How to Laugh your Way into Enlightenment

How to Laugh your Way into Enlightenment

By Jafree Ozwald

A dose of daily laughter is the key to manifesting an amazing life that you love.  Laughing is a key ingredient in learning how to let go.  It is one of the most positive releases one can experience without having an actual orgasm!  Laughter frees you up in such a unique way that there is no “mind” there analyzing, criticizing, and constantly efforting to remain in control.  A good long authentic belly laugh is one of the best medicines you could ever take on a daily basis.  If you can truly do this everyday, it’s a good chance you’re a highly liberated human being who is far along the journey on your spiritual path.

If you can just have one big long deep belly laugh every day about something, anything that is remotely humorous, you will start opening yourself up like a flower to receive a major healing in your life.  There are thousands of reported clinical cases where people have been healed of major life threatening diseases just through laughing.  The endorphins released in your brain naturally create a “happy cocktail” which over time induces me a massive healing reaction throughout the body.  So really life basically comes down to… you laugh or you die.  If you cannot laugh about yourself, your life or whatever you’re taking too seriously, you’re doing the opposite of healing yourself.  So give yourself permission to have the biggest belly laugh of your life in the next 24 hours, and don’t hold back!  You’ll start having a much lighter experience of life that will impact your inner perception of “reality” more than you know.

It’s common that people believe that some silly event needs to happen in order to really have a good laugh.  The truth is that if you can start looking for the humor in life, you can laugh at just about anything.  There is a perspective which is less dramatic, serious, and worried than any other.  It just sees this human experience as if it was one big long comedy.   Just try to take a humorous view about something you’re taking very seriously in your life.  Is your seriousness really helping?  Laughing about it feels much better than being angry, depressed, ashamed, blamed or playing some old victim game inside.  No matter what it is, you can always choose to see the divine order and comedy behind it all. You can let your life become a big orgasmic ball of laughter that fills the space with joy everywhere you are. 

The more you laugh, the more you are free.  You release that all mighty grip on those all too important thoughts, beliefs, expectations and desires.  The freedom leads you directly into the enlightened state.  When you realize that you’re in charge of which thoughts you choose to entertain, you fall directly into the cosmic joke of it all.  The joke is that you are whatever you decide to put your attention on, you become that!   Reality is like silly putty.  It bends and molds to wherever you focus your mind.  You can make it be whatever you want it to be.  In one second, everything can change and your entire perspective can shift a millimeter to the left, and you suddenly have a brand new expansive understanding about your entire life.  

“Those who are awake live in a state of constant amazement.”  ~Buddha

The funniest thing about laughter is that it’s not something you can do, it’s something that happens to you.  An authentic outrageous laughing attack can only fall upon you when you have learned how to totally let go.  If you want to enjoy your life to the max, you must be able to let go of it.  It’s ironic, yet the idea that we are “in control” of our lives forces us to eventually swing over into the sense of feeling “out of control”.  When you can embrace both sides of the equation and consciously allow the ego to imagine its “in control” or “out of control”, then you can transcend them both.  This is when the great cosmic joke sets in and you realize there is no need try to control anything.  You awaken to the fact that one of the greatest goals in life is to let it become one deep long “let go”.  This is when enlightenment sneaks in.

 It’s this overly serious mind who has blinded you from knowing how to fully enjoy life.  It has gotten lost in the world of trying to achieve, resist and become something.  Laughter is not about achieving anything, it is a releasing and a cleansing of your past.  It liberates you from the mind and delivers you to a place of deep peace inside where enlightenment can be found.  The serious mind doesn’t have time or reason to laugh. It sees no purpose in laughing because it’s sooo caught up in it’s own web of illusions.  The serious mind has forgotten that the Universe is a giant cosmic karmic playground where you are the actor, director and producer of the play, as well as the watcher, witnesser and audience who’s seeing it all happening on stage.  This massive playground exists in all directions and is within everything around you now.  Just feel the vastness of its infinite presence.  Connecting with the infinite Universe provides the space to relax, let go of everything, and laugh at it all.

There really is just one simple rule for creating massive joy in your life this week.  If you want to have an amazing life that you love, don’t ever let seriousness into your body….ever!  No matter what anyone tells you, if what you’re doing is not enjoyable, fun, or at least educational, then don’t do it!  You can find something better!  Seriousness is a disease to your soul and only cripples your life.  It’s never too late to change directions and have a sense of humor about it all.  Just choose to let a little more lightness into your heart right now.  How does that feel?  If you can bring this lighter heart feeling into your mornings, your entire week will become lighter and more clear.  The cloudy skies go away and you can see how beautiful and FUN life is again!  Did you remember that life is supposed to be fun?  It just feels good to see how ridiculous the serious mind is, and how overly contracted it can become about anything. 

 Happiness is always a choice.  What appears to be serious now will only change with time, so why not let go of this tension earlier?  You can afford to follow a lighter path now, and others will appreciate it.  They will soon catch on.  Even if people are devout grumpsters, your simple light heartedness may be the secret to helping them bust a smile when no one is watching.  Having access to this light playful spirit is the key to creating a tremendous healing in your life.  It’s the great golden secret to turning everyone’s life around…including yours!  Simply say to yourself everyday, “I can let go and laugh about it all!”  Yes!  It’s time you started to have more fun in this awesome game called Life.  It all starts by taking a tiny step back from the mind, and not taking anything (especially your mind) too seriously.

(below is one of my favorite videos to get you giggling…just click on it, turn up the volume and enjoy!)

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Enjoy laughing your way all through the day!
Jafree Ozwald

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