How To Let In A Great Love

How To Let In A Great LoveWritten by Jafree Ozwald

There is a great love already inside youthat is as warm, healing, nourishing andnatural as the blessed Sun above.

Just for today let down your guard, melt your shields, and armor.Stop protecting yourself from this worldso that you can let this great love in.

Give yourself permission to be openso that you can relax and feel this great love inside you now.Give this as a gift of love to yourself,so that those you meet this week canbe reminded to open to this great love inside them.

Let this love melt through all your worries,replacing them with wondersso that the only thing leftis a sweet relaxing trust for Life.

Trust this great love.  Know that it is real.It is WHO you truly are!

Focus all of your attention on it todayand it will spread a divine successthrough everyone you talk withand everything you touch.

Remember this great love is easily foundand takes no effort to find it.When you truly slow down, be presentto your heart and get very still,you see that it was always there.

Sending many divinely loving blessings to you,

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