How to Know If Someone Is Truly Spiritual

How to Know If Someone Is Truly Spiritual

Written by Jafree Ozwald

There are many so-called ‘spiritual beings’ on the planet today who proclaim to be spiritual teachers, gurus, or fully self-realized beings. However, when you meet a truly spiritual person, there is a way to check and see just how ‘spiritual’ they really are. We each have a natural sensitivity within the body which can indicate and measure the degree of spiritual consciousness radiating from the other.

The moment you meet a true spiritual being, you feel such a deep feeling of peace in your body. Your mind instantly becomes quieter, and your heart feels like a flower opening up to the sun. When a spiritual being speaks, you receive waves of deep relaxation, feelings of immense relief from daily stress, and a wellspring of great joy floods through the deeper aspects of your psyche. Life seems to be more expansive and optimistic as there is a deep relaxation into the spiritual essence of who you truly are.

If you watch the eyes of a truly spiritual being, you’ll notice they are enjoying this moment so fully in its ordinary simplicity. Great big smiles show up frequently on their face, and their bodily movements are light, free, and flowing. You generally get the sense that they are grounded in a state of awe, joy, or bliss.  

In a truly spiritual being, you can sense that there is no fear, insecurity, or tension in their body. There’s no anxiety about time, or they have to be anywhere else than right here right now. You can feel that have found Divinity in this moment and that they are constantly bathing in it. 

A truly spiritual person has no agenda with you, other than to radiate their constant discovery of Divinity into you. They are just like the sun radiating infinite Light, asking for nothing in return. They do not ask you to do what they say, serve them, give money, or think and behave in any particular way. They will always point you to freedom, love, lightness, and to look for Divinity within yourself.

A truly awakened self-realized spiritual being is no longer trying to improve, change, or fix themselves. They have found the greatest truth within their core and are constantly bathing in it. They’ve called off the search for pleasure because they’ve discovered such a profound peace with the darkest aspects of their innermost being. 

A true spiritual being does not have to say anything for you to feel this peace within. Their heart is radiating a deeper kind of love, joy, and freedom that you find so refreshing. The more advanced spiritual beings tend not to say many words because they know words cannot capture and transmit where this exquisite peace is coming from.

Of course, you will find many different degrees of spiritual beings in the world, just like there are a variety of different sizes of Suns throughout the Universe. All suns are extremely bright, yet their size determines their magnetic power. It’s interesting to know that when a star expands large enough and reaches the end of its bright journey, it turns into a black hole that fuels all the other surrounding stars eventually forming its own galaxy.


(All the stars visible to the naked eye are within this yellow circle)


You might believe how spiritual a person is based on how many likes or followers they have on their social media channel. This is not always a clear indication as there are many spiritual beings who are clinging to hidden parts of their ego they won’t show you on screen. They may think, sound like, and believe they truly are an advanced spiritual being, yet they often try to look spiritual and proclaim to be spiritual, which makes them not so spiritual. 

Watching the people who spend the most intimate personal time with a spiritual guru, you can notice how peaceful, compassionate, and loving these followers are. The ripened fruit does not fall very far from the tree. If all of the guru’s followers are reacting in fits of anxiety, fear, anger, and control, then you know their teacher has not healed their darker parts that cling to their ego’s desires or lofty spiritual position. 

The most evolved spiritual being is the one who is deeply absorbed in bliss, and can only see Divinity in everyone and everything. Their mind/ego is no longer engaging with others’ egoic agendas, as they are fully surrendered to the truth of who they are. 

They cannot react in any negative way to the world, yet only welcome any outer threats with love, compassion, and understanding. They see only the perfection in everything and everyone, knowing the cause of any challenging situation is divine. They understand that this is a divinely intelligent Universe that never ever makes mistakes. 

It can be tricky to know how enlightened or spiritual a person is because your own mind and judgments will often cloud your perception and project your unhealed pains onto them. One minute you may believe they are 100% pure, holy, and only good, and the next moment you might catch a glimpse of how manipulative they are and see their many impurities. 

I believe the only true way to know is the level of inner peace you feel inside yourself from the Light they transmit. This is a spiritual peace created from a merging of the oneness of your heart and mind. The fully embodied spiritual being will always leave you in a deeper state of peace than you were before.

Most people who’ve had a big spiritual awakening will fall back into their ego patterns to integrate their enlightened experience or find themselves holding up a projection of their spiritual ego facade. They often unconsciously start wearing a spiritual mask which makes them look and sound super-spiritual, but when they speak and move, your body does not feel deep waves of peace inside. It’s safe to gauge that this person is not so spiritually advanced as the one who always brings joy, laughter, and that sweet everlasting peace directly into the heart of your soul.

Many people say that we are in the middle of the greatest spiritual awakening this planet has ever seen. You are highly likely to come across many spiritual egos on the internet, and very few of them will be super grounded real spiritual beings. Chances are high that the spiritual person you see is still trying to release their ego. They’ve had a glimpse of the spiritual dimension, yet are not fully self-realized or living in a constant state of awe. The more that you clear your mind and ego, the easier it becomes to see their spiritual mask. 

It doesn’t mean that you cannot learn something incredibly valuable from a newly awakened spiritual being, they probably have volumes of information to teach you. Yet it’s good to be aware that the spiritual path is not about acquiring more information but rather letting it go. The heart is the source of the spiritual path (not the head) and anything that brings you closer to your heart is going to make your spiritual journey more grounded and clear. 

The greatest truth I’ve discovered on my own spiritual path is that no matter what the mind may think, there is always a bright brilliant spiritual source of bliss within you. The true source of who you are is always connected to the highest Divinity, and so you do not need anyone or are lacking anything to discover it. It’s simply a deep relaxation into yourself that allows you to see the beliefs which you need to let go of that are blocking your brightest Light from shining through. 

When you release all of your tightly held positions and beliefs about yourself and others, you free your mind from discriminating between who’s spiritual and not so spiritual. I’m this freedom, suddenly the Light within you starts shining through your eyes, your heart, and your smile. This is the moment you can remove all the gurus from your alter and replace them with a mirror, so you can simply see the Light within you looking through your eyes back at you.

Enjoy your spiritual journey and always remember that nothing real inside you can be hurt or harmed, and nothing false inside you is worth protecting and defending. 


Sending much love, clarity, and lightness your way…


Jafree Ozwald



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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald




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