won’t want you to believe that this is all a big game here to test your ability to let go and trust life.  It wants you to believe that you are trapped and stuck in some unhappy pattern you cannot change.  You see, seriousness is a gremlin that thrives on fear.  It is always constricting, holding onto thoughts, and defending its point of view.  Its motive is about control, world domination and the attempt to manipulate the energy outside of itself rather than look inside. Enlightenment only happens when you turn your attention inwards for a LONG time and truly look at the magnificent divine being you already are.   "As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." ~Marianne Williamson    The greatest news of all is that it is super easy to release and free any serious gremlins inside you.  It simply starts with your heart being committed to remaining open, honest, and reverent for life.  In time, you will see how you are divine, eternal, and already have all the greatest powers inside you.  You’ll experience how life is just one crazy and wild exotic game.  Yes, it’s a massive game on a spiritual playground where you can explore your soul, enjoy yourself, and evolve.  You have already been chosen to be one of life’s greatest players, so it is time to start playing!  It’s not important "who wins" in this game, because each and every ego gets dissolved at the end.  It doesn’t even matter who defeats whom in the end.  The most important thing is that you are truly enjoying the game now.  Today is the only day that counts, so make this one count, OK?  Take this moment and look at where and who you can start having more FUN with in your life.  If you were a fun-loving playful child again, how would you approach the challenging situations you’re facing?  If this life were a game, how would you really want to play it?   "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one once you grow up." ~Pablo Picasso   It’s surprising what can happen in your life when you start to consciously choose the festive mindset over living in serious gremlin-ville. The power of imagination is truly amazing.  It’s time to say good-bye to the old serious attitude of approaching life like it’s something challenging to conquer, and embrace the festive mindset that views all experiences as part of the bigger game of life.  Start adopting this fun-loving light-hearted attitude right now about what concerns you most about your life.  Even if you don’t normally think of an experience as "positive" or "good", imagine how an enlightened light-hearted being would approach it.  Practice on the small perceived nuisances like traffic jams and missed appointments, and soon you will be able to see how life is truly a game to be enjoyed! Once you deeply embrace this new attitude, your manifesting vibration will SKYROCKET and you will manifest a plethora of your desires.   Learn down-to-earth practical techniques to integrate a more Enlightened Mindset into your life with our 90 Day Manifesting Program at:    Enlightenment is your Destiny and Future! Jafree t   p.s. Make a monthly income by forwarding our emails to the world!  As long as you use our entire article exactly as it is, we will give you full permission to duplicate, distribute or publish our material AND replace our website link at the end of each article with YOUR personal Enlightened Beings E-store affiliate link!  Sign up to instantly receive your FREE personal Enlightened Beings E-store at: Enjoy!   Copyright 2010. Enlightened Beings. All Rights Reserved.

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